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38 Berkeley, CA Man


I’m looking for

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Jun 11, 2014
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
Body Type
Mostly other
Not at all
Other, and laughing about it
Cancer, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from university
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Doesn’t have kids
Likes dogs and likes cats
English, Spanish (Poorly), German (Poorly)

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Potential compatible casual running friends out there (southeast berkeley/northeast oakland upper rockridge area)?

Consciousness, wheatgrass, juicing, running, friendship. meditation, conscious breath, awareness, creative play, kombucha, fermented foods, green juice, community, intentional community, intentional family, fitness, health, organic farmers market, culture healing and change, awakening, metaphysics, quantum universe, stretching, chi gong, nature, synergy, collaboration, emotional fluency, emotional responsibility, intimacy, communication, nurturance, connection, depth and lightness, emotional availability, fierce courage, transparency, gratitude, cultivating sympathetic joy (mudita') learning, mirroring, consciousness, subtle energy, reiki, shamanic, open-hearted, joy, "the red pill"-matrix, truly interested in growing / even when afraid, solidity, groundedness, earthyness, funny, movement, massage, magic, friendship, deconditioning, waking up (awake, awakening), vibration, enlightenment:) , teaching, friendship, cuddle buddy.

If you are inclined, you are invited to join One World Healing Community, Undoing the effects of growing up[ in a toxic culture :

Coming soon 6 month residential internship in holistic culture: Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationship and Love.

Check out
the book, Anastasia, by Megre, the ringing cedar series,
and the films, "Zeitgeist", "Kymatica", The Esoteric Agenda and "Thrive" able to be seen on Youtube

Please check out also my facebook page, Reikiteacher Redwood, where you may find more information on my wall
and at my website, wholebeinghealingcom.

I am a Reiki teacher, Shamanic energy healing practitioner, Life
transformation Counselor and coach, Teacher of healers,
intuitives, sensitives - experienced or not,
Workshop leader, Culture Healer, Massage therapist and Somatic bodyworker
at wholebeinghealingdotcom seeing clients from a distance via skype and locally.

Ringing a few bells
...Melchizedek...Heinlein...Nacaals..."Serpent of Life"... Egypt... the Power of Love is stronger than you know ("not romantic love" but real love)

Open to new friends. Likes to play, laugh and be silly. Always growing. Solid. Being really there. Likes to cuddle. Capable of listening to what's really true (yes with more than ears). Human. Aware of but not playing a part in cultural programming, unconscious and unhealthy "scripts" or roles. Creative, playful adventurous, explorer. Loves nature, running, weight lifting, communicating, connection, expression: movement and sound, giving and receiving touch and energy, children and animals. A part of nature. :)

Something new for you:

Please click on this video. Everyone looks around at what they feel is too much bad in the world and says, "What can I do?" I cant change the world!" The truth is the universe is ONE ORGANISM. We are each like a cell in that organism. Very frequently there is a role for us to play in affecting the universe as a whole, right where we live. Waking up from our numbed stupor we are entrained in and when our conditionings become apparent, so will the right choice for each of us to make day to day that indeed will change the world and support balance and health on the planet and in the universe. When enough of us begin waking up, the speed of enlightening, and the realization of oneness with all things will quicken. It starts with the breath and your own heart (often mirrored in others). You are sacred. You are love. :)

Unlike many here who select, "seeking friends", as one of their options, and who spurn those that don't meet their fantasy ideal romantic partner, I am open to any and all manner of associations that are meant to be (that feel "right" or "true").

Like to read? Here's a little something. Use in moderation now.
This profile is like a refrigerator. There's something in it you might consume at different times, but consuming the whole thing at one sitting would be a lot to digest.
Here goes...

A bit of a thumbnail summary: Adventurous, kind, intelligent, conscious, super creative and playful, expressive, communicator, meditator, fitness freak, kinesthetic, tactile, perceptive, nature loving, high sensitivity-awareness, comfortable and adept with verbal/emotional and physical intimacy, healer/culture healer, mystic with very complex, dynamic, and also very simple, nature. Willing to be different, individual or unique, without pretension. Visionary.. Committed. Community oriented. Love children and animals and adults who are big kids with open hearts. Easy transmitter and receiver of energy. Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, quantum mechanics, Abraham Hicks, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Bruce Lipton, etc. A true heart. Said elsewhere, "you are strong minded, the rare mix of intense and mellow, silly and serious, actively compassionate and optimistic. "

A good bet if you are interested in friendship, growth, creative playfulness, loyalty, being seen, heard and understood in ways you may not have been before, intimacy. If you are right to meet a healer or friend, or acquaintance, or ally, or lover, or partner who is a believer and practitioner in Unconditional Love. I am drawn to that which is, and to act in ways that are, LIFE-GIVING. Specifically in regard to relationships, I am open to and capable of alternative types of relationship. When addressing relationship, I prefer to let the substance (the truth revealing itself) determine the reality rather than imposing a held fantasy onto a person or cultural "script". Lest you think the above means the opposite, I am as solid (earthed/grounded) or committed a person that you may meet.
The one thing that is different about me, particularly in U.S. culture is the ability to love. We grow up with love defined as need, desire, something we do to avoid the fear of being alone or "dying alone", liking, possession, or even attraction. None of these are what I call love. Love is much different and without conditions. I will leave that here for now, as it is a much deeper subject I will not delve into further at this moment.

Also, Not hip, and not unhip. I know what is culturally savvy, but my values are generally geared more toward meaning than superficiality. I've got my own style, which gets expressed in different ways all the time, but it doesn't get in the way of what's important to me, like people, animals, plants, life, consciousness, expression from the heart and such. (raspberry silly face :~D) nyaaaaa-nyaaaa)

Walking down a wooded path you come to a fork.
Down one direction is FEAR.
Down the other is LOVE. Which road will you take today?

If you have read or are reading "Anastasia" by Megre and you have instant understanding or some of what you know is re-affirmed, then you are in good company.

Got a body needing some release, some transitioning or changes to make, some healing or growing to focus on, you can find professional work here at my web address wholebeinghealingcom
If you are a professional bodyworker or energy healer too, a trade may be available. Community events at reiki meetup com 484







For your consideration: How much does appearance come into play in affecting who you will talk to (ie at a social gathering), who you are open to, who you would consider being friends with; as opposed to the person's energy, words, and behavior (what they are putting out in the world).

Yes cultural conditioning has had a huge impact on us in this way. We can make a choice of reversing this if we wish.

Consider if there were no such thing as clothes, how much more would we "see" of who a person IS and respond to THAT, instead of to the artifice of physical appearance.
That's my thought for the day. cheers and thanks for reading.

