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34 M Patterson, CA

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Asian, Pacific Islander
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My self-summary
*i REALLY need to update this haha* maybe later

im 34 years old,INFINITELY young in the bigger scheme of things, i have an unrivaled affinity for the WRITTEN WORD,and an indescribable fascination with the SPOKEN. I like to see myself as a child of CULTURE in every sense of the word although my character is rendered via the disciplines of HIPHOP. i embrace philosophy and the application ofCONCEPTUAL SELF-DEVELOPMENT as my gospel and regale MANIFESTATION OF PROGRESSIVE THOUGHT as my "church"... for in my give thanks and praise to the Most High is to strive for the embodiment of "PERFECTION", meaning striving to attain the unattainable vanquishes the "limits" we subconsciously impose upon our potential. I am my temple, and really...there is no limit to the capabilities of our Vessel. Since we are "Created" in the "Image" of the DIVINE...i believe that the highest honor (and form of "worship") we can bestow upon the Physical State is the attempt to TRANSCEND the common idea of how special the Body and Life Force really is. we ARE the "BODY OF THE LIFE FORCE." we are the face of the force that drives "life"..and we are essence of the infinite OMNIPRESENCE that encompasses this material plane sustained by the OMNICRON.

but above all... these are but the instrumental partialities that fuel the INSPIRATION AND DILIGENCE that make me WANT and NEED to be the best possible Guardian, Mentor, Friend, Shelter, Hero, Source of Pride, and VISION OF SECURITY for my daughter.

The manner in which our Seeds perceive us serve as the Guiding Light by which they illuminate their path to GREATNESS. let us not lead them astray.

I am One Life,Love,and, Destiny.We are Unity, and 2gether we RISE
What I’m doing with my life
I dont think "What Im doin with my life" fits my present state of being. I would like to believe that i am subject to "WHAT LIFE IS DOING WITH ME." for that perspective brings into focus the variables by which our chosen path molds our Consciousness.

Life has graced me with the PRIVILEGE and RESPONSIBILITY of being a father, the chance to prove that i can RIGHTEOUSLY influence the development of another with far greater insight, wisdom, patience and positive application than if i were living for MYSELF. SOMETIMES THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IS BY TEACHING- Bruce Lee

I have also (regretfully) been "destined" to see my daughter on a "visitation-type basis." I accept this as consequence for actions in my past that are of "less-than-favorable" demeanor. I assume this pennace with the realization that THOSE WHO TRULY DESERVE...ARE "BLESSED" WITH THE STRUGGLE TO EARN IT. Nothing worth having ever comes easy

and finally...

I am currently (perhaps for Enlightenment or some kind of Paradigm Shift) "hopelessly single" at this point. Its not that i CANT "reshape" my current situation in that sense, but i feel that by remaining single, or more befitting, SOLO...allows me to re-prioritize and at best "REDEFINE" the idea of what "Role" i play within an intimately-interactive relationship. I feel that this site, aside from the "dating" aspect of it, provides me with a much needed venue to reshape the remnants of a past mentality into a conceptual personification of a more "socially dynamic" and "constructively empathetic" nature by means of a "DEMOGRAPHICALLY AND [generically speaking] CULTURALLY DIVERSE COMPOSITION OF THOUGHT." i apologize if that came off selfish, but id like to thank in advance everyone whom i interact with here. you do for me a MUCH bigger service than you may ever realize. and for that, i thank you.
I’m really good at
keeping to myself, or at least that was the case in the majority of my past. i was always the one who would, in social gatherings, maintain a silent yet attentive demeanor...and for that i was always misinterpreted as being "shy" or "anti-social" or even "stuck-up"...but in actuality i was assimilating the atmosphere to condition myself to be heightened in social dynamics upon our next meeting. lol. ive since tried to be more informal and light-hearted in such encounters.

to satisfy the purpose of this text box though... apparently im really good at furnishing long-winded and pseudo-intellectual responses to these query. haha
The first things people usually notice about me
ive been told that my eyes catch people's attentions. not in the conventional "WOW YOU HAVE REALLY NICE EYES!!" kinda way...but in the "your eyes are hella deep, dark, and mysterious" kinda way. one of my closest friends told me not to take it personally as if i have wicked eyes, but they said that people may be drawn to my eyes because they appear to be "Deeply Intuitive" and "Inquisitively Dissective". dunno exactly how i feel about that, or am i completely sure about what it means haha. you tell me? its open for interpretation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ive read more books than i can remember...although excerpts and passages from books ive read long ago oftentimes bleed into my conscious thought process. my bookshelf is OVERFLOWING with books, and another HUGE box imprisoned in my garage...everything from theological/spiritual texts, VARIOUS mythologies, Educational Textbooks, Eastern AND Modern Philosophy, Occult, Reference, Poetry: Classical, Abstract, And Progressive, Fables and Fairy name it.

i primarily listen to (underground)Hip-Hop- such as the likes of: Zion I, (some)Living Legends,Jedi Mind Tricks,(one of my favorite emcees is Vinnie Paz, and one of my all-time favorite producers is Stoupe:The Enemy of Mankind,The Procussions, more specifically Mr. J Medeiros,Select pieces by Atmosphere / Felt, (older)Killah Priest,Jeru Tha Damaja,Afu-Ra,DEAD PREZ!!!,THE ROOTS 9no question bout dat!)etc,etc...
R&B gravitating more towards the Neo-Soul persuasion such as: Erykah Badu,Goapele (gotta represent for REAL Bay Area Music),Les Nubians,Lauryn Hill,Esthero,Eric Benet,Donnell Jones,(older)112,and of course Jill Scott
(generically) Jazz- Al Jerrau, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Curtis Mayfield, David Sanborn, (for those of you who touch on Music Theory and Eastern Music)---> The Mirabai Ensemble, Scabaret, etc...etc... more modern $h!+ that im into that leans towards jazz... NUJABES!!!! Thievery Corp, Hiroshima, Morcheeba, Fila Brazilia, dat kinda shit. ;)
The six things I could never do without
*1* my DAUGHTER in every sense...Loving her, Guiding her, Helping her, Missing her, Saving her...from the world and from herself(she's 4)... and above all... NURTURING HER AND TEACHING HER(and having her teach ME)

