56 Orlando, FL
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My self-summary
Thanks for taking some time to read my profile.
Before you begin your rant on cheating I am not looking for a Girlfriend or hook-up! Put your accusing tone away.
I am looking for someone to chat with. My marriage has grown stale, and I have heard everything..twice. I would like to at least have a fresh new conversation. If you can't manage that, move on, and good luck.

Ok, about me. I am an Electronics engineer, a frustrated novelist , and somewhat gifted artist (I love to draw in pencil and charcoal, but can't quite catch the right tones with colors) I own a separate business, but only get involved with it on occasion. (not just a silent partner, but apparently the only one who can WRITE A DARN CHECK!!) I love to read (Clancy, W.E.B Griffin, Cussler)I like to work on and play with cars and motorcycles. I’ am a hopeless workaholic, 60-70 hours every week. Weekends are a blur, What little time I am actually at my residence is spent cleaning and addressing the endless laundry pile. (Who owns all this stuff? Is someone sneaking in and dropping off their dirty stuff for me to attend?) I blink and the weekend is over and the new week is here. If you have ever wondered if there is such a thing as Time travel, there is! My weekend zip by so freaking fast I'm convinced that time skips ahead starting every Friday Night, and ending late Sunday.. but the correction factor kicks in on Monday and time DRAGS till the following Friday.

I personally don't smoke, drink (Ok a little wine with meals) no drugs of any kind or do night clubs, and like many of you I don't have allot of time to spend on friends. Not looking for a "hook-up", but some Chat and possibly more, depending on chemistry. So far it's been oil and water.
Ever hopeful I march on bravely.

What am I looking for? Humor. (Underscore that!) Openness, candor. Make me laugh and I will be around for a long time. Someone with a sense of adventure (No prudes please)
, I really am not expecting a princess to walk out of the computer, but it does at least provide to opportunity to see that there is still "life" out there.

I am not very good WRT to self-promotion, Talking about myself, is not something I excel at. Now talking WITH myself..that I can do, and often. I have had some heated discussion with myself, and I'm telling you if I don't straighten up and fly right I'm gonna have to have to whip my ass into shape! (If you didn't get that...Your humor bone is probably broke. I will happily reply to your questions however, so.... The next move is yours.

I am Bright, Inquisitive, and confident and a bit of a wise-ass. (Thats what they tell me....the voices in my head...)
What I’m doing with my life
Working! Like all the galley Slaves, (Stroke...Stroke....Stroke). Do we seem to be going in one big circle here? Maybe if some of you jackasses go to the other side of the boat, and row with THOSE oars... we could get on a constant heading.We don't all have to sit on the same side you know! No heading is a course of travel, you are thinking head..thats the latrine on a ship. Why would we all be going to the latrine? Now that you brought that up I have to pee.. No you can't sit at the window seat while I'm gone.

Yes the guy with the drum is giving me headache as well.
No, there's is no Movie, on this trip...Just row will ya? Did you just fart?
I’m really good at
Art, and engineering. Weird combination. I can get as technical and nerdy as the most labcoat shrouded geek you ever want to imagine, and I can turn the page and become totally fluid, and move with nature, capturing images on Paper or canvas, I'm still a geek.
The first things people usually notice about me
Salt and pepper hair, dark eyes and quick smile, but I blend in, and basically go un-noticed (think NINJA-neer). I don't consider myself to be anything special, at least as I see myself when I'm not hiding. I can get lost in a phone booth...( no Ego maniac here) I have been told that I look like someone famous, and actually had several autograph requests the last time I flew out to L.A. No really! Somewhere in CA there is a family with me and their daughter smiling at the LA Airport, and a hastily scribbled signature, which THEY believe has value. I couldn't refuse.. they asked really nice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Adventure! I am currently writing an adventure novel. It's a fun experience by itself. I like action movies (what "Guy" doesn't) Food....yep! seafood is my favorite. Although the occasional steak has been known to wander across my plate and received some severe fork wounds..
The six things I could never do without
Can't think of anything I am THAT attached too. In the end its all material stuff. You have yourself, and thats it. So my health. Thats it thats the complete list!
Everything else is accessories or background noise.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Faith and the people who put absolute and complete trust in it, I often wonder what kind of deity would allow millions to die of starvation, while whole nations are prone to obesity. Why millions of children huddle in the streets homeless, orphaned by disease, and others have private jets, more money than they could ever spend, and spend their time making amature Porn movies that find themselves on you tube (Paris Hilton??) Why people believe that wearing their Faith on their sleeve, makes them somehow morally superior to all they meet, yet the very entity they profess to believe in, appears to have so little compassion to help the truly afflicted. It must be easy to hold the moral high ground, when your well fed, clothed and sheltered, in good health, with a prospect for the future.

What will our future be like. What can we do now to insure that future generations will have a better lifestyle than we do. Flying cars? Hurry up with those, and hopefully they will hover so parking will be a bit easier. Instant food that actually TASTES good! Affordable efficient housing.
What are we doing FOR the planet. We seem to be sucking the life out of it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Bored, but busy. I'm usually thinking about three jobs ahead of what I'm actually doing which may explain why there's wine in my tomato sauce???
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not telling you that!! I hardly know you. (Ok, I'll admit I have a weakness for Red headed women, and expressive laughing eyes They are like Krytomite to Superman, careful here, lets keep that a secret.)
You should message me if
You are a Carbon based life form, (this is a Star Trek reference, for those non geeks) and have a basic understanding of the english language, can operate a computer (At least enough to get the message across)and just want to say hello!!
We'll take it as it comes from there.

Life's too short to sit on the sidelines and WISH for something good to happen. At some point you have to accept some responsibility for your own fate, and go for it.