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Tests they’ve written

  • The Really Easy German Words Test The Really Easy German Words Test image

    Some German and English words are more alike than you may think. Can you translate these words?

    Taken 2,552 times total. Taken 0 times in the last 24 hours.
    Ranked #4,582 overall. Ranked #40,937 in the last 24 hours.
  • The GR8 txtspeak Test :-) The GR8 txtspeak Test :-) image

    If you email, text, IM, or chat online, you probably use txtspk. But how fluent are you? Part of the Geekery Contest!

    Taken 5,938 times total. Taken 0 times in the last 24 hours.
    Ranked #2,245 overall. Ranked #27,824 in the last 24 hours.

Tests they’ve taken (526)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Sonnet (DGLD) Take it!
The IQ Adventure Test Verbal (140) Take it!
The Politics Test Totalitarian Take it!
The Slut Test 16% slut Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 84 Take it!
The Virgin Game 57% Accuracy (highest: 57, average: 57) Take it!
The Gaydar Test 70% Accuracy (highest: 70, average: 62) Take it!
The Are You Introverted, Or Just Really Awkward Test Congratulations! You're normal! Take it!
The Tri-Variable Personality Test (written by a Clinical Psychotherapist) The Modernist Take it!
The How Bisexual Are You? Test Monosexual Take it!
The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test Tri-Lamb Material Take it!
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test The Scientist Take it!
The Social Orientation Inventory The Taste-Tester Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test ISTJ - The Inspector Take it!
Are you Straight, Gay, Or bi-sexual? TEST! You Are Gay! Take it!
The Left or Right Brain Test Slightly Lefty Take it!
The Stargate Personality Test Maj. Samantha Carter Take it!
The Could you be a Medic/EMT Test Lights and Sirens Take it!
The Which Musician Am I? Test Jack White Take it!
The Fashion Style Test Office Master Take it!
The Porn Star Name Test Lil Miss Suckit Take it!
The Free Boobs test DD-Cup Take it!
The Intellectual Sexiness Test Warm Welcome Take it!
The Your Type of Girl Test The Sorority Girl Take it!
The What Kind of Girl are You Test Girl Next Door Take it!
Which Sexual Act are You? Missionary Take it!
The Ideal Job for Your Personality Test Computer Programmer Take it!
The Horrifying Stereotype Test Jewish Princess Take it!
The Sexuality Spectrum Test Bi/Slightly Gay Take it!
The Test of Worship (What is your Idol?) You worship GLORY. Take it!
The Music Personality Test (Stereotypes.fm) The Independent Rocker Take it!
The Beer Geek vs. Beer Snob Test The Average Guy Take it!
The Agnostic / Atheist / Gnostic / Theist Test Theist Take it!
The Suicide Test The Sunday Driver Take it!
The The Foreplay Factor: 'A' Test More Play Take it!
The Ultimate Sex Appeal For Women Test Somewhat Sexy Take it!
The Personality Disorder Test Schizoid Take it!
The Golden Compass Daemon Test Solitary Trickster Take it!
Are you friend material? (GirlsOnly) We arn't a good BFFs Take it!
The What Does Your Bedroom Say About You? Test The Hobo Take it!
How do you like Classical music? Lover Take it!
Nudist or Prudist Quiz Pervert Take it!
The Hypnosis Test Somewhat high absorption, low RD Take it!
The most accurate MBTI personality test 0 Extroverted, 50 iNtuitive, 30 Feeling and 40 Judging! Take it!
The How Nice Are Your Tits Test va-va-voom! Take it!
The Personality Disorder Test Cyclothymic PD Take it!
The Mental Illness Quiz Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder Take it!
The Where You Should've Been Born Test Japan Take it!
The Perception Personality Image Test HFPS - The Humanitarian Take it!
What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test Extroverted, Progressive, and Intelligent Take it!
The Where in America Do You Belong Test West Coast Take it!
The Freud's 5 Sexual Stages Test Latency stage. You're 7-13 yrs old Take it!
The Facts Everyone Should Know Test Stupid American Take it!
How Much Do You Know About Cancer? Half way to truth!!! Take it!
The Intellectual Curiosity Test The fox Take it!
The Not-so-common Sense Safe Sex Test You are 66% likely to keep your genitals intact. Take it!
The Should you be a Doctor Test 5th Year Resident Take it!
The General Obscure Knowledge Test God Knowledged Take it!
The How Miserable Are You? Test 56% Emotional - 32% Financial - 40% Physical - 40% Outlook Take it!
