33 Portland, OR
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My self-summary
I’ve been described as a Butch Queen and a Glitter baby, I’m learning to own these identities and live into them. I like to work with my hands and get dirty, to climb, play and build. I also enjoy dressing up pretty, being refined and sometimes sassy. My temperament ranges from fun and freaky to thoughtful and collaborative. I usually date trans men or gender queer/fluid woman, but I’m excited about meeting trans woman and sis men and woman (who are well versed in challenging hetero monogamous patterning).

Having been raised on the east coast, if I’m teasing you, it’s probably because I like you and want you to play with me. If I’m serious I’m probably uncomfortable or underwhelmed. I’ve also had enough time here in the West to soften, align my chakras, and get down with some feelings and needs (total process queen).

I'm in a delightful open relationship with the amazing creature Grrly_boy, here is their link:
What I’m doing with my life
I live at Tryon Life Community Farm. My life passion is in combining intentional relationship and community, land stewardship and play. I am hear to heal and re-wild myself and to create spaces for others to do the same. I spent the last 5 years before moving here developing Restorative Justice Initiatives in Bay Area schools and juvenile detention centers. I am doing the same work here just on the farm instead of in the city. We are working towards making TLC farm a learning center where social justice and anti-oppression politics meet physical ecology and land stewardship.

Art and music are big parts of my life and I am striving to make them bigger. I play cello and am looking for others to make music with.

My values include transformational growth and I am actively working at healing myself; my masculine self from the tyranny of patriarchy, my Irish Euro Pegan self from white supremacy and my Pan Fairy Faggot self from homophobia and sexual Puritanism. I work on these things with a little help from my feminist men’s group, we call ourselves PAMPs (Person with Access to Male Privilage), Re-evaluation co-counseling, and Magic.
I’m really good at
Making myself laugh (and other people sometimes), keeping my life fluid, spacious and flexible, finding jobs, visioning and planning, working with my hands, building and creating beautiful things, structures, sculptures and music, giving people space and attention for big feelings, having big feelings, being loyal and reliable with my close people, constructive shit talking, speaking truth to power, calling in oppressive patterning, dancing (I’m kind of a sucker for the sleezy trap scenario the kids are into these, dayz wanna go?), story telling, making toys and playing, hanging out with young people.
The first things people usually notice about me
My awkward toothy grin.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Ursula Laguin, Octavia Butler, Star Halk, John Steinbeck, Barbara Kingsolver, Dean Spade, Bell Hooks, Michelle Alexander...

Music: Frank Ocean. James Blake, Gillian Welch, Cat Power, Bell and Sebastian...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Living beyond civilization, how we came to be like this, change, building interdependent community, sex, relationships, beats...
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing, playing music, visiting friends, laughing, crying, snuggling.
You should message me if
- You’re a fem and would like a gender fluid guy who can treat you like a lady sometimes but might also want to be girly with you and maybe take a turn at being pampered.
- You wanna bro out and get geeky about relationship processing, music, social justice work, or feminist sci-fi novels, and make out.
- You wanna go on cute dates that might include, exploring in the woods, emotionally vulnerable conversation, biking, wrestling, sweet potato fries, random wacky art shows and music….
- You’re a sex positive slut
- You wanna explore kink