Currently especially meeting the right activity partners and friends for sharing activities such as nature walking, massage exchange, Reiki share, dream sharing/ witnessing/ interpretation, listening, being present, mirroring, conscious breathing, meditation, pranayama yoga(breathing yoga), being present in nature, heart-sharing, consciousness and awakening, community building, contact improv, Body Rolling- a quasi form of movement-contact-dance-passive massage (no hands) and play, watsu, tantsu, play wrestling, being in the body, playing in nature.

Other interests - platonic (friend) or not (more than friend):

A hike; contact improv; energy(reiki,etc) trade; sun gazing; yoga or qi gong or tantra, beach or woods visit; ariel dance class; ; "authentic movement" (a form of dance), alternative community event; listening swap; hot tub.

I am on Facebook:

Reikiteacher Redwood

You can also checkout my OKCupid Journal if you like.

This profile is an experience in embodying and owning it. the sharing here is not meant to scare anyone away.


. -What I'm looking for
. -Who I am
. -Some historical consciousness
. -Some spiritual consciousness
. -Personal growth work
. -Personal history/herstory
. -What I do for work
. -What I do for fun
. -My interests
. -Some of my activities
. -Some of my personal (life-giving) practices
. -My OKC journal
. -Social and cultural awakenings
. -Rumi poetry and personal awakening
. -Energy healing, massage, naturewalking
. -Shamanic healing, tantra, tantsu, contact improv
. -Play wrestling, ariel, free form and waterdance
. -A personal description
. -Some of what I'm good at
. -What I value
. -Food for thought
. -What I think about sometimes
. -Another's perspective of me
. -And maybe a little more


These are some formative experiences:

I grew up an empathic and introspective child who was a latch-key kid living in the inner city. By early teens I began to draw peers to me who were dealing with being raped, molested or were suicidal. I found that in some way I was able to help them. These experiences continued through college and propelled me to become a therapist.

I have been a volunteer for child wards of the state, in a women's counseling center, for 2 years in a nursing home (spending time speaking with and being with residents who had no visitors), working with teen moms and working with elderly and disabled persons.

I was an organizing activist for the prevention of violence against women, women's rights, abortion rights, anti-war, anti-racism, diversity training, gay/lesbian/bisexual/and transgender issues, and efforts to stop food irradiation.

Recommendation: Check out and learn about

"Emotional Responsibility",

"Non-Violent Communication",

the Buddhist concept of Non-Reactivity",

and the Co-Counseling concept of
"Restimulation". Not only will you benefit, but your loved ones, family and partner (s) will greatly benefit too.

If you haven't, please see the Bowling for Columbine movie. It's a very good explicit example of seeing that the people in any culture, for example in the USA, are a product of that particular culture's download (there are very clear contrasts displayed). That knowledge and clarity (of being the recipients of a "software download") is the beginning of seeing the world (with fresh new eyes) and ourselves differently. It also affects our ability to change ourselves and be different.

I believe just about everything we think, believe and feel is a result of a "software download" from the culture one grows up in. There really is very much to it, far to much to go into here; (everything from the existence of "nations" to how economies are set up (where the few benefit, where there is no limit to a military budget or world conquering budget, but no money to feed those in need, to educate all, to house the shelterless, etc), to who is valued above who, to the type of living unit people exist within ("nuclear" family, one person domiciles etc), to the main goals of a society (conscious or unconscious). I believe it is possible to "deprogram" and wake up and mitigate the effects of the cultural brainwashing, and be able to make more conscious, awake choices more and more over time.

For fun, do you know of the work of the set of these folks?
(they all are from different fields and i consider their work critical in understanding and shaping the world today): vandana shiva, drunvalo melchizadek, michael parenti, don paul, bruce liption, paul lowe, riane eisler, marija gimbutas, dr juanita williams - USF, ricky shereover-marcuse, joseph campbell, germaine greer, bell hooks, susan griffin. (ok. leave it there for now)

The whole Universe is one living organism, literally. We all are each one part of the whole. Everything we come in contact with; a rock, a flower, a tree, a bird or another person is part of the organism and speaks to one another like cells in the body. Some cells have gone rogue and are acting and behaving "suicidal", "homicidal", and "gaiacidal".

Transformation of consciousness is necessary in order for us to wake up to the oneness of all things, and to think and act and behave with this knowledge and to see the effect of each of our actions daily. Really all that is required is for us to "wake up" from the cultural brainwashing or cultural "software download" (and undo the effects of our culture and family conditioning and traumatization).

There are many mirrors to help with this waking up, for example, the book "Anastasia", by Megre. The film (on netflix), "2012:Time For A Change", any forest; and teachers, shamanic practitioners, somatic body workers, counselors and coaches such as myself who may help with the healing, waking up from our cultural "fog', or both.


(From my conscience)


(From my soul)

For illustration here:

1.) The currently ongoing Holocaust in Iraq totaling to date, 8.6 million men, women and children.

2.) In the U.S. alone, The yearly approximately rape of one million women (1 every 30 seconds), while only 1 in 16, or 6% are prosecuted for felony.

3.) The unknown to most, United States use of Nuclear Bombs
on Iran and Afghanistan and the result of the exposure to this radiation; and to the radioactive "bullets" we use since 1991' (see excerpt below and the link to full story):

4.) Little nugget on basic health opposite of what the government, FDA, USDA, and nutritionists are telling us, Illustrated by a mainstream endocrinologist at prestigious UCSF.



A man named Assadullah told the team in February 2003 that his wife had given birth to child so
badly deformed he hardly resembled an infant. "When I saw my little boy with those monstrous red
tumors, I thought to myself, why is it difficult for Americans to understand that they are hated in our
country?” Assadullah said. “If I do this to the child of an American family, that family has the right to
pull my eyes out of my eye sockets. I like to tell the Americans that they love to live their lives of
luxury at the expense of our extermination." [European Parliament Verbatim Report of Proceedings Apr

Zar Ghoon is the father of another victim of U.S. bombing attacks on Kunduz. In December 2002 he
told the medical survey team, "My wife was pregnant and we were happily waiting for the moment to
see our second child. When the baby was born, it was hardly a human… When my wife saw the
baby she went into shock and died after five hours.
Speaking with a field volunteers near Tora Bora in April 2003, Sa'yed Gharib lost it. Screaming in
grief and rage he shouted, "What else do the Americans want? They killed us, they turned our
newborns into horrific deformations, and they turned our farmlands into graveyards and destroyed
our homes. On top of all that their planes fly over and spray us with bullets.”
"Tell America, we are not fools. Your words and actions are those of evil. We do not have airplanes
like you do, however, we have one thing that you do not have: principles and morals. We will never
do anything remotely similar to American children what Americans have done to our children and
families," declared Nurullah Omar-Khail.

