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43 F Smyrna, TN

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Jun 24, 2008
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I am currently [having to clear my name from lies from my x husband... I am having to go around and play recordings of him admitting he lied about mental illness accusations and other false accusations against me,] since the cops that spread this smear campaign will not go back and retract their remarks! Appears that I am forced to sue those individuals and have sent tapes of them to the ACLU for all the illegal activity done by those with a badge... Aside from that mess.... Which is being cleared up finally.... As far as things that I actually enjoy---- I am into playing guitar and [recording music digitally], making shakers and drums, [bead making], pottery, art... Love jam bands, old punk, oi bands, black metal, and most of all- long haired men... I ONLY date thin guys with long hair... I like variations on a theme... I prefer guys with an education, well spoken, and that do not dress like a redneck. I am looking for a guy that does not break laws concerning myself and my family such as the federal, state, and local officers that have continued a smear campaign on our family while stalking us with informants pumped with lies about us. Record any and all false accusations, libelous slander, defamation of character, or violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act they have perpetrated so far are as follows, and the Disclosure clause: - Disclosing any personal information about a disabled person to anyone, including officers, informants, and those in the community as this is a right to privacy act. - Disclosing any information about medications a person may be on, or counseling they have received. - Telling any information about symptoms or cause of symptoms a disabled person may or may not have. - Reporting an alleged disability. It is illegal for anyone to accuse an individual

that is disabled of any specific disability, as it may be wrong information. - A disabled person is not to be wire tapped, recorded, nor have pictures taken

as this violates the law.

- No personal information is to be divulged about a disabled person, as the bill as it is a right to privacy act for the disabled. - No false accusations, nor assumptions about ones' character, can be made

against a disabled person as this also violates the law. - No 'symptoms' that a disabled person may, or may not be having, is to ever

be disclosed about a disabled person. - No assumptions can be made about what caused the disabled person to

have the condition that they are afflicted with. - The disabled are to be protected from all forms of humiliation - The disabled are to be protected from harassment - The disabled are to be protected from allegations because of their disease - The disabled are to be protected from all forms of embarrassment - The disabled are to be protected from all forms of slander IT IS ALSO ILLEGAL FOR OFFICERS, OR INFORMANTS, OR PRIVATE CITIZENS, TO RECORD CONVERSATIONS OF ***WHICH THEY ARE NOT INVOLVED IN,*** AND GO OUT AND PLAY THOSE RECORDINGS TO OTHERS. THE INFORMATION, WORDS SPOKEN, LEGALLY BELONGS TO THOSE IN THE CONVERSATION ONLY AND IS THEIR "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY," AND OF COURSE SINCE DISABLED INDIVIDUALS ARE INVOLVED IN THE CONVERSATIONS IT IS ILLEGAL TO WIRE TAP THEM, RECORD THEM, OR PLAY BACK OR TELL ANY INFORMATION THERE IN. (also violating disclosure and Americans With Disabilities Act)

