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My self-summary
Years ago, I underwent the ritual hazing/welcoming ceremony for the state & spent a couple hours at the DMV. I doubled-down; registered my car and got my CA driver's license at the same time. The experience wasn't as bad as I'd feared (ok, still a much worse time-sink than it should have been), and I think I left as friends with half of the staff behind the counter laughing as they said good-bye to me. It was a bit surreal, and I'm honestly not quite sure how that happened, but it might give you some insight into me. (edit: that car has since been stolen & totaled. Not sure when I'll get another)

I am genuinely interested in making the world a better place, and adamant about having fun while I do it.

If pressed, my friends would probably say my most defining quality is a tendency towards non-conventional approaches to problems. But I really don't advise pressing them; they'll make funny noises, and they don't like that. Well, maybe a little - once you get to know them.
What I’m doing with my life
Leveling up.
In everything.

My formal background is in educational psychology (cognition/learning/memory & ed tech), and I did a 6-7yr stint leading ed-tech for a Big10 B-school.

Recently, I did some contract work for a clean energy company down in Fremont to pay the bills (hey, who doesn't love solar?), and spent time working for a company that makes 3D printers. Ultimately, I aim to get back to those notebooks full of world-changing projects that I've been accumulating, and I can't wait to take a stab at one or nine of them.

The current project that eats most of my time is a lamp. Yep, a lamp. But its construction and use is novel, and acts as a metaphor for the coming age of production automation and personalization of everything. I realize that sounds a little vague, and a lot ridiculous.

I would !@#$*@#%* love to hear about your projects.
I’m really good at
Laughing easily & often, stopping the microwave with ~1 second left so you don't have to hear 4 seconds of beeping, changing lanes without running over the reflectors in the road, predicting products 4-6yrs before they hit the shelves, teaching, and remaining unflappable in the most flappable of circumstances.

Sharing cooking space with a partner, giving (sharing?) hugs (voted best in graduating class), playing with hair while alternately pulling just enough, and hand massages.

Ok, so I actually tied for the best hug thing - but only because we voted for each other. Apparently I'm not good at dropping white lies about trivial things on the internet. And that other guy gave amazing hugs.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been getting a lot of Vince Vaughn, Nathan Fillion and Aaron Douglas comments lately. I'll go with it.
If I see somebody interesting on OKC, I have a bad habit of IM-bombing them with a paragraph of text, rather than just typing the same thing into an e-mail.

Sometimes this works perfectly, as the recipient sees it as playful initiative, and the same type of respect for time/immediacy that is given by those who text instead of leaving a voice message.

Others wonder "why the heck is this idiot pounding my IM before sending me a real message? I haven't even acknowledged his existence yet".

I really hope you fall into the first category.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Feel free to skip this, like most sane people:

Food: Thai, Sushi, Indian, Mexican, Italian, insert your favorite "country-an" here (pretty much any food from a nationality that has, at one point or another, been told to do the Humpty Dance). Ceviche, guacamole, bread pudding, fresh beignets, roasted veggies, Jimmy John's #12, really good salads (that's right, I said salad.) Anything you make (or order) for me. Sometimes the night just calls for a delivered pizza & beer while we toss a movie up on the projector.
Movies: The Incredibles, Real Genius, Turk 182, Usual Suspects, Primer, Gattaca, Shawshank Redemption, The Yes Men, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (I was totally surprised by how thoroughly I enjoyed this), Rushmore, The Goonies, Harold and Maude, Galaxy Quest (...what? come on, that was actually good), A Christmas Story. 78.9% of documentaries. I'm really looking forward to seeing Waiting For Superman - want to come with?
TV shows: I haven't had a real TV in over a decade (who has?), but I've still managed to realize how much writers have upped their game in recent years. I often hit the internets to stay up on Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Robot, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Frontline, and even the occasional Shark Tank episode. (It might be worth noting that I'm not anti-TV, just pro-intentionality. I know how dangerous it can be to come home and sit in one position until you fall asleep)
Music:Even though I used to play an instrument, I've really let music slip in my life, & often default to radio (More time is spent listening to NPR than the rest of these combined: pop, classic rock, , soma.fm, KEXP, Pandora). That said, I realize what a strong force it can be, and recognize I need to pull it back into my life. I'm open to suggestions: please school me in what gets you moving, thinking, dancing on tables, - what mellows you out & comforts you - or gets you back on your feet & ready to fight. (so I know when to get ready to duck)
Books: I tend to drift towards books that make me think about the pressures influencing the world. I find that good sci-fi tends to do this quite well (the list of Hugo/Nebula winners is a good place to start) and obviously there's a ton of non-fiction that fits that bill as well (Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, The Uses of Haiti, Wikinomics, stuff by Dan Ariely, Nick Bostrom, Daniel Kahneman, some semi-guilty fondness for Malcolm Gladwell, etc.)
The six things I could never do without
You know, all that trite stuff that everybody else lists here:

hope, health, my family/friends, laughter, & some type of intellectual stimulation.

In a pinch, the last of these can be temporarily exchanged for a simple notebook & pen. Preferably, pen = Pilot V-ball (or V-corn, if in Japan). It is so choice. If you have the means ($2), I highly recommend picking one up.