If not exactly “routine”, Hank says, the undisclosed use of five nuclear weapons against Iraq and
Afghanistan has resulted in a dangerous shift in U.S. war fighting. As he put it, “Using tactical nukes
is now an acceptable doctrine until otherwise notified.”
Iran and the rest of the world, beware. In calling America a “Nuclear Rogue,” the New York Times
warned, “Nuclear weapons are not just another part of the military arsenal. They are different, and
lowering the threshold for their use is reckless folly.” [New York Times Mar 11/02]
As Alok O'Brien concludes, “There is no longer time to pretend that everything will be alright, and that
all thinking and feeling people need to unite in their hopes and dreams and reclaim the earth and
their birthright before it is too late.”
With the countdown continuing on Iran - and any constraints against Washington's use of nuclear
weapons already removed by the detonation of five low-yield nuclear bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan
- the time to act is now.

So far, more than one million people have died in earthquakes that could be related to nuclear tests.

“Abnormal meteorological phenomena, earthquakes and fluctuations of the earth's axis are related in
a direct cause-and-effect to testing of nuclear devices,” concurs Shigeyoshi Matsumae, President of
Tokai University, and Yoshio Kato, Head of the University's Department of Aerospace Science.
As Matsumae and Kato point out: “On June 19, 1992, the United States conducted an underground
nuclear bomb test in Nevada. Another test was conducted only four days afterwards. Three days
later, a series of heavy earthquakes as high as 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked the Mojave desert
176 miles to the south. They were the biggest earthquakes to hit California this century. Only 22
hours later, an "unrelated" earthquake of 5.6 struck less than 20 miles from the Nevada test site
itself. It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded near the test site and caused one-million dollars of
damage to buildings in an area designated for permanent disposal of highly radioactive nuclear
wastes only fifteen miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.” []

and now the nuclear threat comes home in the form of depopulation: nuclear scientist and whistle blower leuren moret


To close my eyes is to be complicit. Let me open my eyes so I can make responsible aware life-giving choices.

(From my heart)

Part of being awake for me is learning the facts. It is especially
important for everyone to know what most U.S. citizens aren't
allowed to know. None of the information I share here is about any specific ideology other than knowing the truth and therefore
allowing responsible action; recognizing the values of peace,
humanity; and dignity of all human life, if not for the planet.

For a start, please read Don Paul "9/11 Facing Our Fascist State" and John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" (and everything and anything by Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky and John Stockwell [one of only 2 high ranking CIA people to ever come forward with what the U.S. Govt and CIA actually are and have been up to]. It is impossible to make choices until one has all the relevant information. Today, much of the above people, I notice, are on video on the internet.

The history of the world as we know it, includign the last 100 years, is fiction. Much of it hides colonial powers, particularly the U.S., actions of colonizing, destroying economies, terrorizing the populace of countries (murdering tens of thousands here, millions there), putting exploitative systems in place, stealing land farmed by families for generations[which allowed them to live on very little or no cash economy] and giving it to corporations they establish, assassinating democratically elected leaders, putting in power and propping up mass murdering dictators, all for the sake of corporate wealth, and more specifically, the super wealth of a select few (ie see 9/11 Facing Our Fascist State for some of the WHO). This is not hyperbole. This is the actual history of U.S. actions in country after country around the world. (If you are worried about remedies before knowing the factual history, they are numerous and much that can be done locally even - for some on info this
(but great movements, actions and ideas are being inspired everywhere.

Two films that are available on netflix, that do not go much in to the details of U.S. involvement but cover some of the past history and current hope are "Fidel" and "South of The Border". They do not discuss the U.S govt's role of conquering countries and impoverishing the people for financial exploitation and world hegemony. They also do not discuss the means to which they have gone in these goals; murdering tens of millions around the globe; developing teaching and applying torture techniques to men, women and children of civilian populations in order to carry out their goals; the use of propaganda and control of information; and the use of "God" and religion as their impetus. From Africa, Australia, South America, Latin America, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East
(how many know the U.S. Govt's role in the murderous dictator Mubarak's regime in Egypt), to Afghanistan, the U.S. and Britain have colonized and murdered, enslaved, stolen from and committed genocide in the name of wealth for the economic benefit of a very few and called it, fighting for "FREEDOM" AND "Democracy", and doing "Gods work".
Two films that can begin to fill in some of the detail are "War On Democracy" (on netlix) and History of U.S. Rule In Latin America (youtube)

(To close my eyes is to be complicit. Let me open my eyes so I can make responsible aware choices.)

For the curious and those interested in truth:

Succinct Page from ex-CIA John Stockwell

Link to Why Twin Towers had to come Down and Why The U.S is in Afghanistan, even More Importantly Than Oil. (Don Paul)

be sure to read the History Of the U.S. IN PART 4.
I Guarantee you there will be things in there that you don't know that you will want to know.

and a "What We Can Do" Section

Link to one exceptional, knowledgeable writer Don Paul's video
The World is Turning, complete with remedies at the local level:

one more:
Agency within the NSA
whose sole task is distancing the U.S. government from 9/11 implicating evidence, prosecuting and jailing journalists and whistle blowing security officials.



PT 1:

PT 2

One of the many things you should know
(you must see to the end..)


CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything! "Extreme Prejudice"
ARRESTED UNDER PATRIOT ACT, 5 years and never tried.
telling all.




EXPLAINED BY Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology.


Little nutritional help (short):

Dr (MS.. VICTIM) learns what many know: Cure for disease:



Esoteric Agenda - FULL LENGTH MOVIE:


Zeitgeist Full Movie With 2010 Update:



One of the many things you should know
(you must see to the end..)




Mainstream German TV coverage of Monsanto food results:
They do an ok job, but surprisingly dont discover the trial tests on animals resulting in tumors and such after being force fed genetically modified food (they refused to eat it) and the only test on humans that had to be discontinued due to sickness in several weeks.
Most U.S. soy and the majority of corn is genetically modified (and you won't know if it is or isn't including sugar through corn or beet. To be safe, assume processed food may be gm, even if it says organic.

Say No To Agent Orange In Your Food. Support measure to require G.M. Food to be Labeled AS such.
Support California's Ballot Initiative to Label GMO's!

15 states now have legislation preventing any government authority from regulating and even from requiring the LABELING
of genetically modified food.

I believe one of the most radical and Healing things one can do is to become one with the breath, as in practicing focusing on and deepening the breath and feeling it throughout the body.


That the most powerful thing in the universe is LOVE.

There is so much horror in the world, everywhere we find love and light must be celebrated (a flower, a smile on a passerby, a "ladybug", a friend, the sun shining etc).

Civility (and dignity and respect) in the U.S. between people is eroding. We can cultivate peace and gratitude in our hearts and we can treat others as we would our child, niece or nephew, with compassion.