The Early '90s Song Lyrics Test The Mediocre Lyricist Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Ham Take it!
The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test CHERRY GARCIA! Take it!
The How Difficult Is Your Life Test Easy Take it!
The Color Code Test Color Code: WHITE: The Peace Keeper Take it!
The Game Cheat Test NORMAL Take it!
The Asperger's Syndrome Test Maybe Take it!
The Advanced Modern Music Theory Test Music Professor Take it!
The Healthy Eater Test Hedonist With A Conscience Take it!
The Never Have I Ever Test Princess Take it!
The Famous Phrases Test A Phrase by Any Other Name Take it!
Are You an Ideas Revolutionary? - The Intellectual Self-Defense and Fightback Test Not the Philosopher King ... Not Open to Ideas? Take it!
The Myer's Briggs Physigonomy Test 40% I, 60% E, 0% N, 100% S, 75% F, 25% T, 66% P, 33% J! Take it!
The Which Big Bang Theory character are you Test You are Raj! Take it!
The Seven Life Languages Quiz Contemplator Take it!
The Would You Date A Hot Fat Chick Test Average Joe Take it!
The WILL YOU FINGER YOURSELF grls Test You scored 83 Hornyness! Take it!
The Totally 1990's Test Wow! You Really know the 1990s!!! Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Exotic Lover Take it!
The Manic Depression Test You scored 0 mania, 45 depression, 36 normalcy, and 21 mixed episode! Take it!
The Mutilation Test 58% destructiveness Take it!
EMT Knowledge Test Unknowledgeable Take it!
Lovecraft Multiphasic Personality Inventory (LMPI) Test Milquetoast Take it!
The Kinsey Scale Test Neutral Take it!
The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test 97% pure: Pure as Driven Snow Take it!
The what Proto-Goth Icon are you? Test Wednesday Addams Take it!
The Are You Clinically Psychotic Test Rock Solid: 0 to 12% Take it!
The "What's your Soul Instrument?" Test Celtic Harp Take it!
The Optimal Stimulation Test Satiated Brain Take it!
The Jung Type Death Note Test INTJ Take it!
If You Were to Make a TV Show, What Type of Station Would It Be On? Cable Take it!
What's Your Way of Playing Games? Passionate Loser Take it!
The You think you've got a high IQ Test Gifted Take it!
What kind of geek are you Quiz The smart geek Take it!
The What SHOULD you look like Test The Common Woman Take it!
The Do You Use Twisted Roger Logic Test Normal Take it!
The Literary Character Test Wendy Darling Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You are 35 years old!! Take it!
The What Is Your MPAA Film Rating? Test PG-13 Take it!
Howard Gardner's Eight Types of Intelligence Test Linguistic Take it!
The Almost Completely Definitive Music Buff Test The Walking MP3 Take it!
The Band Logo Test The Rookie Take it!
What Should You Listen To Next? Test RADIOHEAD Take it!
The Really Really Massive Music Trivia Test The Knave of Music Trivia Take it!
Choose Your Lyrics Test The Scientific Dreamer Take it!
The Dirty Mind Test The Pure of Mind Take it!
The Closet Stargate SG-1 Nerd Test. You Geek. Whoa Take it!
The Drug Knowledge Test Substance Expert Take it!
The Best Thing About You Test Honesty Take it!
Brain Hemisphere Dominance Test The Balanced Mind who Values Logic Take it!
The Famous (and Not So Famous) Art Quiz Art History Major Take it!
What Winter Holiday Fits You Best? Christmas Take it!
The 3-Variable Purity Test PURITY: 86% sex, 70% substance, 83% moral [81% total] Take it!
The Understand Stuff Around You Test Excellent! Take it!
The Academically Hardcore Test Mediumcore Take it!
The Definitions Test Word Demon! Take it!
The Director Who Films Your Life Test Edward D. Wood, Jr. Take it!
The Useful Relationship Skills Test Love Guru Take it!
The Socionics Personality Test ISFP - The Composer, Producer Take it!
The Differential Loneliness Test rFcs Take it!
The History of World Art Test C - Good Take it!
What Movie Friend Are You? The Comedy Movie Friend Take it!
The House, MD Personality Test Dr. Gregory House Take it!
The Short, But Effective, Friendship Test The Everyday Friend Take it!
The Movie Stills Skills Test 50% Movie Knowledge! Take it!
What color would your lightsaber be? Blue Beam Take it!
The Are You a Psychopath? Test The Healthy Mind Take it!
The Fruit Test Ordinary Fruit Fan Take it!
