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42 M Austin, TX

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Leo, and it’s fun to think about
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My self-summary
I am usually the most interesting person in the room.

I am also the most humble person in the world. No one is more humble than me, no one. ;^]

It's been a wild ride so far professionally.
I have worked in television news as a video journalist. I've freelanced for Dateline NBC. I've worked in the sports department at a tv station doing everything but appear on camera (from shooting highlights to writing copy to producing segments). I've worked in the news department of a country music radio station as a reporter (didn't quite fit in there). I took what I learned in the tv news biz and applied it to owning and operating an online bicycle magazine that rivaled print media in the sport. I was a professional sports mascot for one night. I have done a lot of video work for second-tier professional sports teams. I've shot photos for a magazine in the UK. I've had work featured in a German mag. I've shared stages and opened up for national level music acts as a DJ. I am an accomplished performance poet. I've acted in a few films. I've performed spoken word sets at music shows. I've been quoted in magazines. Interviews with me been published. I've got a nice lil stack of print coverage. I've played SXSW as an official showcasing act in 2010 and 2011. March 2012 I played one of my dream gigs at one of the highest profile events during SXSW (after having received a lifetime ban from said event). I went on my first tour in August 2012, gigging around Colorado for a couple weeks. Last two years at SXSW I shot interviews for the best interviewer in music. The ones I shot have a combined million plus YouTube views. I am the Music Manager/DJ for a monthly event that is like the gathering of the filmmaking, acting and comedy tribes here in Austin with a late night tv format. Recently joined and gigging with, oddly enough, a gothic industrial band. I've got some big things in the works. #LML

This is just the tip (of the tip) of the iceberg.

I don't sleep thru my dreams.
I'm the type of guy who makes things happen.

I am neither a 'glass half full' or 'glass half empty' type of guy. I'm am grateful I have a glass and I'll fill it up my damn myself.

When hard work isn't enough, luck usually intercedes.

So, yeah, usually I'm the most interesting man in the room. I'm not quite the guy from the Dos Equis commercials (yet).

Even tho I joke about ego sometimes (I am a Leo), I am actually really humble. I'm grateful for everything. I take nothing for granted.

I set highly improbable & slightly impossible goals and find ways to make them happen. Impossible is temporary.

Life has been one hell of a ride so far. I've got stories of trial and triumphs. I've got stories for days. Some of the best stories are happening now.

I believe my best days are ahead of me.

I believe in treating people like people. I don't care if the person is homeless or famous. You find the humanity in the person.

I believe in being genuine in all aspects of life. I think most of my successes have come from being genuine. Why change now?

When I feared heights, I bungee-jumped from 150ft. Little did I know that event would be become a physical metaphor of how I handle fear, problems and adversity.

I've been through some horrible tragedies in my life and what has got me through it is being unflinchingly optimistic. You can be a victim or the victor. I choose the latter.
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”- Kahlil Gibran

I haven't always been the person I'm now. There was a time I didn't like how I was living. Micro-changes and nudges alter trajectories. After years of everyday trying to do just a little better than the day before it, I live a better life than I could have imagined. I may not be rich, or will ever be rich, but the things I've done, seen, experienced, I doubt a billionaire could duplicate. I get to live an amazing life.

You can't shine without friction. You don't get diamonds without pressure.

When the world gives me sh!t, I plant roses.
What I’m doing with my life
Workout. Work. Create. Play. Write. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Working harder and smarter on the business side of my creative endeavors and seeing results.

I may not be making it grandly, but I'm making it.
I’m really good at
...knowing the perfect song for the situation.
...being in the right place at the right time.
...having a good eye/ear for what's 'next'.
...making the kitty purr (obligatory semi-overt sexual reference).
...being the human radar detector. signature peptalks (recycling what I've told myself before).
...rising to the occasion.
...dragon slaying.
...defying odds.
...shooting photos (I wouldn't call myself a photographer, but I can get great photos from any camera, from $5 disposable cameras to camera phones to full-on rigs.).
The first things people usually notice about me
Swag. Swagger. Confidence. Charisma. Magnetism. Presence. Cocksure-itude. Je ne sais quoi.

I'm BIG.
I'm a BEAST.
Heart of a lion. Strength of a gorilla. Build of a bear.
There's two types of overweight guys, guys who are f-¢king chumps and guys who are f-¢king awesome. The former are whiny self-pitying complaining sad-sacks. Don't care what your size, that's not attractive in anybody. The latter is the opposite of that. The latter are magnetic. The latter are they type of big guys you're inexplicably drawn to and not sure why. I tend to be the latter.
Don't see yourself digging a overweight man? Never been into a fat guy before? Be around me for an hour. Nothing about me is average. If you get it, you get it.

My shaved head. I have a magnificent bald head.
I was cast in an Armenian mafia film. Before shooting I was told my character didn't have my blond spikes, so I decided to cut it down and then shaved it. I've kept it shaved since then.