Edit: after a decade+ of using the V-ball, their declining availability, and my discovery of the retractable, Japanese version of the Zebra Sarasa at Maido, I've switched my default $2 pen. Nobody could be more surprised than me. Any my jeans/sheets are thankful for reduced ink spots. What? nobody else sleeps with uncapped pens in their pockets?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future of humanity, technology's influence on society, the ramifications of marketers & politicians perfecting their understanding of neuroaesthetics.

I'm pretty sure that dark matter is alien AI, hiding from other alien AI.

How to get the most disadvantaged 2 billion people in the world up to speed (education, health care, economic parity.) How to help "our" 2 billion to slow down (contemplating natural resources use, building meaningful community, etc). Apparently, I'll let somebody else think about the other 3 billion.

Deciding which world-changing idea to implement first.

Being present & not wasting what little time is left to all of us.

When I'm going to get back down to Haiti.

The best way to teach the robots how to love before it's too late.

Rebuilding (or maybe just stumbling into) a tribe of friends to help with all of the above.
On a typical Friday night I am
Popp'n bottles in the ice. Like a blizzard.

And by "popp'n" I mean "writing",
and by "bottles in the ice" I mean "business plans"
and by "blizzard" I mean "a heavy snowfall, with white-out conditions"

Back when I had a normal, settled life, weekends usually consisted of having amazing, amazing, omfgIlovethese people, friends over to cook together, share drinks, play games and/or watch a movie - and maybe work on a project or two together (like fixing up somebody's house, guerrilla art installations, or organizing conferences to bring together interesting minds.)

Though I was born here, I couldn't even walk by the time we left, so apparently my typical East Bay night consists of waking up in the middle of the night, peeing, and crying myself back to sleep.

Maybe one day I can work to get back to that point.

For now, I have no plans for typical Friday nights, other than that I'm determined to rebuild an incredible tribe of friends who are fiercely loyal, adventurous, funny, and hell-bent on saving the freak'n world. Who's in?
Drop me a line.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I often make it rain in the shower.
No, no - not like that.

Sometimes I'll collapse exhausted on my bed at night while still fully clothed. I'll eventually wake up at some point in the middle of the night and yank off my uncomfortable clothes - which are somehow inevitably laden with change. Said coins eventually pressure-adhere to my body, remaining undetectable through the night to my sleep-addled mind until I step into the shower. As soon as I step into the hot water, the spray knocks the coins loose, and I'm instantly startled by the clinking rain of metallic dead presidents hitting the porcelain, where they tumble and spin, invariably landing heads up - staring at me in shame, as astonished as I am that this has managed to happen - again.
[This seriously startles the hell out of me every single time]

My record so far is $0.52 (with only one quarter in the mix)

(a couple years after I wrote this, This American Life aired an episode on this phenomenon. It made me feel like a trend setter.)
You should message me if
You think we'd really, really, really enjoy each other's brains - for very long stretches of time. That's the only condition that matters. The rest of the crap below is superfluous.


I'm mostly looking for friends right now - if that's your goal, & we have something in common, awesome - hit me up! Guy, girl, somewhere in between or off to the side? whatever.

If you put "looking: for new friends" in your profile, I'm gonna take that literally.

If l happen to stumble upon love, awesome (I mean, that'd be really frak'n incredible. I'm completely ready to be done dating) - but it's not my immediate concern at this moment.

If we meet up, I'd like to think we could always retreat to the friend thing if we have mutual interests, but not mutual interest in each other.


2+ of the following hold true:

*You unabashedly mentioned something that outs you as being terribly geeky. Ok, maybe you mentioned it a little bashedly. That'd be alright too.
*You have a dog, and won't mind if I play with it like s/he's my own.
*Somebody has told you that your profile is intimidating, but you refuse to dumb it down.
*You feel confident in occasionally taking the lead in showing somebody what you love about this town/world (I promise you won't usually have to take the lead)
*You've read through a few of my responses to the OKC "The Two of Us" questions (sort by explanations), and think you can handle being with somebody who's that corny. All. The. Time.
*You read the coin story and immediately felt compelled to figure out the fewest number of coins that might have fallen.
*You feel comfortable ignoring lame instructions from some random guy on the internet with whom you think you'd otherwise get along.

Seriously, don't over-think this thing. If there was something in this obnoxiously long profile that piqued your interest, drop me a line. I'm happy to just meet & maybe start a few friendships with some kick-a people. No greater expectations needed. When it comes to meeting strangers, the more dance partners we have, the better dancers we'll be.

Random interests to see if that icebreaker algorithm is actually paying attention:
social justice, environmental justice, international development, appropriate technology, geek, EFF, sustainability, thriveability, civil rights, politics, economics, cooking, singularity, collapse, Krugman, giving back, paying forward, hand massages, Haiti, traveling, reddit, NPR, PRI, Radio Lab, This American Life, TWIS, TED Talks, politics, robots, arduino, Wired, TechShop, Noisebridge, maker faire (Apparently the answer is no, as the icebreaker robot no-longer exists. 2011 was a tough year for all of us. I'm keeping this here anyway. I mean, if we start changing our lives every time the robots say we should, where will it end, huh? Where!?)