30 Daly City, CA
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My self-summary
When people say, "I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN" I like to put my hand on their shoulder, look them in the eye, and tell them, "Yes, you can. Just believe in yourself."

I am kind of weird, and I have embraced that about myself.

Also, I recently started shaving my head, and don't have any pictures yet.
What I’m doing with my life
Work: I'm a software engineer for a startup in Redwood City. I am trying not to ruin the Bay Area forever with my tech-ness.

Not-work: I do Brazilian jiujitsu, which is like Crossfit in that I will talk your ears off about Brazilian jiujitsu if you give me the opportunity. Sorry.

Also a certified TurboKickboxing instructor! Albeit one without a class. Unkind people would probably say that I am lacking class in most other areas of my life as well. Anyway, here's a video from my certification class:


(I am the one on the left, and also the only dude.)

What I'm not doing with my life, but apparently everyone else on OkCupid is:

Rock climbing.
Taking pictures of myself at Macchu Picchu.
Petting tigers.
Owning a pet.
Watching Game of Thrones.
I’m really good at
my job. You know when you see ads on Facebook, or on billboards around Silicon Valley, looking for "rockstar engineers!" or "Python gurus!" or "database ninjas!!" or (and I'm not making this up) "coding Jedis!", and you wonder who they're actually referring to? No one. Those terms are useless recruiting blahblahblah, and are 100% meaningless. Not sure what my point was with that, but I'm a pretty awesome engineer and I take pride in that.

I wouldn't say I'm really good at Brazilian jiujitsu, because I train with people every day who are just objectively better than me. But I would say that I'm really good at caring about Brazilian jiujitsu, if that's a thing.

I also wrote this thing on Quora, and over 200 thousand people have read it. Because of it, I'm a Most Viewed Writer (with Capital Letters For Emphasis) in the field of software engineering! So that's kinda cool.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors I am fond of: Isaac Asimov, Brandon Sanderson, Harry Turtledove, Terry Pratchett, JK Rowling, Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, Tamora Pierce, and lots of others.

Movies: I have watched Kung Fu Hustle at least once a year for the last 8 years, and am fairly proud of that fact.

Shows: Currently watching Agents of SHIELD, Brooklyn 99, Bojack Horseman, Silicon Valley. Those last two make me sad, though.

Music: I have two playlists on Spotify that I listen to all the time. One is called "metal ladies" and the other is called "Chinese pop." I'm not ashamed.

Food: If it were possible to be considered a connoisseur of greasy Asian comfort food, I'd be it. Anything soupy and noodle-y gets a thumbs-up from me. I also like Mediterranean food (I make a pretty kick-ass Greek salad - not the one with lettuce, a real one aka horiatiki), big fat juicy burgers, Mexican food, and pretty much anything else. I tend towards casual deliciousness over fancy fare, but I'm not opposed to getting all gussied up for a meal, either.
The six things I could never do without
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Yelp
4. Wikipedia
5. Amazon
6. Stack Overflow
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Economic inconsistencies in star wars. How can there possibly be so many desert planets in a galaxy where every stormtrooper has a standard issue blaster which has the energy of a nuclear reactor inside of it?

Sometimes I also think about normal person things.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing jiujitsu, karaoking with my coworkers, and then devouring an order of fried chicken.
You should message me if
you live every week like it's shark week.
you believe that Berenstein Bears does not have an 'A' in it.

Also, if you know how to get some decent fried zucchini in the Bay area.