My laugh. I laugh a lot. It's been called infectious. Generally if I'm laughing, other people will be laughing too. Someone recently compared my laugh to the laugh of a former President. You'll hear it if we meet.

I'm a Leo. Never in my life has anyone ever guessed I am anything but a Leo. I am the Leo-ist Leo.

ENFP if you're into that such of thing.

I don't "act my age" very well, though I'm not immature. I've picked up some wisdom a few years can bring you, but I still dream like a kid.
I was with my ex-wife for eight years. After that ended, I decided to reclaim those years, take 'em back? A mulligan. A do-over. So that makes me like 33 right now.
I really think I stopped aging when I moved to Austin. Maybe Barton Springs is the Fountain of Youth.
People never guess my age correctly.

I don't blend in very well. I am unforgettable. It's a gift and a curse.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Back in Louisiana, where I grew up , there was this pimp who after finding Jesus got out of the pimpin' game. Cat Daddy grew several legit businesses but every Sunday afternoon he was on the radio. His radio show was all Blues, 70's Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Funk. Over the years I got a musical education every Sunday. It's been years, but a lot of that music is still the soundtrack of my Sunday afternoons.
Hip Hop is the Rock & Roll of our generation. I literally grew up with it. Old School, Middle School, Golden Era to New School. I could teach a college level poetry class on Biggie lyrics. Hip Hop made me want to be a DJ. Becoming a DJ made want to discover and explore music of other genres. Being a DJ has given me some of the best times of my life.
Louisiana music (in all its forms) is a part of me. Jazz, Cajun, Zydeco, Brass Bands, Swamp Pop, NOLA Bounce and more are all in my musical DNA. I didn't realize how much my culture was a part of me until I got away from it.
I'm digging a lot of the synthy indie stuff lately. It really scratches an itch for me. (MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, STRFKR, The xx, HAIM, Gossip, Cut Copy, Blood Orange....)
I have a weakness for 80's/90's R&B and New Jack Swing.
I'm digging a lot of the lo-fi bedroom R&B that I'm hearing lately. Frank Ocean, Miguel. The Weeknd.
I've got a cd I burned of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs that is the default cd in my car. Any day is a good day to listen to Stevie.
Pharrell's album G I R L has been racking up spins in my vehicle.
When asked what my favorite type of music is, I usually answer 'good'. I don't care about genre. If it connects, it connects. Does it move me? Does it make me wanna move? Music is like food to me. Some days I want a good meaty steak. There are days that I only want to listen to musical veggies, stuff that's good for you. Other days some poppy sweets with empty musical calories. I don't eat the same thing every day, I don't listen to the same music every day.
I could talk music all day. One of my favorite things about SXSW is for a week, almost all my conversations are about music.

There is no specific genre of books that I am into. The books I read find their way to me. I had never heard of Daniel Quinn's Ishmael til three people told me about the book in the same day.
Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl was a game changer for me.
There is a lot of wisdom in The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.
I like Phillip K Dick. It amazes me how accurate his vision of the future was.
I liked Jay-Z's Decoded.
I picked up The Big Payback after meeting Dan Charnas at a SXSW panel. Tho carrying a 600 page book around for a day at SXSW wasn't the best idea.
I just finished reading Questlove's Mo' Meta Blues. "When you live your life through records, the records are a record of your life.” His story of rollerskating with Prince is worth the price of the book alone.
I really related to Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield. The book is about him suddenly being thrust into being a young widower. I've got a very similar story.
Last book I eras was Marc Ecko's 'Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out'. It's a marketing book from an artist perspective. Should be a textbook for any creative types.

When I moved to Austin I frequented the Alamo Drafthouse and The Dobie and saw a lot of great films. I was really into 'Indie' film for a long time, but some really great popcorn movies didn't blip on my radar. I am more open minded with movies now.
I like all the Phillip K Dick film adaptations.
I think Richard Linklater makes movies specifically for me.
There is nothing I can't accomplish after watching Rudy or Pursuit of Happyness.
I doubt the Alamo Drafthouse will ever let me into another screening of Purple Rain.
In the right frame of mind I like Pixar (& Pixarish) movies. I think it's genius how most of the Pixar movies work on a kid and an adult level. I'm not sure Toy Story 3 and Up are even appropriate for kids.
I enjoy really horrible movies almost as much as really good movies.
My pops and I weren't the toss the football around father and son. Our bond was Bond, James Bond. He passed a few years ago. When I miss my pops I'll watch a 007 movie.

I really like meta-humor, so Community is up my alley. Tremé gets so much right and reminds me of back home in Louisiana. I think I've worked with every character in The Office.
During football season I am in front of tv for Saints games and LSU games. Football is more than football.
If I'm up, my inner political nerd will watch the talking head shows Sunday morning.
I've got a few guilty pleasures as far as reality tv, but not a big fan of the genre. It is kind of ironic that I'm working on pitching a show tho.