For more hope and inspiration:

1.) Esoteric Agenda - FULL LENGTH MOVIE





I do not think gender or sexual orientation is binary (consisting
of two opposite positions) , nor do I believe that they are
organically static or fixed (or set). In the absence of social or
cultural pressure, expression is not limited. The static or binary
nature of gender and sexual orientation (ie expression of gender or sexuality) is learned and artificially controlled.


I believe in working on one's shadow material.


+++++++ RUMI ++++++++

The Real Journey is Right Here

Don’t go off sightseeing.
The real journey is right here.
The great excursion starts from exactly where you are.
You are the world.
You have everything you need.
You are the secret.
You are the wide opened. Don’t look for the remedy for your
troubles outside yourself.
You are the medicine. You are the cure for your own sorrow



Bow to the Essence

Nov. 30, 2009
Bow to the Essence

A lover has four streams inside,
of water, wine, honey, and milk.

Find those in yourself and pay no attention
to what so-and-so says about such-and-such.

The rose does not care
if someone calls it a thorn, or a jasmine.

Ordinary eyes categorize human beings.
That one is a Zoroastrian. This one a Muslim.

Walk instead with the other vision given you,
your first eyes.

Bow to the essence in a human being.
Do not be content with judging people good and bad.
Grow out of that.

The great blessing is that Shams
has poured a strength into the ground
that lets us wait and trust the waiting.


Translated by Coleman Barks


The Call

A baby pigeon on the edge of the nest hears the call and begins her flight.

How can the soul of the seeker not fly when a message
arrives saying, “You have been trapped in life like a bird with no
wings, in a cage with no doors or windows come, come back to me!”

How can the soul not rip open its coverings, and soar to the sky.

What is the rope that pulls the soul from above?
What is the secret that opens the door?

The key is the flutter of the heart’s wings and its endless longing. When the door opens, walk on the path where abundance awaits you, where everything old becomes new and never look back.

Drink from the hands of the wine bearer and you will be blessed even in this life.

~Mevlana Rumi


Born of Mother Love

Love is what gives joy to all creation.
Love is what gives joy to giving joy.
I was born of mother love in the beginning.
To that mother, joyous thanks and endless blessing.


Words to live by

Of the book of god/goddes
Thou art a copying,
A mirror wherein showed
The beauty of the king/queen.
All god/goddess ever wrought
Dwelleth not apart;
All thou hast ever sought,
Find it in thy heart.

~Mevlana Rumi

one key to life that i have known to be helpful:
find that which you seek/desire/need
in your heart. (chasing it from without, i notice, tends to result in different experiences)

This is one of the most brilliant sentences i have read, within which one can find infinite knowledge; and this knowledge is fathomless. one will never arrive at the bottom:

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.

as well,
you are within all the aspects of all the universe.

in every breath is all the knowledge throughout time infinitely.

this can go on. but the understanding is the same and also incomprehensible by the mind, but not the heart.

What if?

Jan. 13, 2010
What if:

none of us know when it will come. what if you died a week from now, or a month. what purpose would your life serve. why would your life matter. who would you have, who could you have touched. whose life could you have made a little different, just a little? could you you have bought a better car/ a bigger diamond, a better house, left more to your dog, donated your lottery millions to who, to what? most of those charities are for the profits. "breast cancer awareness"? cancer needs no cure; and most people, if not all, don't need to die from it. if you don't know, find out. all those organizations taking donations for "the cure" are making rich people richer.

back to what if. no one today can guarantee you how long you will live. we all know it could be tomorrow. if you are gone next week, what did you do in that week? what would you have done? maybe it's a year. we don't know. what are you leaving when you step off? something to make you feel good about yourself or ? what are you giving each minute, each moment?.

blessings and love, peace and the realization of your desires or better to all.

I'm open to Platonic massage, stretching/yoga,
Reiki, hiking, meditation, energy healing, hot
, qi gong or listening buddies as well.


heart of gold, kind, open-hearted, present, easygoing even keeled, outside all the boxes, label transcending, gender non-constrained (yin,yang, masculine, feminine, and everything between, ), creative, smart, great human skills (emotional skills, social, communication, listening) free spirit, adventurer, visionary, explorer, spiritual (eyes open for meaning)/not religious, activist, change-maker, healer,
culture healer, intuitive, empath, sensualist,
kinky (uninhibited, creative, inspired, experimentational,
(natural, with own moral code), passionate, outside the paradigm,
transcender of the cultural consciousness, citizen of the world (i
don't recognize "nations" or believe in the competition), i like
learning languages, mature, childlike, deep and silly, simple
and complex, playful, nurturer, loving, supportive, communicator, assertive, insightful, direct, sensitive, emotionally
expressive, into mysticism and meaning -
Rumi;Hafiz;Kamir;Joseph Campbell and the biggest
teachers; the powerfully humble,simple and potent people met in
everyday life ... (which especially includes infants and children), fitness fanatic / gym rat with brains and heart.

I'm looking for friends, community, dating partner(s), playmates, and maybe down the line, family (currently i'm more about friends, activity partners, and community-still open to whatever is true).

In the friend department, I have a special opening for a "mom", or more than one mom, or couple with young children or who are expecting, as i love children and am exceptional with them, but my nieces and nephews(12 in all!) are all on the east coast(and I do not have any children of my own). Compatibility and likability plays a great part for me, even for friendship, as I want to spend my chosen time with the best fitting (or where it feels true) connection(s). Regardless what type of relationship (platonic, non-platonic) I am one of the more committed people in relationship you will find. ( In today's day and age, seems important to say, even if I'm describing myself, i am psychologically stable, an effective communicator and emotionally intelligent).


Connection, depth, intimacy, conscious touch,
holistic culture, meaning, esoteric energy practices,
nature, walking, hiking, listening/witnessing and friend
support, partner yoga, stretch partners, contact improv,
ariel dance, free-form dance, breathwork (rebirthing,
holotropic, firebreath) [personal growth], [writing], [dream
sharing/interpreting], massage, play wrestling, watsu,
water dance, [tantra](non-sexual ["white tantra",and sexual["red
tantra"]), hot tub-bing, camping, flotation tank, activism,
[exploring the senses]/ sensual , mysticism, metaphysical,
various fitness, weightlifting, taking in the flowers,
[being in nature], cuddling, meditation, healing work,
all forms of expression, anything in water, working with energy
(qi gong, reiki, tantra, etc), learning about other
cultures, learning foreign languages, human
behavior (psychology, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, archaeology, etc),
Advaita, Non-Dualism, Advaita Tantra,
culture healing and change, co-creating holistic cultural design, creating family "of choice" and community, play.

