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46 M Saint Paul, MN

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Aug 16, 2010
6′ 1″ (1.85m)
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Graduated from Ph.D program
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My self-summary
potential sub,

In order to be considered as a candidate to become my sub, I have to understand your level of commitment. I fully understand that the only time you fall into commitment with me, is during prearranged times, places, etc.... I do not demand of my subs to be at my beck and call if we do not have a prearranged appointment.

Appointments. We make them, and if you have to break them then you will make it up to me. I wont have to tell you this, you will just do this. You will be timely, if not early, and you will never make an appointment that you have doubts that you can make. When at my appointment, you wear no time keeping device, my commitment to you is that I release you in time to get to your next appointment, dressed, cleaned up, bandaged if necessary, so you can make subsequent appointments outside of my purview without disclosing that you were with me previously.

You will bring to the appointment what I require, and if you have any special tools you want to be included, they all need to be brought at every appointment to be used at my discretion. There wont be an appointment where you say " you can do this but not that" It is either at my discretion, or you don't make the appointment. Again if you have to cancel, which unfortunately life does intervene, you will find some way to make it up to me as directly as you can and to my satisfaction.

Locations. You accept what ever location I choose. No questions, no objections, you just come to me as directed when we agree, and how I want you. I will assure your safety and ensure that you are protected from outside interference or prying eyes.
Confidentiality. We don't share anything about the other with anyone. I don't care about what you have going on in your other life, but when you are with me, you are mine. No exceptions. I could care less about your other boyfriend, husband, lover, abuser, what ever. You belong to me during our sessions.

Protection. Obviously until I have had an opportunity to inspect you, and a level of trust has been established, latex barriers or equivelent will be in play initially until we get to a comfort level. Additionally I will not subject you to any unneccary dangers that I haven't prepared for in advance.

Time. Life infringes upon available time. You will provide exact times and dates to your availability and then be 100% available to me for those times. I will then tell you when to come, how to come, and where to come.

Pain. This needs to be discussed up front. I can offer any level of pain or compliance you require from me. Safety words are appropriate.
Boundaries. It is important to establish a list of "wont do" up front. For instance I don't do animals, fecal or urnine, or blood unless it is incidental to the pain delivered. I would expect your listing and then stick to that listing at the bare minimum if I employ something new to you, you will give it a fair chance before adding to your boundary list.
Compliance. I seek to possess you in every capacity both mentally and physically. My desire is for you to become the instrument of my pleasure, and I like to play, hard, fast, and in the spirit of control. You become what I need most, and because if this, I need your commitment to compliance up front. If you feel you have to waiver, then again, I ask that you first try to participate, and then discuss adding something to the boundary list before rejecting. As a Dom, I am not used to being told "no", it should not come out of your mouth with any level of frequency.

Warming up. I ease you into being my sub for two reasons. First, I want this to be a long term experience and I don't need to overwhelm your senses upon the first session, and second because I need to judge your ability to be my sub. You don't automatically become my sub, you are in training, and you need to learn your place, please your Dom, and release yourself completely to my control. When I feel you have reached that level, I will start calling you my sub. Until then, you will wear and assortment of derrogatory pet names that I will give you, you will answer to all of them, object to none of them, and if they are specific to an activity, you will personify them typically.

I am not new at this. I am not timid. Do not mistake my caution and preparation as hesitation. If this is of interest to you, and you truly want to be a sub, then respond.

The first date is your opportunity to determine if you could truly fulfill your role as my sub. You would have to determine if I was what you are looking for, however, publically I would not be giving you much of that side of me. I would be very pleasent, maybe a little flirtatious, but for the most part reserved. I am very gregarious so my conversation won't be demure, but it wont revolve around what will happen in any sessions. I don't speak publically for your safety and mine, for what you will be subjected too. We can speak privately about that or via email.


keywords: kink, kinky, BDSM, submissive, Dominant, bottom, gag, pain, slut, compliant, oral, anal, vaginal, whips, chains, release, Master

I am Dom, Da Boss, and Master
What I’m doing with my life
I am an experienced Dom with no current sub in my life. I only engage one sub in order to be able to focus all of my energies and attentions on that relationship. I only try out a sub if I do not have a sub currently in a relationship, or I am not trying out any other subs. The point is, I want to be able to give you the best of my attentions, not just a portion of them, although I am polyamorous.

I have posted my guidelines in this profile for candidacy to become my sub on my profile. Remember while reading them, that they are only guidelines. Every Dom/sub relationship is unique to the individuals involved and thus, I have very few stringent or rigorous rules that can not be adapted to fit our tastes and needs. If you find my profile to be lacking in meeting your needs, that is because I have not met you yet and I do not know your specific tastes.

That being said, let me detail some additional elements of my common Dom/sub dynamic beyond those in my profile.

Although I am fully capable and well stocked with the appropriate tools of the trade for restraint and dominance to compell submission, they are not required. I prefer to get my sub to the level of compliance utilizing mind control techniques I have developed over time. Some involve deprivation, reward and punishment, behavior modification, as well as other. The point is that although I can employ physical restraints to my sub to compel compliance, I do not have to.

Pain/Injury: Similary to how I force compliance with our without physical restraints, I too can utilize pain elements, or not in my sessions depending upon the desire of the players involved. I have a number of tools of the profession, or I can utilize any you have, or I can be opportunistic and utilize what is at my disposal at the time of our sessions. Again, the point is that I customize the experience to suit our tastes collectively, not just to some midevil standard.

Degredation and Humiliation: Like any other element I can employ, I can offer this, or not depending on the needs and desires of the parties.

Players: I have generally not introduced any other players into the dynamic between myself and my sub, but I have done so at the request of the sub before. Again, my goal is to meet our needs not to just expolit mine.