Your Hair Color Personality Test You have Brown hair! Take it!
Test yourself: What is your Control Drama? Aloof - medium tendencies Take it!
Test yourself: What alignment are you? Lawful Neutral Take it!
The Tolerance Level Test Normal Take it!
The (Mostly) Extensive Music Knowledge Test The Average Joe Take it!
The Shampoo Commercial Suitability Test Quality Coiffure Take it!
The How Deprived of a Childhood Were You Test (EASY) Your Inner Child Scored 63% Take it!
The Self Esteem Test Low self esteem Take it!
The suicide Test already dead Take it!
The What is your mental disease Test You scored 16 Schizophreny, 5 Bipolarism, 35 Hysteria, and 26 Neurosis! Take it!
The Have you a Driving, Killing or Suicide License "v0.1" Test Boring Dumbass Take it!
The Suicide Test Suicidal Take it!
The Do You Listen or Just Hear Test You scored 63% Listening, 36% Hearing Take it!
The boredom Test Annoying Take it!
The Are You Emotionally Hot or Cold? Test Withdrawn Take it!
The Official Myers-Briggs Personality Test ISTJ Take it!
How similar are you to Michael Phelps? Very much like Michael Phelps Take it!
The NJROTC PRT Standards Fitness contest test with a long name and insulting results test. Average Take it!
The Sports I Like Test The Extreme Sports Take it!
Hey, ya wanna live forever? test The Fear Factor (am I good enough?) Take it!
The what kind of yoga is for you quiz 33% Hatha! Take it!
The What Type of Sport Defines You Test The Passive Soloist Take it!
Your Fitness/fatness IQ Test The Super Star Take it!
Body Type test (based on daily routine) The Fit One Take it!
The Amazing Experimental Physical Personality Test Arm-dominated Take it!
Criminal Mastermind or Lacky Quiz The Snake Charmer Take it!
Could you commit this crime quiz? Gods Child Take it!
Your Life of Crime Quiz The Lawyer Take it!
The End-all Crime Test Crime is for SQUARES! Take it!
The Visual Challenges, Can You Pass This Test You passed, well done! 77% of the Visual Challenges Solved! Take it!
The What Fashion No-No Are You? Test Body Mod Overload! Take it!
The Fashion Icon or Fashion Freak Test The FFF - Fashion Friendly Figure Take it!
What Circus Performer would you be? Bearded Lady! Take it!
The Imaginary-Job Employment Test The Elf! Take it!
Freaky But True Test 50% Freaky_Radar! Take it!
The Narcissistic Personality Inventory Your Narcissism Score is 4! Take it!
The Are You Freak And Proud Of It - Test! You are The Normal Dude Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Machinegun Take it!
~ your shape ~ the full/round shape, 'shape O' Take it!
Which Season Colours Emphasize Your Beauty? Pictures Test Summer Take it!
The Things You Learned In School, But Probably Forgot Test 80% Brain Cells Left! Take it!
The Do YOU Know Christianity Test You scored 86 Salvation Smart, 100 Culture Values, 100 Who Christ Is, and 100 Random Facts! Take it!
The Lying Style Test Cautious Style Liar Take it!
What's Your Designer Style? Test Donna Karan Take it!
The Are You Stylish and Tasteful Test The Trendy Diva Take it!
Choose the Healthiest Option Food Quiz Homer Simpson Take it!
The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook Exam. The Master Cook! Take it!
The Which Music Genre Has the Best Looking Females? TEST (With Pictures) Metal Take it!
The 2008 Canadian Election test Conservative Take it!
The 'Find out which candidate you should vote for' test Barack Obama Take it!
The Presidential Capacity Test Religious Adviser to the President Take it!
What's your indie/alternative album of the year? (2008 edition) WTF? Take it!
The 'Am I a CRAZY bitch' test The complete sweetheart Take it!
The High Fidelity Playlist of Love The Rocker Take it!
Test Your Ideal Role in a Rock Band Bass Player Take it!
The Music Snob Test Part II 40 percent Music Snob! Take it!
Were you paying attention in grade school music? TEST 66% Music Knowledge! Take it!
Fall Out Boy Challenge FOB Hardcore Fan Take it!
The TOTALLY NEW Recognize a Musician! (Image-based) Test 13 correct! Take it!
The ridiculously easy music word knowledge test Super Duper Genius Take it!
The Lucid Dreaming Test Every journey... Take it!
What Kind of Musician Should You Marry Test Opera Singer Take it!
The color of your politics test You are Blue! Take it!
