28 Norwalk, CA
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My self-summary
I'm a huge goofball and have a lot of depth that I share when I trust someone enough. I admit I can be hard but I'm just an old soul who is careful who I let close to me.

I like learning and self improvement. I'm secretly a huge romantic and I'm usually the one cracking lame jokes. I have a lot of tenderness and cheesiness to give to a special woman. I've matured a lot as a man.

In past relationships I definitely took the leader/masculine role and it was very appreciated. I like more girly girls but with a slight edge to keep up with me. I don't bring it up much but I'm also religious and yes its important to me.

I really like sincere people who especially can be silly and tease. I really value loyalty and integrity. I'd love to meet the girl who compliments what I bring to the table. I'm only interested in dating white girls. I want my kids to look like me and my heritage is important to me.

I'm looking for something real and hoping a good woman comes into my life. I like attractive women with good character and whom I can see building a future together with. I'm not going to chase and play games, I like taking things a bit slow.

Cupid needs to shoot me in the butt already.
What I’m doing with my life
Working 2 jobs.

Graduate from CSULB. Design major. I make all sorts of things and I love working with different software or building things by hand.

Marine veteran.

Church stuff.

Investing money. Looking to invest in property to rent out as a business and passive income.

I’m really good at
-giving advice
-people watching
- attempting to country line dance
-being politically incorrect
-narrowly escaping trouble
-murdering spiders
-"would you rather" questions
-building things
-acting retarded (is it really acting though?)
-backpacking (since I was 10)
-being a shield from scary movies
-finding people with good character
-describing things with gestures and sound effects
-fixing things
-breaking my leg on motorcycles (I'm fine now haha)
-being the best uncle (2 nieces and a nephew)
-playing catch
-shooting/firearm knowledge
-putting my foot in my mouth (figuratively)
-making breakfast
-playing with dogs and speaking to them in a 3 year olds voice
The six things I could never do without
Something to tinker with
Good people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-being an old man and yelling at punk teenagers from my porch with an intimidating cane
-surviving on a deserted island
-evolutionary psychology
-living in a secret bunker
-what happened to America?!
-history (ancient cultures, medieval era, WWII, USA)
-future family, wife, kids etc
On a typical Friday night I am
-out with a few friends
-surfing the web like a bum (be honest you do it too!)
-trying to country dance
-cleaning a rifle more thoroughly than necessary
-noodling on my guitars
-in a tent
You should message me if
You would make a good mother someday.
You can value a good man.
You can communicate your needs and allow me to support you.
You can work with me during the hard times.