I eat a lot healthier than I use to. It's taken me awhile to break my Southern palate. I doubt you'll find someone who eats more broccoli than I do. I do indulge a little when I go back home to Louisiana. Po-boy's, jambalaya, catfish, gator, oysters, boudin, etc...
The six things I could never do without
-Good workout- 'Get fit or die trying' is the workout mantra. I started working out to get healthier and drop some elbees, but I wasn't expecting the impact it's had in my life beyond that. It's as much mental as it is physical. Dare I say spiritual too, because at times the gym has felt like church. During the darkest time of my life, I found relief at the gym and now I'm stronger than I've ever been. I have literally transformed pain into strength. Finally found the right mix of weight/cardio/diet for me and dropped 100 lbs in the last year. I'm usually at the gym every other day, and cardio in between. Over the last few years I've become freakishly strong, I won't bore you with numbers. I never thought I'd be so into working out, but fav thing is riding my...

-bicycle- I grew up on bmx, had a job in the bmx industry for nearly a decade. In the last year I got rid of old street/skatepark bike. Injuries. Last year I got my first "adult bike". I've got a single speed road bike now. One or two days a week, my car stays parked all day and I pedal. Nothing beats riding around listening to....

-music- It is like food, air and sunshine, I couldn't live without it. Music has made the good times better and made the bad times bearable. Sometimes music is a drug, but there are times music is medicine. Hearing the right song at the right time can change your day. The world is my music video when I'm listening to my...

-ipod- I swear my soul is on that thing. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their music collection. I love that I can have thousands of songs with me at all times. I love being able find the perfect song for almost every moment. That helps when I'm behind my...

-my DJ Gear- I am a DJ. I've had amazing times doing amazing things with amazing people behind my turntables and mixer.

...and the most important...
-my Integrity- I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror. I hold myself to high expectations.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

-I tend to 'post-game'. What did I like that I did? What did I not like? What can I improve on? How do I improve that?

-What can I do 1% better than I did yesterday? Do that most days and you can make huge changes.

-What's my next move?

-What is my equation? How do I explain my 'method' better?

-I usually have lots of irons in a lot of fires. I think about how I can move projects forward. I think I was bored once when I was seven years old.

-Being thankful. Big things. Small things. Opportunities. Family. Friends. Etc...

-Being in awe of the talents of my friends. I've surrounded myself with incredible people who inspire me to do better, work harder and strive to live up to my full potential. With friends like mine, peer pressure is usually a good thing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Some Fridays I'm Superman, other Fridays I'm Clark Kent.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Until VH1 takes interest in my love life and adds the words '...of Love' after my name, I figure I might as well give this a chance.

I've heard horror stories about how people misrepresent themselves on this site. I don't get that. Why do people do that? Do you. Be you. Someone out there is smellin' what you're cookin'. Don't fake your funk.
I'm kind of a late adopter as far as online dating. This whole online dating thing baffles me. I haven't looked at other guys profiles. I don't know how I compare, nor do I care.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess I could have just posted two and half pictures. I'm a writer. I'm a 'words guy'. This is just the tip (of the tip) of the iceberg, but it serves as a decent outline of who I am.
...and yes, THIS IS WHO I AM. I'm a little larger than life. I'm a lil' over the top at times. I'm Jazz, I'm not for everybody and I'm a bit of an acquired taste. I'm not subtle flavor, I'm bold flavor. I'm wired a little differently. I'm a dreamer and an achiever. I'm both an alpha-male and an artist. I take what I do seriously, but don't take myself too seriously. I might be the luckiest man alive. I'm blessed.

I rarely make first contact here on OKC. In the rare occasion I do reach out and make first contact, I have picked up on something about you that piqued my interest.
It's 2014 and I think it's kinda sexy when a woman goes for what she wants (*especially when it's me). With the nature of online dating, OKC turns meeting new people into shopping. Men hunt, women shop. This plays to your strengths.

Since I don't usually make first contact here, I'm giving you an 'in' with me. Break the ice by asking me a question about anything I've posted here.

Sex is like ice cream, with love it's a sundae. While I do enjoy a good dish, I'm looking for something really decadent and satisfying. Ice cream may satiate an occasional sweet tooth, but a good sundae is made FOR you.

I'm really good at reading people except when it comes to romance, then I am the King of Oblivion. I have a tendency to overlook the obvious at times, often comically oblivious according to friends. I'm horrible at detecting interest. 'Signals' and 'subtleties' often don't blip on my radar. Don't drop hints, hand me the hint.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 23–43
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, casual sex
You should message me if are still reading my profile. I've held your interest this far. You've invested some serious time if you're still reading this.
...if you got any questions about anything on this profile (once again this is your icebreaker). are both 'interesting' and 'interested'. have less than four cats. (craziness grows exponentially with every cat over the third.) have superpowers (show me yours, I'll show you mine). are more of a participant in life, rather than a spectator.'d like to call me Big Poppa. can clap on the two and the four. can tell me how you are awesome. got a great SXSW story (or seven). have exquisite taste in men. (if you are interested and are messaging me, then I know you have excellent taste in men)