The Really Easy German Words Test You could pass as 96% German! Take it!
The how cultured are you test? Cultured! Take it!
The way you deal with reality and your role in life quiz Tom Cruise Poser Take it!
The Companion Animal Empathy test The Super Pure One Take it!
What Kind of Kid were You Test Wednesday (the Addams Family) Take it!
Past Experiences Test You need to get out! Take it!
The purity test for normal people Angel Take it!
Are you ready for a relationship? The Romantic Take it!
The Geek-Fest geek test! 51% geek! Take it!
Thief Quiz Heist Artist Take it!
How extremely messed up were your parents in raising you? TEST 8% instability, 12% abused, 2% spoiled. Take it!
What West Germanic language are you? You are the English language! Take it!
The Scrubs personality Test. Dr. Cox Take it!
Reincarnation Placement Exam Reclusive Artist Take it!
How astute are you? Fast-witted Fox Take it!
True Age Test You are 36 years-old! Take it!
The Empathy Test The Average Joe Take it!
The Are You a Threat to National Security? Test The Minor Threat Take it!
The Alternative Job For You Test The Rock Star Take it!
The How Long Could You Run From The Law Test Caught on Day 1 Take it!
The Personal Outlook on Life Test Creepy Take it!
The GR8 txtspeak Test :-) Txtspk GNS! Take it!
The Applicable Psychiatrist Test Expert! Take it!
The Depressed Test Hippster-way too coo Take it!
The Mental Illness Awareness Test Good Intentioned Take it!
The Do you have Depression Test Depressed Take it!
The Could You Become Psychotic Test Low Risk Take it!
The Genuine Depression Test Severe depression Take it!
The Burn's Depression Test You scored 53 variable 1! Take it!
The What Kind of College Professor Would You Be Test Mr. Kotter Take it!
The Medical Knowledge Test Medical Basis Take it!
The Clinical Depression Test Depressed ??? Take it!
The Existential Depression Test Don't Panic! Take it!
The OCD discovery test Mild Take it!
The Absolute Language Test Just You Wait, 'Enry 'Iggins! Take it!
The Introvert or Extrovert Test The Painter Take it!
The Introvert/Extrovert Test Introvert Extrovert Take it!
The Brain Personality Test Intellectual! Take it!
The AS SEEN ON TV Personality Test Ron Popeil Take it!
The Canadian Test Member of Parliament Take it!
The Ultimate Vocab Test The Guru Take it!
The Myers-Briggs Physiognomy, or Personality-by-Facial-Features Test INFP Take it!
The How "Green" Are You Test You scored 75% Earthliness! Take it!
The Cluster A Personality Disorder Test Schizoid Take it!
The Well Rounded Geek Quiz The Tinkerer Take it!
The Ability to Read Emotions(Eyes) Test You're right 70% of the time when it comes to deciphering emotions Take it!
The Five Love Languages Test Words of Affirmation Take it!
The Sketchy Adventurer Test Sheltered Suburbanite! Take it!
What Cupcake flavour are you? quiz Mocha Cupcake Take it!
The Negativity Test NEGATIVE Take it!
The Which Book Next? Quiz Robert Rankin Take it!
The Basic ASL Test Chatter Box Take it!
The General English Knowledge Test The good student Take it!
The "So, you think that you know music, huh?" Test The Rookie Take it!
Can you understand sign language? Testing! The Smelly Kid Take it!
The Gibberish Fluency Test Obviously You Studied Gibberish in School... Take it!
"Name that Color" Test Good at Colors Take it!
The How Funny Are You, Really? Test MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Take it!
The Definitive Etymology Test Dabbler Take it!
The Ego Test Almost Ego Free Take it!
The Alcohol Knowledge Test Beer Take it!
The Passion Fruit Test The Peach Take it!
The Word Origin Test Sophomore Take it!
The What's Your Philosophy? Test Spiritualist Take it!
The Basic German Test You scored 100 in German-ness! Take it!
The North American Trivia Test pretty good Take it!
The How OCD Are You? Test Just Crazy Enough To Succeed Take it!
The Darkness Scale Just another normal person. Take it!
The Extreme Music Theory Test Congratulations! You scored ###%! Take it!
The Multiple Intelligences Test Predominantly Musical Take it!
The How Stupid is Your Dog Test Smart Dog! Take it!
The 9-Variable Humor Intelligence Test Politically Amused Take it!
Left/Right Brain Dominance Test Left Brain Dominant Take it!
The Reactive-Dogmatic Personality Inventory Gamma Take it!