Some of my Personal Practices are below

(I'm awakening, lifelong teacher and student).

meditation, conscious breathing, chanting/sounding, fermenting (kombucha, sauerkraut,etc, sprouting (seeds,legumes, etc for eating, juicing greens and vegetables, growing/juicing wheatgrass, largely omnivore raw foodist, conscious eating, stillness, hiking, stretching/yoga, qi gong, tai chi, reiki, massage, strength training, hot tubbing, sun gazing, taoist/tantric/qi gong sexual practices, non-violent communication, emotional responsibility, co-counseling principles (aka re-evaluation counseling), alchemical energy play/work, liberation theory, writing, journaling, dreamwork, reading, play (literal, not specifically sexual), quiet time in nature, time with children, time with animals, time with people connected to their heart, mudras, visioning (dreaming or intentioning into being), abraham-hicks, touch, long hugs, smiling, practicing love vibration, gratitude practice, surrounding myself with people with good energy, time in water, productive work, service, allowing time to connect to feelings, contemplative time, time sharing intimacy.


attractive, athletic, compassionate and considerate with
emotional skills AND with an edge, but not one(edge) that others have to pay for(eg. not destructive or threatening).

I am a spontaneously creatively, playful, wild, heart-centered, adventuring two spirit.
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
playing, exploring, doing my part to make the world a better place, laughing, having fun, breaking taboos and mores, becoming free, dancing, growing, learning, WAKING UP, being in my body, helping strangers, assisting others in awakening, cultivating humility and gratitude, being a student, being a teacher, being the witness, teaching Reiki, seeing the world through
the eyes of a child, breathing, realizing i'm part of the whole, making real connections, being love.
assisting others in their healing process through energy work
(reiki, shamanic), counseling/ coaching, teaching and bodywork.

listening to kpfa radio (link!), especially "Guns N Butter" (can be streamed or downloaded) or watching "Democracy Now" to get information un-adulterated and uncensored by the owners of the media.

juicing organic vegetables, fermenting food, making kombucha, making sesame seed or hemp seep milk]], making raw sprouted cereals
sprouting alf alfa, mung bean, clover, broccoli and other sprouts, meditating, finding gratitude throughout the day as a practice,

I look to surround myself with people with similar energy, values, resonance, and with wisdom to learn from,
play and connect with, grow, be inspired from and to inspire, co-create with and create community with.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
creative play; listening deeply; expressiveness; kissing,
real intimacy; communication; sensuality; conscious touch; sensual and sexual exploration; exercise/sports/agility; pleasure(being in,giving,receiving); being a good friend; communicating, connecting, and growing in the emotional realm; being childlike; strength training; visionary thinking; compassion; sensitivity; perception; egalitarianism; being free/celebrating another's freedom and growth; holding the strongest of space for another; helping others; nurturing; being with children, animals, folks connected to their heart; trust; growing.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
My smile. My energy. My open heart. My expressions. That I have a strong presence and a stability. That I'm thoughtful and compassionate. That I'm outside the normal containers most in the u.s. live within. That I love.

A friend I met on okc said, "You are everything written in your profile and more."

Some people have the experience that there's something about me they can't quite put a finger on.
Many have said during an initial meeting (not inappropriately), "you are safe to be with" or "you are someone I trust".

friend says, "Oodles of personality, quick wit and sense of humor."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
movies: seven pounds, "amelie", "the gerson miracle", "life and nothing but", food matters, "serenity", eat pray, love", "fried green tomatoes", "Speaking Freely: vol 1. john perkins", "itty bitty titty committee", "liberty bound", "notorious c.h.o.", "avatar", women in love(2005"), "the end of poverty?", about a boy, adam and steve, "911: In Plane Site", "crude" (Joe Berlinger's provocative documentary explores the ongoing battle waged by 30,000 indigenous Ecuadorans and their lawyers against Chevron for dumping billions of gallons of toxic oil waste into the Amazon -- dubbed the "Amazon Chernobyl).

books: books on rumi, hafiz, kamir; "anastasia" of the Ringing Cedars series "animal speak", "animal magic", drunvalo melchizadek - "flower of life", abraham-hicks, bruce lipton, "closer to home: bisexuality and feminism", "bi any other name", germaine greer - "the female eunuch", "The Second Sex" Simone de Beauvoir, "911 facing our fascist state" by don paul, anything by michael parenti, john stockwell (ex CIA reveals the truth) "In Search of Enemies", "Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War", by Castillo III and Dave Harmon, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins( i recommend getting it used or borrowing it - wouldn't want to contribute to his bank account, even if he is "confessing"), "change your brain, change your life" by daniel amen, Tao Te Ching (LINK!) by Lao Tsu stephen mitchell is one translation, "the mass psychology of fascism" and the "function of the orgasm", and "listen little man" by wilhelm reich, queer/feminist/literary/social change theory.

Magazines: "bitch", "feminista!", "ms.", "adbusters".

other authors, speakers, etc: john lennon, bell hooks, Elias Farajaje-Jones aka Ibrahim Abdurrahman,alice walker, audre lorde, noam chomsky, howard zinn, ann wigmore,sondra ray, gore vidal, loni barback, shakti gwain, esther hicks, drunvalo melchizedek, nikki giovanni, kate bornstein, robert heinlein, margaret cho, suzanne westenoefer, sojourner truth, harriet tubman, juanita H. williams, Dr. Wangari Maathai]], founded the Green Belt Movement, first african woman to win the nobel piece prize, Somaly Mam, sold into sex slavery as child in Cambodia in the 1970s. After years of being raped daily and witnessing horrific atrocities, she escaped her captors and vowed to never forget what she saw. Today, her foundation, somaly mam foundation, seeks to free victims of human trafficking and end worldwide slavery:; Nujood Ali was 10 years old when she was forced to marry a man over 20 years her senior. She managed to find a lawyer and achieve a divorce, making her an international heroine in the fight for women's rights in the Middle East. She's now a bestselling author -- her autobiography, "I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced," is available now; Waris Dirie revealed in the late 1990s that she had undergone genital mutilation and has since actively campaigned against the practice. She's established several foundations, one focusing on women's rights and dignity around the world, the other working to raise awareness about female genital mutilation; Eve Ensler with her award-winning play "The Vagina Monologues," has been a leader in the global movement to end violence against women. Currently, Ensler's nonprofit organization V-Day is building a rehabilitation center for women affected by war and sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo; The multi-talented Sheryl WuDunn is a Pulitzer Prize winner, an expert on alternative energy, and co-authored, with Nicholas Kristof, "Half The Sky," the book that's changing the way many are looking at international aid. "Half The Sky" argues that investing in the education and empowerment of women is the strongest way to make significant improvements in the developing world; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Samantha Power has fought to keep stories of human rights abuses and genocide, most specifically the crisis in Darfur, on the front page of the world's newspapers. She's currently the Director for Multilateral Affairs on the U.S. National Security Council.
12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki speaking at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

music: could go on forever; but will put something in here for now: check em out you on tube;

Dar Williams - When I was a Boy -

good feelin' today listening to bright eyes; "first day of my life", "waste of paint", " must belong somewhere", etc;

john lennon "infinite", "imagine"

"oh my love", "starting over", "instant karma"

John Lennon "Imagine" -, "Instant Karma" -

Indie Arie - "India.arie" - india.arie, "I Am Not My hair" -

Michael Franti /Spearhead - "Hey World",

"Bomb The World" ( ,

"Crime to be Broke in America ( ,

"Soulshine" -


Some encouragement:
Cyndi Lauper- "True colors"

indigo girls;

peter gabriel "biko" - you tube ( , "shakin the tree";

Cat Stevens "Morning Has Broken" - you tube,

Cat Stevens "Peace Train" you tube

Missing persons - "Words"

"Destination Unknown"

The Cure - Just Like Heaven



PHIIL OAKS 1.) ; 2.)

