39 Union City, CA
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My self-summary
I'm an introverted, intelligent, and talented individual.. Perhaps somewhat quirky, prone to moodiness, thoughtful and kind, but somewhat easily tired. I like to have a sense of familiarity with someone before opening up.

Honesty, acceptance, and respect are core values. Though I am also very passionate, and I find there is constant tension in my inner world, between the passion and the sense of values, and trying to live out what is good and right.

I really enjoy cooking, though dislike washing the dishes. I'm probably a little too serious about life, and tend to destress by watching movies and gaming. I like things to be clean, though my space is often cluttered (though I do want to become more organized).

In many ways, I am a typical computer geek, but I also enjoy some other random interests.. Like rock climbing, and I'd be happy to accompany a female friend or girlfriend on a shopping trip (women's fashion is so much more interesting than men's).
The six things I could never do without
Friends, good weather (my health is very sensitive to the weather), Hope, Inspiration, maybe music..

There's many things necessary for a full life, but perhaps I've learned to not hold on to anything too tightly, even love (which in younger days, I would have surely listed first).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life.. how to be a better person.. unraveling my own psychological predilections and neuroses, in hopes of being a more balanced individual..
You should message me if
For any reason.. And, you don't mind communicating with a thoughtful, introverted individual who's not sure what life is about..