The Fabulously Fantastic Neuroanatomy Test Neuro-nerd Take it!
The Artist IQ Exam Your scores Take it!
Id, ego or superego test Pretty much balanced. Take it!
The Brain Damage Test Temporal Lobe Take it!
The Motivation and Motives Test Mildly motivated Take it!
Quiz for Expanding Musical Horizons The Rocker Take it!
The Understanding The Natural World Test Educated Take it!
The Normal Women's Size in US Test The following percentages are whether you consider the average woman in America fat! 60%Fat Take it!
Right or Left Brained Quiz The very Balanced Brain Take it!
The Welcome to your FUNERAL Test 19 Funeral Attendees Take it!
Could You Win The National Spelling Bee Test National Spelling Bee Champion Take it!
The Slacker Test 15% Slack Take it!
The Are You Suicidal Test 75 self-worth Take it!
The Are you suicidal? Test 68 Guts Take it!
The Purity Test 14 % Purity - Very Pure Take it!
The Uncommonly Thorough Drug Test 23 Drug Experience, 32 Drug Enthusiasm Take it!
The BIG O Test 60 %The O Factor Take it!
The Sex and love scenarios Test 60 outgoingness Take it!
The What Is Your Orgasm Face? Test The Happy Dreamy Take it!
The Could You Have An ED Test 36 ED propensity Take it!
The Naked Test 4% Nakedness - Prude Take it!
The *****Who's dying first ****** Test - You died first. Ha!- 61 Bad Death Poi Take it!
The Sexual Style (For Women) Test 32/48 - The Dirty Submissive Take it!
The What arouses you (For Women) Test The Loving Dreamer - 45/43/55/40 Take it!
The Would Tigger Destroy You? Test 26 Destructibility Take it!
The Another Music Lyric Test Test 41 % music - Music Fan Take it!
The Lookalikes VS Real Celebs Test You spotted 5 evil lookalikees! Take it!
The Canadian Provincial Capitals Test 92% - The next Gretzky! Take it!
The What is Your Type Cast? Test Good Lookin' Take it!
The Autistic Subtype Test 31 Autism, 83 Asperger, 32 Rett, 37 Take it!
The Effective Are You Bipolar Test 55%/42% - Bipolar Take it!
The Are You Bipolar? Test 44% - Cloudy Day Take it!
The Coke vs. Pepsi Test Pepsi Take it!
The r U smarter than a 5th grader Test 90 Smartness Take it!
The Are you a Morning Person Test Sleepyhead Take it!
The ER Knowledge Test 89 ER Knowledge Take it!
The How Lonely Are You Test 43 Lonliness Take it!
The Does Age Matter? Test Does age matter? My Age Bias is 50%. Wha Take it!
The How Redneck are You Test 14% Redneck Take it!
The Externalist/Internalist Test 36% Externalist/Internalist Take it!
The What will I reincarnate as? Test 47% Sentience, 50% Humanity - Alligator Take it!
The your ideal beauty Test 30% classic beauty, 40% charming beauty, Take it!
The Your Exhibitionist/Voyeur lvl Test 23% Exhibitionist, 54% Voyeur Take it!
The How Well Do You Know Your Porn Test 36% - Porn Puritan Take it!
The Ass vs. Pussy Test 8% Ass, 33% Pussy,0%Disgusting,58%Both Take it!
The True Nature of Self (Women) Test 48 Open-Mindedness, 44 Sexual Comfort, 4 Take it!
The Should You Be Put to Sleep Test 48% - Borderline Take it!
The what kind of pussy are you Test 64% vaginality - RAW Take it!
The Real Breasts/Fake Breasts Test 15 of 20 boobs Take it!
The True Beer Appreciation Test 75 Beer Knowledge, 48 Taste in beer Take it!
The Greatest Way to Die Test 45 Skulls Take it!
The What firearm are you? Test The EM2 Take it!
The Feminism Test Housewife Take it!
The Multiple-Choice Voigt-Kampff Test 65 human, 39 replicant Take it!
The Do You Know Your DSM-IV? Test 57% DSM-IV knowledge Take it!
The Fundamentalist Christian Test Modern Christian Take it!
The what store in the mall are you Test Macy's Take it!
The emo Test 57% - semi emo Take it!
The Neurotic Test Well-Adjusted Take it!
The Which book are you? Test 54% Great Book Take it!
The Girl's Test 55 Manliness Take it!
The Cognitive Neuroscience Test 50 brain knowledge Take it!
The Hygiene Test Healthy clean: 66% hygienic Take it!