Soul speak and consciousness raising:

Buffy Sainte-Marie - 1.) , 2.) , 3.)

Michael Jackson

Chaka Khan/Rufus (the funkiest woman that ever lived):

prince and chaka :

the funky and sex obsessed Prince:

Sly and the Family Stone (the funkiest guy that ever lived):

Chrissie Hynde / Pretenders - 1.)

Early David Bowie

Lady GaGa - "Born This Way"

TLC cautionary:

smooth Sade:

funk, punk, soul, blues, world music, folk; lyrics, meaning, and or melody

food: Often RAW, organic, sprouted, fermented, etc.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
the state of being-ness; nature, expressing myself(in every way), my senses, being love/seeing love/feeling love, jumping into a pool of water, the magnificence of having a humin' body,
the ability to taste, good sex, exercise, humin' touch, giving and receiving, connection, intentional family, community,
a smile, wonder, excitement, gratitude, meaning, joy,
desire, fulfillment, the ability to feel pain and sadness,
a sense of what feels true
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
i prefer female heroine/protagonist stories(books, movies, media) especially and characters that are not who the world media and governing powers focus their lens on almost exclusively, whether current event, economics point of view or "his"tory, (male, white, moneyed, heterosexual, western, northern hemisphere, able-bodied, thin, tall, etc).

culture healing and change; ending violence against women; holistic models of community; intentional community; world community; nation-lessness/ending hegemony; pleasure; fun; children; health and nutrition; the power in the beauty of a single flower; love vs fear; clan structured living as a sustainable and holistic model of humin' thriving;
the liberation of culture, consciousness, expression, connection, sexuality; being alive in every moment.

The holocausts and genocides the U. S. is committing or promoting. That we (U.S. citizens) are supposed to hate everyone our government decides to kill(more accurate term than go to war, since we do not fight actual wars with countries or people who can defend themselves). The rape, murder and theft the U.S. government does in its citizens name while claiming that "God" is on our side and that we act
for "freedom". The fear the government uses to manipulate the population and how it uses that fear and baiting to divide the population against one another, whether, "white", "black", "poor", "rich", "youth", "christian", "non-christian". The institutionalization of the hierarchy of oppression (see "Liberation Theory" by Ricky Sherover-Marcuse). The institutionalization of war/mass murder, rape, theft and "the law" as a means of aggregation of the world's resources into as few hands as possible(resulting in the needless starvation of hundreds of millions of people in the world). That the most pervading cultural value the leaders of this country, the chief "religious" value if you will, is the exploitation of everyone and everything for maximum profit: The elevation of greed as the greatest value in our culture. The con about the inherent moral value in work in order to get money to live (in a box(apartment/house) that you pay someone to exist within.
The use of school, books, and the media to brainwash everyone in our culture into "group-think" reflective of these values and beliefs. The use of rape as a tool of mass terrorism on wimmin' in the US and worldwide. How to end the trafficking of women (sexual slavery) in the US ( a horrible secret that this abounds here) and around the world (estimates in the tens of millions). The commodification of sex.

Learning from the mirror of my experience, environment and the people I meet; examining shadow: exploring intimacy; the illusion of gender as a static identity (as opposed to flowing whatever energy is true at the moment).

Regarding gender and sex identity.

I do not even believe in the idea/construct of "female" and "male" which are supposed to be polar opposites.

I see these "ideas" used as a means to separate humins' for nefarious ends (ie it serves someone[s] ). When you know who, you begin to understand why.

Gender, biology, anatomies, differ across the whole species of humins' (word intentionally spelled this way for a reason). Think chromosomal variations. Think or view genital variations. Think intersex people. Think people assigned as "women" who have no "breasts" but who have ovaries and "male" assigned persons who have a "penis" and who have pronounced "breasts", (yes this includes including people who have not made these changes to themselves intentionally). Think all the non-consensually mutilated babies through surgery or use of hormones and drugs to make them appear to fit "one or the other". I won't make this as extensive as it could be. Not to mention internal gender identity variations (and going further, the fact that if left free, gender often changes, not necessarily in a linear fashion, but infinitely).

We are conditioned to look away from and to ignore these countless variations; and the powers that be use doctors (surgeries, hormones) and conditioned terrorist behavior (physical attacks, threats) upon gender transgressors to sanction any people who obviously don't fit the "either / or" allowable "fantasy".

(If you choose to identify in the binary, polar opposite, artificially created world; consciously or unconsciously, fine). Just know that we live what we are told to live (not unlike computers who get a download, and receive "what to think"), AND THE PROGRAMMING WE GOT SERVES THE ONES THAT MADE THE RULES.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
nothing fits here.
If you have N-flix, etc PLEASE WATCH:
Mo'Nique: I Coulda Been Your Cellmate!

If it's in you, please write or visit women in prison.
The (IN)JUSTICE SYSTEM is a woman-hating (and low income hating, recent immigrant hating, non-"white" hating) system.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
I get off on all forms of expression, love weight training, hoist 900 lbs off a squat rack and 570 lbs off chest press AND look great in a skirt. No, really. Yes I am a "hard body", but I also am truly one of the many caring and compassionate people. I am one of those people out to make the world a better place - starting with me. I have spent much of my time and energy assisting people who have endured trauma(including rape, molestation and other violence), helping and spending time with elderly people with no loved ones or resources, assisting individual disabled people in their daily life, working with discarded or court ordered children, doing childcare, counseling and supporting teen moms, working to end oppression of wommin', glbt and other "target" groups, and counseling those in need.

and... i am perfectly imperfect like all the other humins'.