*2* My Faults, Flaws, and Shortcomings- Without the impurities within me, i cannot see fit to provide the answers to when life sees neccessary to question my truth, doubt my ability, test my will, and prove my worth. "strip away the inessentials until the truth within is revealed"

*3* The Memory of my past - the shadows and ghostly whispers of what once was allows me to illuminate my present self...and provide a reference point to contrast the difference of what "was"...what "is"...and what "NEEDS to BE." "I shall not let my past define me, thought it shall help me move forward to help re-define what is absolute and necessary to my development."the farther forward i journey into what i AM, the farther ive come from what i WAS.

*4* Acceptance of a future not defined - Without the THREAT of Annihilation of our "EVERYTHING", all we strive to attain would be for naught. to me, the inherent value of all we hold dear is based on the idea of how much we lose if it is taken away. i feel that the risk of "loss" dictates the attachment we have to that which we sanctify. Without the threat of death, there is no reason to live at all

*5* Humility - Even after all the studying, all the conceptualizing, philosophizing, rationalizing, rhetorically conversing and debating... i MUST adhere to the discipline of contemplating and practicing HUMILITY. no matter how much i learn, and ultimately THINK i may know, there is even MORE that i dont know and may NEVER discover. by believing that i know very LITTLE, regardless of what i may learn..essentially gives us the ability to NEVER peak or plateau in out attempt to transcend conventional boundaries and limitations. by omitting the idea of "Elitism" in the developmental sense, you then charge yourself with the ability to ascend INFINITELY. our full potential is measured by accepting the idea that our potential is LIMITLESS

*6* External Influence - i be revealed my TRUE persona until it is poised against an external justification. i see me within YOU... within YOU i discover what and who i am NOT Zion I states in his song "Silly Puddy" - Im tryin to find MYSELF, lookin at REFLECTIONS in everyone else. Some of ya'll might find that funny but do not know your wealth.

- Zion I ("Silly Puddy" from the album "Mind Over Matter")
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what is it all about....literally ALL of it. am i... in my astronomically minuscule existence... even the most remotely as influential as my consciousness APPEARS to be?

reflective concept: If the physical body is merely a vessel by which the "soul" and "consciousness" is transported...are then, my thoughts truly "Mine"? or is my awareness merely a side effect of the transposition of "being"... asssuming that in order to transport "Live Cargo" (thought and energy) it must then be contained within a "sustainable environment"(the physical body)... and what we know as "consciousness" is merely a temporary, artificial environment that ensures safe and efficient transport of the "Cargo" to its destination? (Collective Consciousness??? Absolute Omnipotence??? Metaphysical/Transcended Completion??? am i getting warmer? colder? jeeezus...time spent thinking about this could really do a number on a guy's patience and temper haha.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home, trying to get rest....but failing EPICALLY as i fall victim to reading, writing, drawing, karaoke....or even more probable.... Past episodes of One Tree Hill...On Repeat...Infinitely...and viewed with the utmost religious diligence.

wow...that sure painted me to be quite a catch, right? haha
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i may be a sub-conscious masochist...and artistic sadist.

when take on a process... at work, at play, or just theoretically... i find that my most significant progress is made when i am affected by the "externally harmful" aspects of an idea. i guess you could say i show patronage to the "cons" to find out how it works in a worst case scenario. how it hurts it potentially hinders me...but by doing so, i am familiarizing myself with its offensive nature; and in doing so...i ultimately discover how to master it through submission. "analyze the strengths of its inequity and you will eventually find its weakness. exploit that weakness and you can reinforce (through knowledge of its flaws) the qualities that benefit your intentions"

artisic sadist... cuz i strive to manifest my concepts with the utmost "agression" and "desire for becoming 'legendary' in essence". i dont mean that in the sense of opposing anyone elses sense of artistic expression...i mean it in the sense that it will seek to "assault" and diminish the "fighting spirit" of the previous emergence of its OWN artistry. IN CONSTANT CONFLICT WITH ITSELF TO a) BE THE EPITOME OF ITS EXPRESSION and to b)STRIVE TO SURPASS THE GREATNESS OF WHAT IT WAS THE MOMENT BEFORE.

i guess thats just the quasi-arrogant type of entails being raised as a Hardcore Graf Artist. Schooled in History... in Visual Dissection... in Field Strategy... Security Coordination... Venue Scouting... and "Human Resources" lol...and by that i mean management and organization of POSITION AND RANK within the crew. just ask..i'll tell =)
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You should message me if
you are amongst the few brave souls who have reached the center of the proverbial Shrubbery Maze, and dared to endure this little Introduction to the inner workings of ME. forgive me for being a bit twisted...a bit straight-edged...a bit shallow... a bit too deep sometimes... slightly abstract...too straight forward... too esoteric, or too obvious... too long winded....maybe not thorough enough...but above all...i implore you...


hope to talk to you soon. and if not....thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Guidance and Protection...Ascension and Resurrection.

p.s.- if you have made it this far... i congratulate you... cuz upon retrospect...i dont think i would have the to painstakingly read this page in its entirety...not to mention keeping content retention in mind haha. hope to hear from you, even though im not here with headstrong romantic intentions, hit me up if you just wanna build on some uplift through tha "Speak Up to Reach Up" (raise voice to grasp the higher)