I am outgoing, into humor, and artistic
What I’m doing with my life
into recording music, making hippie clothes and crocheting dread caps- bead making and someday to open a hippie clothing store... and hopefully a small recording studio
I’m really good at
Chasing long haired guys!
The first things people usually notice about me
My clothes, or if my hair is up in wraps...well... my looks...(usually it's not a good kind of noticing me since I live around sooo many rednecks that have never seen a hippie/punk before...)- Not noticing me in a good way... Now that I am in a lawsuit with the red necks with a badge here that had spread so much lies and slander about my family... Well, the rejection from the country folk was going to be bad enough as it was, now with bubba accusing me of criminal stuff that I am not guilty of, it has made them 'noticing' me much worse!!!!!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books- Ayn Rand novels, books by Ed Decker and John Ankerberg and Texe Marrs movies- Old cheech and chong, just joking... hmmm... love Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore" Food- hippie food... Stir fries, hummus and peta bread... Music-everything from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, to oi bands such as Beerzone and the four skins, old punk- The Cramps, Minor Threat, The Circle Jerks, Glen Danzig (where my heart is)
The six things I could never do without
1-long haired guys 2-cd's 3-my computer (audio editing programs and video editing programs) 4-art supplies 5-my guitars 6-of course my daughter which is number 1 -goes without saying
I spend a lot of time thinking about
legal hassle about my divorce and the injustice there-in, lies told about me... And trying to make enough money to hire new lawyers not in the redneck good old boy system, I have had to contact the ACLU... (the 'witch trial' as it became known in the media... where I was faslely accused of withcraft on the stand in a child custody battle, and it was spread to the police dept. where they sent hundreds of informants to all of my jobs/churches/and family which spread the lies, as they themselves spread the lies, ruining my name and my families' names!)... Again, long story, but were in a lawsuit against them...
On a typical Friday night I am
Bored in this small town I've moved to. If I were back home I would be in Nashville out watching bands play, or hanging out with my cronies at the coffee house. I am usually stuck home since if I go out anywhere I am swamped by informants, and they have always so far already been fed lies about my family and I... I don't go out anymore because with the cops breaking laws against my family and I, violating the Americans With Disabilities Act (clauses on wire tapping us, recording us, accusing us of disabilities we don't have, assuming reasons for disabilities, accusing us because of a disability they falsely accused us of to begin with, humiliating us, embarrassing us, accusing us), spreading libelous slander/out and out lies, defamation of our character, and breaking wire tapping laws-(even if it were legal to record or wire tap us, it was never legal for them to take such recordings, or information there in, and divulge information there in... It is our 'intellectual property,' and even more so since we have a right to privacy act according to the disclosure clause, and this is our right to privacy act that states all of the above is illegal in which they have done to us! Every informant they recruited against us with slander, lies, and breaking the laws... All my jobs, churches, friends, and family (caught on tape recordings) that they went to to spread this information is all against the law! They have cost my family jobs, income, friends (new and old), church family, loved ones, dates (they have contacted literally every guy online and in town that I have wanted to date- or even mentioned). They heard us mention names of people via an illegal wire tap and went to those people to spread their smear campaign and recruit them as informants... Eventually this became literally everyone that we knew, and everyone within 4 counties that we didn't know! There is no question after one finds out the 17 years of wire tapping, slander, and lies, and road blocks, and assault of informants coming at us weekly, and yet we've never broken any laws, been overly policed yet squeeky clean, that we are going to SUE THIER BUTTS! They have ruined our names and our lives, stolen all of the above from us and more, yet they have never seen us break the laws! Never! Here is what I had said to one on site about being stalked by informants on this site like others! ----I agree that government informants, and big government violating people's civil liberties and privacy, is now stalking everyone on line. They use it to frame people for what they feel looks bad on one in court. Fortunately I will not let them use this site to frame me for deviant behavior to make me look bad in court, and my family and I NEVER break any laws. My x husband had falsely accused me of things in my divorce, and now had admitted on recordings to lying to officials concerning me (lying about me having mental illnesses that I have never had, and admitting that I have never broken any laws and have been a great parent and that he "lied to get even" with me, all on tapes). However it did not stop the cops from using this forum, along with others to ruin my name to guys on line by recruiting them as informants (caught on tape), and sending guys onto this forum to attempt to set me up... So yes, I do agree that these sites are a haven for the new big government police forces to act like pre Nazi Germany in violating people's civil liberties trying anything they can to get something on someone just to get yet another conviction. Does it make them feel like they are the big guys down at the station to have gotten someone new, by moving in for the kill... The Bible says it is a sin to tempt someone (many scriptures about what a sin that is!) into sinning... Also, the government informants that set Jesus up came to "catch him in his Words," and would have worn a tape recorder if they had had one. The beast system is 'full of eyes,' or informants... There really too many officers, too many detectives, and too many without college educations with a badge. When more than 40 percent of the population has plea bargained, and turned informants, and there are too many cops on the street there is this kind of Nazi over police-ing the nation. Yes we leave a record of our lives on line, and yes they love to use that in court! However, when it comes to law abiding people such as myself, we are tired of being watched, stalked, harassed, accused, and having informants trying to make us look bad so that they themselves can get out of trouble. After years of it my family has more than proven to be squeaky clean, however, they have ruined our names with trying to make us look deviant. We have never broken any laws, and in 15+ years of wire tapping, and years of being tempted by informants to sin/break the laws, we are still law abiding citizens haven never broken any laws and never been arrested! Godliness pays off in overcoming their beast system! We have overcome every single informant tempting us to break laws,or sin, and will always... It's been more than 15 years that we found out that they have wire tapped my family's homes, set up road blocks daily by our homes, and broke in going through our cars and homes, yet they have never seen us break any laws, and never talked us into breaking any laws, and never found anything illegal on our property or in our cars, and we have more than proven were that righteous as citizens/tax payers/voters, and active members of our communities! They may have ruined our names, and for that they will be sued, however, we will not fall for their simpleton schemes to get us to sin/break the laws! They are the ones that broke the laws, Violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act, Illegal Wire tapping due to clauses in such act and also wire tapping laws concerning them not having been 'part of the conversation,' so it is not their 'intellectual property.' Also, they slandered us at all of our jobs, churches, online to guys I met, to all their thug informants, and even to those at the gas stations that my family frequents... We never broke any laws, yet the slander went like a virus from them. It was libelous slander since by telling others we 'might be guilty' of a crime, yet not enough evidence to take out a warrant, and that we have never been convicted in a court room! We have never been charged with any crime at all, never! Now that my x husband is on tape even admitting what he said was lies, they really have NO grounds for their smear campaign they have spread against myself and my family! Not on this site, not to any guys that I've met on this site or others, nor at my job they came into slandering me by recruiting other employees as informants, smearing my name until I was fired, or the churches that I attended where they ruined my name sending in informants and smearing my family's name to the leadership, nor the other places where they broke the laws against my family! Yes, those terds with a badge, that are not qualified to wear that badge, that break all kinds of laws trying to get someone to break the laws are preditors online and on this site!!!!! Love in Christ, don't let them talk you into breaking the laws!

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll have to think about that one since I don't keep anything too secret...Or should I say, if there was any secret the informants and cops breaking wire tapping laws and violating my civil liberties and rights to privacy in the Americans With Disabilities would take it-twist it into a lie- and go out and tell it as if it were the truth... The only secrets about me are what I truthfully have stated, and that will not be heard, only what is heard are those things they twisted my statements into... Therefore the only thing heard about me are lies usually, and few care enough about me to ask what the real Truth is, and take the lies for truth instead as it does not require real thought, real caring, or real interest in me! I know this as I have seen people all over Cleveland, TN and Murfreesboro, TN, whom had lies spread to them by cops and informants, and believed the ridiculous lies on the spot without question! Never did they ask me if it were Truth, not once! It took a lawsuit to get some of it shot down, when the real problem was people willing to believe lies about others, loving to listen to slander ("hearing evil" Proverbs, "slander" Proverbs). There is no private thing that I need to 'admit to,' only those things spread that were literally lies about my private life that I need to clarify information on so that the lies are debunked!
I’m looking for
  • Guys who like girls
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Your a long haired skinny single guy!