I Love "Lizzy the Lezzy"

I give the greatest massage and energy healing sessions you ever had (and do so professionally).
I embody positive masculine and feminine qualities and expression(from one end of the continuum to the other, and everything in between).
I'm more creative and playful in my expression, affection and connection than most.
I love and am great with children, babies and animals.
I'm one of the more stable people you will meet.
I"m very enthusiastic and easily inspire and am inspired by others.
I'm very into health, nutrition and fitness.
I'm a visionary thinker.
I'm a brilliant teacher, a great student and quick learner.
I am not a large person, but do have some curves.

I'm the kind of person who would not let someone who is in a difficult situation down. I am a fierce and loyal friend and
a strong and smart ally and advocate. Within me, I have the heart of a lion, AND that of a doe; the maternal instincts of a mother bear and the delicate touch of a butterfly; the solidity of a redwood tree and the ethereal nature of a dragonfly.

I have done a lot of work on myself(and still do). Despite this, I am very playful and silly, child-like, easily in wonder, and like to play and have fun.

I am very much into liberation from the unhealthy toxic constraints of the society I grew up in in the U.S..

Including conditioning that causes us to doubt ourselves; live in scarcity; find our body and it's functions to be shameful; consider "males" more valuable than "females"(the rich more than the poor, light skin more than dark, youth more than elder, skinny more than fat, etc.); teaches "girls" to hate themselves and starve themselves starting in childhood now; after gender assignment, teaches us how to be one limiting unhealthy composite extreme("the notion of what a "boy" or "girl" is) or another; separates us from our heart and our soul (on deep level); and teaches us to live alone, consume goods to feel better or o.k., and isolate ourselves from others.

I'm easily moved by witnessing an individual overcome obstacles, a small group of people transcend oppression,
babies and children, animals, nature, people being true to their heart, others emotion, love.

I had a 3 hour conversation in a parking lot yesterday with someone I met 40 years my senior about enlightenment and subjects that might never come up in meeting a thousand or 10 thousand people. this was one of the more interesting people i have ever met (had a few experiences like this).

One of the greatest teaching I received was attending a 90 odd year old woman on a home visit and merely being in her presence. She had no loved ones and was poor. The humility and the dignity I was awash in while in her presence gave me some very powerful lessons and energies.

I feel good about, among other things; faeries, unicorns, rainbows, trees, bumble bees, sea horses, naturally occurring running water, sunflowers, the woods(especially at night), sitting on the earth. Familiars are many.

I enjoy playing, exploring, discovering the wonders of the body, our energy and the universe.

I dislike communicating via cyberspace, but do so as necessary.

I am interested potentially in sharing in the rearing of children (if that is in the offing, not in a non-nuclear family unit) or being around children in some way.
i am fascinated by healthy group social interaction, motherhood, family, childbirth, children and child-rearing.
i would not say that I would be unfulfilled if i were not helping raise children, but I will continue to enjoy to be around them.

I have a large bandwidth. I'm strong physically and otherwise. I'm extremely sensitive physically(touch,etc) and otherwise. I'm very intuitive and extremely perceptive; very gentle, and rough, and often know from intuition and experience when to flow which. I have an edge, like most interesting people, but it is not a socially costly one. I'm more attracted to internal qualities than external qualities, but appearance, among other things, does play a role for me in attraction.
I have no type that primarily interests me. I'm interested in people in all kinds of packages.

from a previous partner,
you have the body of an 18 year old, your mind is even more attractive, but your heart is the most beautiful.

from a previous partner,
"what I see and appreciate about you….

You have a gorgeous visage. You make me desire to love, be loved and learn to love. You know how to live in concert with all that is. You awaken in me the truth that God loved me enough to give me someone like you to love me. Meeting you awakened to me that the Universe is a magical, joyous place. I have never felt so much love from and for someone before I met you. You feel like my home and you love me better than my mother and father combined.

You are a selfless giver and have a, rare to find in people, capacity to love in the details and smallest nuances. You are an excellent nurturer. Even though we sometimes differ, you have taught me the value of listening and slowing down worry, fear and reaction to actually working in harmony, and you give me the license to be in my power to mirror and show my gifts and express myself. Thanks so much for that. It is very healing.

You have a very rare reasoned compassion that doesn’t have to be sentimental. It is more truthful. You possess discernment, articulation, a quick mind and a grasp of complicated concepts. You are a quick thinker and can make a solution to any problem, no matter what it is. You have taught me to survive, build a successful livelihood and to help people in very valuable ways. I feel your love and wisdom live on in me and transmit through me to the people I heal and come in contact with on a regular basis. You are rare and irreplaceable to me and I have passion for you physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually.

You have taught me lessons for a lifetime.

You are committed to the Truth and devoted to me. I love how much you need love and nurturing and I love our cuddly connections. I love your vulnerability. It makes me connect to mine. I don’t feel anyone else can ever really love me on this level or be selfless enough to and see it in me and themselves and be open to my kind of loving like you are.

You have the most trustworthy and open heart of anyone I know.

You have a refreshing sanity and the gift of perceiving the world in an understanding, dispassionate way and experience that we can detachedly look at ourselves in this way and work on things, learn and grow with each other and be truly loving and grateful for one another, which lives in only a few relationships I have ever seen.

You have vision that is like a meta-awareness and understanding of people, situations and reality.

You have cultivated a commitment to be Love and Be real and you are endowed with the ability to see other people for who they are because I believe you have been personally gifted with this ability by your right action in the world.

I can get angry and express myself and you say I am beautiful and smart, which is healing bc I could never do that with anyone in my family.

I love you so much that I feel that every woman would die to have you if they truly knew who you are. I feel special in my ability to be a light and a mirror for you and finally see you and love you the way you are meant to be loved. This is my wish and my contribution for God in this life.

I appreciate the way you have advocated this past year to be about working on our growth and personal success. Every time I talk with you I grow and find things extremely helpful and applicable to my life.

You let me punch your belly (metaphorically)repeatedly and then you hug and kiss me because you are so strong.

I am grateful for your understanding forgiveness, compassion and patience with me. You teach me to love myself by your example.

You connect to other beings and nature so touchingly, like you are an other-worldly flower being. Kisses!!!! You are so cute..

You are so beautiful inside and you live inside me You feel like my body.

You love my vulnerability and are calm and peaceful and always giving, no matter how angry or selfish I can be or was in the past.

Mostly everything good I can think of about you is about the way you love.

You have the ability to vigilantly love me in ways that are in my best interest better than I can take care of myself or my parents ever could.

You are the rare person who can step out of themselves to help and love another.

You are healthy.

Your love fulfills and nurtures me and loves my woman and my inner child and my body like it’s a precious flower. You could wash my body and feed it better than I can. I get aroused just thinking about you.

You remind and teach me that our love is sacred. I want to make you my living prayer and be a better person.