The Write your own theme music Test 47% bad-assitude, 61% rhythm - 80's rock Take it!
The do you belong here Test 105 - The Caretaker Take it!
The What Muffin Are You Test 46 quirkiness Take it!
The what star trek charactor are u Test 59% - tuvok Take it!
The Christian faith Test 0% degree of doubt Take it!
The How Much Will I Hate You Test 18 fuckwitness Take it!
The Mental Disorder Test 46 variable 1 Take it!
The How Much Are You Like Jesus Test Pseudo Jesus (33 Jesusness) Take it!
The am I a Lesbian? Test 82 Take it!
The What Kind of Cereal are You Test 21 Likeablity - Smacks Take it!
The Ho for the Holidays Test I'm 36 Ho for the Holidays Take it!
The As Seen by Intelligent People Test Pseudo-Dandy Take it!
The Is your Family Dysfunctional Test Your such a norm! Take it!
The Brutally Honest Personality Test Borefest - ISTJ Take it!
The Plato's Happiness Test 5 - Rollercoaster Take it!
The Fat or Pregnant Test 87 % good at guessing fat or pregnant Take it!
The Are You Cookin on All Burners Test 66 range Take it!
The Are You A Pathetic Loser Test 15 conceit level, 14 intelligence Take it!
The what country do you belong in Test USA Take it!
The When Will FOX Cancel You? Test 3 Episodes Take it!
The Will I Regret Knowing You Test 61 Likes, YYY Other Stuff Take it!
The What Kind of Chair are You??? Test Comfy Couch Take it!
The Wealth Test 65% Money Smart Take it!
The How Many Words do You Know Test 110 - 37962 words Take it!
The PERFECT PET for ME Test 126 Dog, 88 Cat, 73 ExoticSmall, 69 Rept Take it!
The Can You Win the World Cup? Test QUARTER-FINALS Take it!
The which chocolate are you? Test 55%sweet like chocolate. Take it!
The 100 Question Parody Test 92 Purity, 6 Deviance, 0 Just Having Fun Take it!
The Elemental Balance Test Gust Take it!
The REAL how Asian are you Test 47% asian "Not Asian" Take it!
The How Submissive Are You? Test 0 submissiveness Take it!
The Cashier's Worst Nightmare Test Employee's Dream Take it!
The Honour Level Test 82 % honourable Take it!
The Meet My Low Expectations Test Soul Mate Take it!
The Judge the Book By Its Cover Test 9 Psychic Prowess Take it!
The do you have the warren gene? Test 13 assholeness, 14 idiocy Take it!
The Know Thyself? Test 82 Self-Knowledge Take it!
The Are You Sufficently Corrupted? Test 6% corrupt Take it!
The Want To See My Breasts? Test 45% Breast Worthy Take it!
The HOLY Test 74% - Follower of the Word Take it!
The massage therapy Test 100 Knowledge Take it!
The Who are You? Test Bitter Intellectual Take it!
The How homicidal are you? Test 41 insanity Take it!
The Are You Going To Be Famous Test 134 overall, 70 attitude, 70 confidence Take it!
The What is your comedy style Test Intelligent humor Take it!
The The Nudest Test Test 24% Take it!
The What'll u do for Klondike Bar Test A gift from above? Take it!
The Are You a Closet Freak? Test 47% - Don't Be Alarmed.... Take it!
The Hitchhiker's Guide Personality Test "Arthur Dent" Take it!
The Sexual Cluedo for Girls Test 27% - Squeemish Take it!
The who the hell am I, really? Test The Mother Take it!
The White and Nerdy Test 61% White nerdiness Take it!
The Should You Really Have Kids? Test 40 % Parent Material Take it!
The Sarcasm Test 58 Sarcasm, 21 Offended Take it!
The Sexual Purity for Virgins Test 47/54 Pure - The Pure One Take it!
The N. G. Syndrome Test Jerk Take it!
The Altered Consciousness Test 26% Altered - The Tree Take it!
The What Car Fits You Best Test 55/64/69/49 - Sedan Take it!
The Should You be a Virgin Test 82/86/87/23 - No Sex Drive Take it!
The Sexual Experimentation Test Innocent Angel 0% Exp, 21% Adv, 21% Kink Take it!
The masterbation style Test 106 quickie, YYY pleasurable, ZZZ passio Take it!
The Intelligence and Consciousness Test 40% Intelligence, 48% Implicate aware Take it!
The Used-less Facts Test 1 correct Take it!
The How Important Are Looks/Appearance to You Test The Preferrer: 65% non-critical Take it!