Locations: I have several locations available for our sessions and sometimes I like to be a little extemporaneous in choosing them, or at least appear to be. I have my home, your home, undisclosed locations, and my conversion van that I utilize for our sessions. You will have the opporutnity to evaluate all of them before we don our roles to determine your safety and security in advance. Although in some instances I have taken the opportunity to operate a session in the public view to some extent!

Bodily Fluids: This is something that has to be agreed upon in advance by both parties. What level of body fluid barrier either party wants. I am dilligent in my healthcare, as well as I work in the healthcare business, so I come to the table with a clean bill of health, no diseases, drugs, or addictions. I can offer any level of phsyical fluid barrier you require for as long as you require, or if at some time we develop a trust and have confidence in each other's commitment to being disease free, we can step down the level of barrier to our comfort.

Confidentiality and Safety and Security: I mention this on my profile but I want to reiterate that your safety and security as well as your confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me. As are my own. This type of lifestyle isn't always socially visible or acceptable so I ensure that your identity as a sub is not devulged by anything we do, say, or perform during our sessions and I do not share information about you personally to any other person. I expect the same of you.

Communities: I do participate in BDSM community events but generally without great preparation and approval of all parties, I do not bring my sub for the simple purpose that I want your confidentiality and comfort to be taken into consideration. If I were to bring you to a community event, you would have the opportunity to opt out outside of our sessions.

I give a lot of thought into, put a lot of effort into, and have a high level of consideration for the needs desires safety and security as well as the confidentiality of my sub. I want to make your experience worry free, enjoyable, and the release you are looking for without reservation.

You can't be a good sub to me if you have any of these concerns.

Please contact me if you would like to express an interest. I have been without a sub for a number of weeks, and I do not choose one lightly, so it is best to get into consideration for both of us as soon as possible. I will provide pictures at your request. Obviously for confidentialy of both parties, I don't post those pictures on my profile. I can provide body shots, facial, and all levels of clothing in pictures.

Please contact me soon.

I will go by Dom until we get to a level where we may meet.
I’m really good at
What are you looking for?

That leaves much to the imagination and likely means something different to you as it does to any number of other people. But, if it means to you that you are looking for a relationship with a man that will be attentive to your needs when we are together, and will try to give you the opportunity to completely relax and enjoy a very focused approach to love making, and relationship building, then my profile may be worth a second glance or consideration.

What I offer is the ability for you to become a submissive in a Dominant/Submissive relationship with me.

Your first reaction to this maybe one of recoiling if you know little more then what you see on TV, but truly, this is a very intense physical, sexual, and stimulating experience brought about to enhance love making between two people. In the true Dom/sub relationship, TRUST is a key factor, as is safety, security, confidentiality, and anonymity if required. It is not all about whips and chains, and pain, and humiliation, unless that is what the players desire.

Instead, it is about connection between two people that requires the highest degree of trust, a hightened degree of intimacy, and a mutual repect and understanding of the other that goes beyond dating.

As a Dom, I seek out to find what will release my sub from the ties that bind her down. Those elements in her life that choke her creativity, her passion, and her desire to the point where she has forgotten them or buried them in so much hum drum daily grind that they are no longer recognizeable.

Do you remember when you first were engaged in a physically passionate relationship with a man, where you were literally tearing at each other, because you could not wait to be with them? My goal is to make you feel that way about me, and for me to feel that way about you, not just through the infantcy of our relationship, but ongoing.

Some believe the sub to be the weaker of the two, but in fact the sub is the only person that can dictate the action. For if the sub can't or wont perform, the Dom has no power over them. Ultimately you have to be a strong minded, disciplined person to be a sub, to be able to give up your controls of a situation, to get what you truly desire, the ability to truly let go.

I am sorry if this frightens you somewhat, but then we are always afraid of the unknown to some extent. But if you truly want to experience this kind of release, that empowers you, contact me. If not, I fully understand.

Anyone can call the shots as a Dom, but it takes a special person to control a relationship like a sub.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am a Dom.

Seriously I have found some very funny communication with those not truly looking for a Dom in their life and want to know more about me as a person. They want to know my interests and disinterest's, movies, hobbies, what I do for a living, if I have pets, what I drive, how compatible we would be if they brought me home to their mother.

They ask if I am a serial killer, believe that I am a misogynist, claim to know what I am about, upset that I approached them, angry that I am not what they are looking for, tell me what I like and don't like, argue with themselves for even contacting me. Provide and intellectual commentary on BDSM. Claim to be a "true" sub and stipulate I could never be a real "Dom", ask why I am not part of the "community" locally, and disagree with my answer that "one of my highest concerns is to protect the confidentiality of both my sub and myself so joining the community doesn't make sense to me". Or any number of odd comments or complaints.

Well more power to you.

I am a Dom, looking for a sub. Why would you want to know if I like puppies or drink coffee, or work 9 to 5 in retail? My assumption, is that if you are looking for a Dom, you want to know what my program is, if it is safe and secure, and if it's elements will get you to the fulfillment you crave. If you want to get to know me outside of the Dom/sub dynamic, well then just ask, we can discuss that, but my primary focus is to create a relationship between me as a Dom, and you as a sub.

If you are not looking for that, why write such angry emails AT me to tell me what a piece of shit I am. You can't get back at the person you are truly angry at by taking it out on me. But, you do provide me with a high level of entertainment, so go ahead, scream. Laughter is good for the soul, and yes, I have a soul...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
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The six things I could never do without
My sub
her compliance
her obedience
her reliance
her deliver of services to me
her release
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Training my sub to reach her full potential
On a typical Friday night I am
Forcing compliance
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This is the most private thing about me.

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