53 Columbia, MO
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My self-summary
Enjoy going to the gym, . . . yoga, spinning, weight/core training. Cycling on one of the local trails. Enjoy taking in live music,at smaller venues, Blues, Rock, Country, Instrumental. Like going out for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a good bottle of wine & some pleasant conversation. Very seldom if ever will you fight me for the t.v remote.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
To Kill a Mockingbird, Liars Poker, The Big Short, Blood Meridian, are a few of my favorite books.
The six things I could never do without
A good book, hot shower, spin class, yoga class, core training, conversation.
You should message me if
Message me if you like the following story- or message me if you don't like the following story - criticism is a good thing as well.

You’ve been outside gardening in the flower bed since 10:30. As noon approaches – you have ventured in once & for lunch you have suggested portabella mushrooms, drizzled slightly with olive oil & grilled, I asked if you wanted yours on a slice of whole grain bread & you say that, that would be fine, - but it was going to be up to me to decide on the vegetable side. No sooner did you place that task on me that my mind smiled – for I had ventured out to the farmers market just prior to you rising& had picked up some fresh snow peas that tasted fantastic & crisp straight out of the bag.

As twelve forty five approaches, I push the same kitchen window open that I had been viewing you from as I prepped lunch, as the window opens it squeaks & though you’re towards the back of the yard – you hear the window open & look up - I holler that lunch is ready – no sooner do I get the words out & you’re already have come up partially, - placing your hands just above your bent knee & pushing up as you rise.

As you enter the kitchen door you shake you head tossing your hair to & fro & mentioning that you wish you had started two weeks earlier on that flower bed & that you didn’t realize that it had gotten so far out of control – As I stand in front of the sink, I smile, thinking to myself that it always looks perfect & I have never so much as seen a single weed in it as I mow the grass on a weekly basis.

You approach the sink to wash your hands, I step slightly to the right to let you in on my left side. As you reach for the faucet turning the water slightly on to the left of center, I reach for the dish washing liquid which is resting on the right side. Instead of handing you the bottle – I pop the cap loose & start to invert the bottle, placing my left hand just below yours & look into your eyes; you comply & allow me to place a dab of liquid into the palm of your hand, - as my left hand draws your hands closer to the running water. I place the bottle of liquid back to the right of the sink; - looking back to the left I take your hands just into the running water. I reach into the open palm of your hand pushing the soap around with my finger tips creating a lather, as the lather starts we move our hands into the running water – I separate your hands & work them with my own as the lather grows – fingers coming together as if we were holding hands walking down the street but for much briefer periods of time – as the soil gathers into the lathered soap I lead them back under the running water & begin to rinse them – turning them gently over to rinse all sides - that looks good I murmur & just before I let go of them I turn the water slightly to the cool side for the finish rinse. Reaching up shutting off the water I gently keep your hands below the faucet I look into your eyes & smile – then looking to my right I reach for a clean towel – I hand it to you & say ladies first – so you may dry them.