The How Emotionaly Stable Are You Test 21 paranioa, 42 openness, 75 self awaren Take it!
The Would You Make a Good Punk Test 54 punkiness Take it!
The Which Rammstein Song Are You Test 211 variable 1 Take it!
The *REAL* English Writing Test 53% -- D for Darn Nice Try Take it!
The Alcohol and You! Test The Social Drinker Take it!
The Classical Composer Trivia Test 61% Trivial Info - Johannes Brahms Take it!
The Music Theory Test 100% musical Take it!
The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test The Question mark Take it!
The What U2 song ARE YOU? Test NONE! STUPID!! Take it!
The How Shallow Are You Test 66 Shallowness Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Emo Kid Take it!
The Evil Genius Recluse Love Test 75% evil geniusness, 74% reclusiveness Take it!
The Are The "One" Girl For Me Test 94% Compatible With D. Herald Take it!
The Fisticuffs Psychology Test Underdogger - 45 % Aggression, 59 % Cunn Take it!
The famous boobs for experts Test Congratiolations 76% Take it!
The Rate my Cock Test 10 Cockiness Take it!
The Could You Love a Bipolar Test 71% BPCompatible - Yes, but.... Take it!
The Which Movie Character Are You Test Harry Potter Take it!
The what kind of hippie are you Test Not a hippie! Take it!
The Brain Impedance Test Meta-emotional block Take it!
The How Christian Are You Test 86 Christian Take it!
The Is Thin REALLY Attractive? Test 30% Overweight, 90% Underweight, 20% Ema Take it!
The Computer Genius Test 18 - The Computer Lackie Take it!
The Whose Line Is It Anyway Test 100 points Take it!
The what sort of drunk are you Test 70 happy drunk Take it!
The Ultimate Stargate Test 77% Take it!
The Sexual Frustration Test -1 - Pet Fucker! Take it!
The 10 Tricky Anagram Puzzles Test 8 Correct, 2 Incorrect Take it!
The American Common Sense IQ Test 64% CSIQ - Intelligent Take it!
The Starbucks Customer Test 7% Obnoxious Starbucks Customer Take it!
The Which Viking Woman Are You? Test Karl's Wife Take it!
The Knowledge vs. Intellect Test 5/9 Polymath Take it!
The Stuiped ways to die Test 28 Stuipedness Take it!
The Philosophy of Mind Test 45% nihilist, 20% monist, 10% dualist, 2 Take it!
The How White Are You Test I am 65% White Take it!
The Sense of Humor Test 73% - Unfunny Uncle Take it!
The How Easily Can I Be Hypnotized Test Very Easily: 70%, Assistant: 100% Take it!
The Death by Darwin Test 8 Deadski Points Take it!
The Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass? Test 50% - Alto-native Take it!
The Music! Music! Music! Test 33 variable 1 Take it!
The Underwear Personality Test The High Rise Brief Take it!
The Homicidal Maniac Test The Bystander Take it!
What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be? The Serious Actor Take it!
The Super Mario Personality Test 60% Mariousness, 70% Koopishness - Toad Take it!
The Intellectual Snob Test 36% - The Dabbler Take it!
The classical music theory Test 42 theory Take it!
The You're an Animal! Test Walrus Take it!
The Misnomer Test 18 Etymology Sense, 32 Reasoning, 40 Clo Take it!
The Religiosity Test Loony Layman Take it!
The Am I Paranoid Test 44% - Sneaky Weasel Take it!
The Ink Blot Test You are 33% Insane Take it!
The movie quotes Test 51% Take it!
The Are You a Foodie Test 61/61/53 - Iron Chef Take it!
The Star Trek: Voyager Test 40% - Cadet Take it!
The Which Insane person are you? Test 60 Insanity, 780 Intellegence, 65 Hate Take it!
The Personal Philosophical Profile Test 81 Gen knowledge, 81 Logic, 44 Creative/ Take it!
The Really QUICK Reassuringly EASY Test Freakin Genius! Take it!
The Fair and Balanced Driving Test 50% driving skill Take it!
The Big City Test Patient,but Pathetic Take it!
The Next Ex-girlfriend Test 72 Awsomeness Take it!
The Why Do People Hate You? Test Anal asshole. Take it!
The Phonetic Alphabet Test 71 Phonetics Take it!
The Percussion Knowledge Test 61% - On the line Take it!
The Existential Loneliness Test 14/50/36/41 - Alienated Optimist Take it!
The Your county to your face+body Test 40 Mediteran EU, 20 Eastern Europe, 40 N Take it!
