28 Colchester, VT
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My self-summary
I am quite silly. Really I am. I used to do stand up comedy. I stick to being silly in person now.

Taking chances and being genuine with the world is the best way to live. Optimism is my point of view, and so is being closer to the ground (I'm 5'1.5"). When I need help, I ask for it.

People would describe the way I dress as sophisticated, and my personality as a free spirit. I have an affinity for dresses, but am a tom boy inside.

Whenever I am asked to try something new, I jump at the opportunity. I know what I want to do with my life, and I am ready to share that with someone.

What would I like to do? I have never shot a gun in my life. Someday I would like to go to a target range. Learning how to play the guitar is a long standing goal of mine. Singing and playing simultaneously would be so exhilarating. This winter I am taking up skiing aka tree hugging.

I would like to learn how to fly a plane! Jump out of one too! And go bungee jumping and wet zorbing.

Soon I hope to volunteer my time to a good cause. Feel free to give suggestions!

What you give to the world creates more wealth than can ever be gained by any other means. I want to be one of the wealthiest people on the planet in terms of what I can contribute to the lives of others.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
Running up mountains
Blowing bubbles while at red lights
Singing and dancing while driving
Doing the coffee grinder on the dance floor along with a bull kick
Fixing anything
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes

I prefer talking on the phone or in person over emailing and texting. If communicating via text is solely how you plan on communicating, or if phone calls will rarely take place, please do not message me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book- Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card

Shows: Game of Thrones, Futurama, Tosh.o, anything educational

Music-anything that does not consist of vocals that are almost solely screaming.

The six things I could never do without
Good food
Fishing pole
Learning something new everyday
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can make the world a better place.

How people can experience the same event, and process it completely differently, and why that might be.
On a typical Friday night I am

On a road trip
On adventures with friends
Snuggling up with a good book
Watching a movie
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I speak french significantly better while sleeping.

INFP/INFJ personality

I want to try P90X

I can probably pick you up! (physically)

The first time I meet someone I do not consider a date. I have to meet someone in person and get to know them more before going on an actual "date."

When I am really tired I talk too much.

I rarely fall for people.

When I am talking on and on about something, it is usually because I need to say it out loud for myself. You often don't even have to pretend to listen. I will tell you if you need to listen in these situations. Why? I am a tactile learner, and need to physically process my ideas at times.
You should message me if
are a female who wants a friend to have a monthly girls night
Love yourself
Enjoy hugs
Smile all the time
Can teach me something
Are confident
Are respectful and patient
I have a tendency to get along well with men who work for the government, legal, or administrative positions. Why? They tend to be nerdy and logical like me.

You are often described as an anus or any variation thereof
You know that you are moving out of state soon
You are old enough to be my parent
Your picture does not accurately portray you
You are on this site to hook up (casual sex)
You do not love yourself
You are not silly
You are not excited by life
You have ever stalked someone
You drink too much
You would fail a background check
You plan on making me pay for your food and drinks when we meet
(I pay for myself, you pay for yourself!)
You have one or more pictures of just your muscles (head cut off)
If in all or almost all of your pictures you are shirtless

I am looking for really good friends or a significant other. A guy who is an absolute sweetheart would be amazing.

I like to take things slow in relationships, which allows us to figure out what we want and where it is going.