21 Slough, UK
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My self-summary
Get ready for a long read :P I'm very sorry if I've made you bored :(
I'm Gem (odd name I know) - story behind that.
Half Irish, half Iraqi (yes another thing that's odd but it's cool tbh :'))
My irish accent is preeeetty good ;)
Turned 20 in Feb :)
Am a fully qualified football referee - Do that most Sunday mornings.
Been on here for quite a bit now.. not exactly a good thing :(
Love to have a laugh
Know EVERYTHING about Harry Potter and pretty much everything about Doctor Who - test me? Ive proven myself many a time :P
Know a lot of countries capital cities :P (found out its only helpful in pub quzzies)
Incredibly sporty
Play football, hockey and cricket for a club, also socially play badminton, table tennis and tennis (pretty good at all). Im a good swimmer and a very good cyclist. I also love horse racing. I have a cousin whos a trainer and his son and daughter are both jockeys. Ive been to Windsor (local track), Ascot (now Royal Ascot too as of 16/6/15), Lingfield, Newbury, Epsom, Sandown and Kempton racecourse :D

I also play pool for my pub and I love the sport!

Support Reading (local) and Man Utd (global)
Places ive been to: Greece, Spain, France, Portugal x2, Malta, Ibiza, Tenerife x2, Cyprus and LA (Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County and San Francisco in general) :D
I'm relatively smart :3, fun, kind, caring and loveable if given the chance to show it :)
Have had 4 shit past relationships, so a few scars are on me and trust is an issue (i will explain if asked)
I am also a guy who strays from the norm of going on just looks in a girl.. for all i know you could be as beautiful and fit as fuck but also a 2 faced bitch - so i go for personality over looks, sorry if thats a turn off.

I've also been told by a lot of people recently that I act very mature for my age and look older than I am :') (about 23/24)

Talk to me if you like the way i look or if you wanna get to know me and/or meet..? :P
What I’m doing with my life
Got 9 A-Cs in GCSEs and got 2 A-Levels too. Now I can add Level 2 diploma in Plumbing Studies.

I've been doing my proper job now since February 2014 and I'm loving it :D easily the best job I've had. Yeah you get the arseholes and drunks most of the time but the rest of the time it's so chilling. I'm now a deputy manager in the 'Slough' shop for William Hill! Shit thing is, I can do 14 hour shifts sometimes (8am-10pm) and it does kill my social life :(

I also work in my local pub on Wednesday nights :)
I’m really good at
Making myself look silly :3 but I'm also good at maths, hockey and especially football!!
Being sarcastic
Making people laugh
Giving nice shhhnuggly cuddles
Making a girl feel special
Watching sport in general either on the TV or live :')
I'm also a bit of an electronical whizz kid, I'm good at fixing and installing pretty much anything. I'm also very good with my hands (no not that way :P just more practical than academic)
The first things people usually notice about me
Got to be my ginger beard -________- although some people seem to like it!
How shy i can be (if im nervous i can't talk unless the girl says something first :/) :$ or my hair.. or maybe my blue eyes :) or my voice.. (Apparently I sound posh, but I'm just well spoken :L)

Il let you decide when we meet :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not a huge book fan, don't have time for much reading anymore due to my work load :(
Harry potter
Any book by anthony Horowitz

Movies: I'm not gonna list all the ones I like but he's one of them ---> Harry potter
Rom com
Sci fi
If you really want to know which films i like, ask :)
Recently saw Kingsman and that was a very good film :D

Most comedy programmes e.g.
Mock the week, League of their own, outnumbered, not going out, QI, never mind the buzzcocks russell howards good news, Michael McIntyre's comedy road show etc
The chase
Question of sport
Ncis, Ncis:LA, CSI Miami
Vampire diaries
The Originals
Oh I LOVE lee Evans :D and many other stand up comedians eg Lee Mack, Michael McIntyre, Russell Howard, Milton Jones, John Bishop, Greg Davies, Frankie Boyle, Hugh Dennis etc :)

Will listen to most things but eminem I'm afraid is a role model, a legend and a lyrical genius :') I like rap, r and b, pop, grime, dance, drum and bass etc.. Just not classical :L
So artists like Eminem as I've said, Linkin Park, System of a Down, WDL, Hozier, Lamb of God, Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, Krept and Konan, Pro Green, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Maverick Sabre, Bon Jovi, Five, Queen, The Prodigy, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg (R.I.P), Weird Al Yankovic, Metallica, Tinie, Maroon 5, Rammstein, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Akon, Big Sean, Calvin Harris, Devlin, David Guetta, Flo Rida, Example, Pink (yes I like pink deal with it), Kaiser chiefs, Kings of Leon, Foreign Beggars, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Kanye west, Michael Bublé, The Lonely Island. (That's just a few :P)
Also some Golden Oldies: (the old) BEP, David Bowie, Toto, Haddaway, Soft Cell, Cliff Richard, Billy Idol.

I eat anything and everything. Many people envy my metabolism :3
Love Chinese (so much OMG), Indian, Nando's, KFC, Mcds, Toby and especially the harvester :D also BBQ sauce :')
Hate ketchup, tomatoes, mushrooms, mushy peas and baked beans with a passion.
The six things I could never do without
Sex (no, im not a guy who simply after sex, i just enjoy having it :D)
My very best friend - hes like the brother i never had, and we'd do anything for each other :')
My phone (because i never go anywhere without it and constantly on it xD)
My ps3 and xbox
My cat (Mischief), kitten (Joy) and the new addition, another kitten (Dexi). R.I.P Frankie :'( (theyre all shooooo cuuuuute :'))
My dog (Pinky)
TEA!! Can't go wrong with a nice cuppa :') Offer me one and I can never say no :3

Well that's 10.. Meh fuck it :L

I thought to state the obvious at first (oxygen, food, water..)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My next payslip :D as you do ofc :P

Thursdays, as I play pool for my pub and have a good drink :)

The weekend, even though il most likely be working all day until 10, I know my mates will be out so I can go have a few drinks :D

Also about whoever im with as i always put them before me 🙈
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely down my local nowadays having a few pints with my mates, after finishing work at 10pm 😑 or on occasion, there's a karaoke as well so that's a good laugh :P

Sat night is the one you gotta look out for ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kill you ;)

I think a more private matter is that i shower naked :O shocking i know ;)

Also, a very weird thing - if i let my beard grow, it turns ginger :L

Ooh ooh one more thing but its not really private: I HAVE to have my music playing for me to sleep :L (if you dont like that if were ever in the same room, il just shove me 'eadphones in :D)

Not exactly private but guess what girls? I CAN COOK!! :D
You should message me if
You like the look of me, my profile interests you or if you wanna get to know me and/or meet :)
And if you want to :)
Also if you can bare sport or play it, it would defo be a great bonus :D