The Blues Brothers Test 45 % Blues brother freak Take it!
The Are You A Not-People Gurl?!!?1 Test 6 fabness Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test ESTP- The Promoter Take it!
The How Greek you Are Test 61 Greek - Wanna be Greek Take it!
The Which Superhero/Savior Are You Test 76 Hero Points Wolverine Take it!
The Which Computer Part are you? Test 47% Process, 42% Speed, 43% Graphics Take it!
The Ultimate Canadian Test 90 Canada speak, 76 Canadianess Take it!
The What Kind of Brain Are You Test 18 Right-Brain, 36 Left-Brain, 54 Dual-T Take it!
The Student Dream Aptitude Test 21% - You Suck Take it!
The How Weird Are You Test 27% - Mr Normal Take it!
The IDIOT Test 26% - Major Bum-hurt Take it!
The Beautiful Faces Test Alyssa Milano Take it!
The What's Your Soda Personality Test 70% Sweetness, 30% Caffeination - You're Take it!
The Are You Artistic? Test Albert Einstein Take it!
The Colorblindness Test 100 Color Vision, 100 Seriousness Take it!
The Music Lyrics Intelligence Test 59 Smarts Take it!
The Song Lyric Test 50 music knowledge Take it!
The Knowledge of Musicals Test 70% Plot Familiarity, 40% Character Fami Take it!
The Which Fast Food Joint Are You? Test I'm a Arby's. I bet you won't/didn't/are Take it!
The cs student Test 47% cs-student Take it!
The Life Test 56% Intuitive, 72% sentient, 46% Astrona Take it!
The D20 Mental Attributes Test 17 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, 12 Charisma Take it!
The Should We? Test 49 bonus points Take it!
The Am I above average test Test 20 Above Average Take it!
The college party beer drinking Test 40% beer knowledge Take it!
The What drug are you? Test 52 %Weed, 33% Shrooms, 48% Speed, 12% Lo Take it!
The Shape Test 56 WhichShapeRU - The Parallelogram Take it!
The Secret Agent Test 66% - Licensed to Kill* Take it!
The How Bad of a Geek Are You Test 30 Geek-o-meter Take it!
The would we get along? Test 65% Julia-Likeability! Take it!
The Consumer Whore Test 31 - Satisficer Take it!
The Cartoon Alter-Ego Test Hermes Take it!
The Damn Near Impossible Test Frustrated Take it!
The How well do you know the Bible Test 67 % Bible Smart Take it!
The Diction Test 53% sensitive to fine shades of meaning Take it!
The What's Your League? Test The Hot League Take it!
The Booze-type Test 59% sophistipoints : "Social Drinker" Take it!
The Should I Kidnap/Marry You Test 15 geekiness, 50 music taste, 6 politics Take it!
The How Cool of a Chick are you Test 56% - Lame chick Take it!
The do-you-like-cheeseburgers Test Wannabe-communist Take it!
The how Scottish are you Test 30% - Irishman Take it!
The What Western Language Are You? Test 41 Restraint, 59 Eloquence, 50 Love Take it!
The are you the girl for me Test 52 compatability Take it!
The VERY Basic Math Test 13 - I AM STUPID Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test English Genius Take it!
The should you be certified Test 41 Crazy, 50 Paranoid, 36 psycopath Take it!
The Should You Call Tech Support? Test Maybe Take it!
The stupid and usless Test 34% random, 55% stupid, 42% super crazy Take it!
The Sarcasm Test 56% Sarcastic - The Wing Man Take it!
The Sneaky Ninja Test 40? Sneakyninjaness Take it!
The Jedi or Sith Test -3 Force Take it!
The Easy Spelling Test 100% Correct - Pass! Take it!
The Comprehensive Star Wars Test A Senator - 39 Force Sensitive, 50 Dark Take it!
The Murder-Weapon of Choice Test Hired Assassin Take it!
The Well Rounded Musician Test 65 rounded-ness Take it!
The Are You Punk Test 40% punk Take it!
The Trekkie Test Trekkie Appreciator Take it!
The what should I do? Test 80 logical, 20 odd - lawyer Take it!
The Can You Cook for a Crowd? Test 60 efficiency, 78 quality - The Natural Take it!
The Latin sayings Test 70 Knowledge Take it!
The Which X-Man Are You Test 155 - JEAN GREY!!! Take it!
The What kind of musician are you Test 76 Musicianship Take it!
The Social Category Test 41 Extroversion, 35 Individuality, 64 St Take it!