You are safe and almost too good for me. You deserve the best in all ways. I love you sooooooo much. You make me cry. "


Excerpt from Rundy, from which i can relate:

What if love were only possible by forfeiting all guarantees? What if love could only exist in the presence of surrender? What if there was no such thing as loss, only change? What if you had to let go before the other person did without knowing whether he or she will ever let go or not? You would risk disappointment; but that is all. If you have healthy self-esteem and self-love the person you love cannot devastate or humiliate you. He or she cannot make you feel unworthy; only you can! The object of love is not to win someone over, break through their barriers, and make them need or desire you, or make sure you don’t lose. The object of love is to love, to cherish, to honor, to adore, to respect, and to never harm, to appreciate and never depreciate another. This type of relationship foundation is imperative in order to have the relationship be an augment to your spiritual path and that of your partner. The essential nature of the unrestrained soul is tantra. This leads to being in a constant orgasmic state in your whole body. In this state, energy blocks are dissolved, emotions released to flow naturally, and spiritual experience of love are the norm.

Differently than rundy, I would say, Real Love comes from within - and it is reflected from without. If you do not have it within nor cultivate it within, you cannot truly receive it from without (deeply without mitigation). You may receive what we call love, but not love actually.

Secondly, no union will make you whole if you are not whole yourself. You may smother another trying to achieve this wholeness. Everything short of your own wholeness will be compensation.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
You made it this far and you like something you read (please say something specific, otherwise I will not learn very much about you...)

You are not a bigot (that is you do not judge people based on
their sexual orientation, appearance, externals). You discern your associations based on behavior, their words, energy, resonance).

You have something to share about something you read.

You like emotional, intellectual and or spiritual depth; growth, being playful; or celebrating life.

Whether Platonic (non sexual) or not, You are a great Nurturer or Witness. You like to communicate and listen to Feelings. You like Cuddling. You can be very Present. You have Insight. (I am all of the above and can do so in friendships or with another who is more than a friend).


You are Honest, Loyal, Caring, Giving,
You Like Intimacy and are Committed to growing.

High points if you know what Emotional Responsibility is and Practice it. I have great appreciation for high Emotional Intelligence.


You are Awake or are Waking Up, Conscious

and, or


If you are interested in more than being friends, you are pure-hearted AND uninhibited (at least in private) and you are psychologically and emotionally stable. Intuitively or through personal development, you have very developed relationship skills / relationship skill intelligence. You like really being seen (*:) not just visually) and you have some availability.

You are able to love yourself.
You are able to love another.
You ALSO have emotional skills.
You prefer communication to making conclusions from assumption.

You are not into emotional games - no really.

You know a little bit about yourself. You are considered to be, "the stable one by friends", ie you are not into high drama (all kinds of emotional expression are great, AND, REASONABLE-NESS GOES A LONG WAY). i prefer to have my associations to be with people who are less reactive (accepting what is, or what has been said, and responding or not responding based on personal truth; of course, not with perfection necessarily, but as a practice). i like fire and passion. i don't find reactivity a necessary component of the two.

You are kind. Regardless of age, you are young at heart AND emotionally mature.

You are interested fairly soon after some online communication to speak via telephone. I am interested in making friends, etc in the real world, not in contacts that will never leave cyber space *: )

Especially welcome:
therapists, mystics, sensualists, yoginis, daikinis, free-spirits, pure-hearts, adventurers, massage therapists, energy healers, those with presence and or self knowledge, those who know their predilections (and maybe open to discovering more *:), naturists, those capable of being childlike and free of inhibitions, you believe the resources of the
world (food, $, shelter,etc) should be shared rather than amassed by a minority (ie the united states), you are not governed by what others think (have some internal compass), have clean-er or clear-er energy, are less reactive, and those not prone to frequent 180 degree turns.

Unusual individual is seeking to fill multiple roles in whatever way fits naturally. Longevity is a plus, but nothing to try to force.
If you fit 1 or any combination of the following: you are looking for either really good platonic friends, confidantes, community, cuddle buddies, massage buddies, co-creators, conspirators, to date, experience/exploration partners, or (a)lover(s), family, or?

In loves, I like someone who is creative, playful, uninhibited,
unselfish with others and with their partner, easily able to give and receive, non-superficial generally speaking, being good at massage is a plus, being kinky (as in uninhibited) is a bonus, and regardless of personality, they have to be a good humin' being and at least generally giving.

You are poly AND you are able to go deep emotionally and be committed; or you are someday interested in long term relationship.

You can go deep emotionally/energetically, but you can hold that in a grounded peaceful way, avoiding the frequent extreme up and down, internal and external wars and conflicts.

If a friend or partner:

You may be one or more of the following a Radical, spiritual (not dogmatic) or not spiritual, an activist, an artist, adventurer, explorer, seeker, mystic, highly emotionally intelligent, youthful or young, irreverent and/or reverent, brilliant, wise or intuitive, mature AND childlike, uninhibited, rich or poor/neither.

You are most likely one or more of these: "different",
"outside the box", awake/awakening, A Radical, rule breaker, non-conformist, smart, open to spontaneity/adventure

You likely are or have: good social skills, good emotional skills and emotionally mature, done and or are doing your personal work, treat others and yourself well, Healthy, have access to feelings, have listening skills, clean energy, fun, open-minded, have a zest for life, believe in balance, are non-judgmental,
and diversity friendly.

Age(20+60+), Gender, Race unimportant (only compatibility).

Photos unimportant but welcome and reciprocated, but for non-platonic relating, appearance(among other things) does affect chemistry


Any of these familiar; Intentional Family]], Intentional Community, Professional Massage Exchange, Energy Healing Exchange, awake(ening), conscious, emotional responsibility, non-reactivity, radical truth vs cultural, political and national lies ie. the truth about nutrition, medical and pharma lies and deceptions, the nature of love, the con of what a meaningful life is, etc, non-violent communication, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, being present, friendship, alternative, radical, transcending the cultural myths of normative behavior, free spirit, artist, activist, healer, open-hearted, kind, loving, conscious, community, family of choice]], extended family of choice, non-conformist, un-conditioning or de-conditioning, knowing and living your truth more each day, smart, liberated, exploration, gender, pansexuality, gender conditioning, sex-positive, kinky, kind, ethical, Advaita, Non-Dualism, Advaita Tantra, tantric, taoism, taoist practices, zhineng medical qi gong, metaphysics, new paradigms, mindfulness, meta-awareness, third person perspective, pyramids, 4th way, Orion (Osiris) , Sirius (Isis), the Duat, Sphinx, Obelisks, Quantum Universe, Holographic Universe, Gerdjieff, Drunvalo Melchizedek, spirit, enlightenment, Raw Food, Raw Foodist, Paleo Diet, Raw Pale Diet], Primitive Diet, Weston A Price, Raw Omnivore, Awakened, Enlightened, Spiritual, Queer-friendly, Couple, Friendship, relationship.

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice.

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