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28 M Chandler, AZ

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May 10, 2011
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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
When using words to describe yourself in the "Three Adjectives (that describe you)" section while editing your profile, if one were to enter "loving" or "caring", OkCupid then displays the following message: "Your ... adjective is either empty or unoriginal, please correct the word". (Or, at least, this was so last time I checked.) My response: Correct the word?? Though I believe "loving" is a perfectly legit adjective. Anyway, I outfoxed them by merely typing an asterisk before the word. HAH! =)

About me:
-I write a lot; I'm not as serious as I sound when I write, that is, if you do think I sound too serious... (because I like to LOL... often), though I am, like many people, often a little more shy in person for awhile.

-I would like to someday marry a self-respecting woman who nevertheless impresses me more than she is impressed with herself.

-I appreciate a little dose of reasonable optimism in any person I communicate with. There is much to complain about in the world, and sometimes constructive complaining can be engaging, but then sometimes it is nice to have a break from whining.

-As more of an introvert, great conversation with good company is, to me, far more enjoyable than most other sorts of entertainment. I typically enjoy hearing people share with me about themselves, or just conversing in general about life: perhaps over a spot of tea (HAH); although I also enjoy iced coffee. Good heaven, am I really that boring? ;)


-I am interested in publishing literature on natural theology: more specifically epistemology; evolutionary biology; and Christian and humanist ethics.

-I used to play the drums (in my teenage years) from '98-'04 and I thought I wanted to be a musician for life. Danny Carey [tool] was my greatest inspiration (and still is my favorite drummer), but my interests gradually shifted (plus, I would like to be amazingly amazing in my career of choice... Danny Carey has already staked his claim in the drums/percussion genre). Josh Freese [The Vandals; a perfect circle] is an awesome drummer as well

-I find mechanical engineering with CAD, regarding the design of fuel efficient turbofan aircraft engines to be very fascinating, and I've had many interests along the way; but I think I've really decided in part that philosophy of religion and philosophy of science are where my heart is at.


-I like to help people when they ask me (and I appreciate when they ask me :])

-I'm a forg*ver; If I do have a grudge against any person, it won't last. (Of course, I should mention that I don't consider being discontented with arrogant person's behavior as being a grudge against the person. I am very much capable of hating a behavior someone habitually chooses without hating the person; in fact, that is a vital distinction.) Forgiveness, in any case, doesn't necessarily entail a full regaining of trust; though, I'm still pretty trusting. Also, when I'm truly wrong, I'm typically quick to admit it... or you might have to let me know.

-Simple respect is important to me. Though, of course, I cannot guarantee that my understanding of respect is identical to that of another.

-I'm a passionate person in anything that I enjoy.

-Hey, I'm not "cocky" as OkCupid says I am; I'm just confident regarding some things; and I wasn't always so. Also, I'm not terribly disinterested in sexuality as OkCupid seems to suggest, either. I'm human, too: just tentatively reserved. On that note: Promiscuity doesn't impress me, and, in fact, I find it to be an enormous turnoff as far as my interest in the person romantically is concerned.


-No offense, but I'd personally rather not date a mom, though I don't mind conversation with one that doesn't involve her flirting with me. :P If you are a mother, I commend you for not putting your child to death via induced abortion: you're courageous, and not all women are as brave as you. Some women are selfish, but you are selfless as you have a much higher appreciation for love and life.

(Hmm, I also have a profile on facebook.)

*I can be quirky in my writing; I'm not as serious as I sound (I like to laugh... often); I'm a little more shy in person for awhile* (and yea, sometimes I get tired of hearing myself think :)

-If/when I message you... I knooow that I'm random sometimes; there's no need to let me know... yea

-I don't agree with everything I've ever said and done, and there's more to be had in my life that I probably won't agree with either.

-The view on dating that I have is this..... A person and I must become really good friends, first, that can withstand the test of time before even considering any jazzy romance... If two people can't be best of male/female friends, what would posses them to think that being 'more than friends' would ever succeed, or better yet, be wise? With a few unlikely exceptions, it truly never has and never will. I think some people never will learn that. And I like to talk to people within around 10yrs. of myself, but I wouldn't date someone say more than a few yrs. older, and I'd rather go younger (the Brahmen problem). But I'm not sure I plan to meet people from here... idk, maybe.

-Promiscuity doesn't impress me, infact it's a huge turnoff. I have a sex-drive like anyone else, but sex is just not something I have to have right now, if you know what I mean.

-A lot of pop culture influnced things bore me, like parties and such, though not all... but probably most.)

-I am no atheist, and I don't believe in monkeys, thank you. Science, though awesome, is only a mere study of God's creation. When you seek to put finite knowledge to something as infinite as God, you'll never quite understand... God doesn't abide by the rules of science, science abides by God. My faith, rather, is sexy. And I think it's really cute when people mention their religion (or their mommy and daddy's religion), and then say that they're "laughing about it" or "not too serious about it"... please, either you have faith in something or you don't (but I'll love you anyway :), and of course, if you're agnostic and don't know what it is that you believe in, then never you mind this comment all together, lol) Although, religion itself is just a bunch of rituals plus a basic faith. I'm more into the faith and attractive morals.

-Love doesn't hurt; it is beautiful. Besides a few bumps in the road... Longing for a reciprocal love that isn't actually there... that is the hurt most people are likely referring to.

-Kids, don't lie to me and say your piercings and tattoos didn't hurt ...they hurt like a bitch and you know it. Belly button piercings... they're pretty gay; take it out. lol

-My Favorite male voice in the rock music industry is the legendary voice of... "Maynard James Keenan" of: [tool]; [a perfect circle]. (though I'm sure the audio engineering helps a bit too ;)...)

-My Favorite female voice in the music industry is the lovely voice of... "Amy Lee" of: [Evanescence].

-I used to play the drums (as a teen) from '98-'04 and I thought I wanted to be a musician for life. Danny Carey [tool] was my greatest inspiration (and still is my favorite drummer), but my interests gradually shifted (plus, I would like to be amazingly amazing in my career of choice... Danny Carey has already staked his claim in the drums/percussion genre). Josh Freese [The Vandals; a perfect circle] is an awesome drummer as well... Now (and forever), I'm really into mechanical engineering/CAD in the aerospace industry, and being the author of a book that will maybe challenge your thinking, and/or possibly screenwriting, and/or possibly becoming a mentor or relationship counsilor someday ('cause I know how to help people, if they want it... I'll Dr. Phil your ass out! lol j/k But, if they don't want help... I will likely give them their space.)

-When I'm wrong, I'll apologize, trust me. Of course though, if I didn't sense a wrong on my behalf at first, you would simply need to let me know, and I will make ammends. Sometimes, my decency scares/annoys people. Well, most any rule has its exceptions... but this one is typical of me.

-I'm a forg*ver; If I do have a grudge, it won't last... unless you're a total biotch, in which case... go eff yourself :P ...but still, I'll probably let it go.

-Simple respect is important to me; The only kind of person (besides the insane or smelly) that I avoid, are those who apparently place little importance on 'common' courtesy.

-I'm a passionate person in anything that I enjoy.

-i before e except after c... weird... that rule doesn't apply to weird.

-You should never feel threatened by me; I don't think I'm better than you and I'm rarely defensive...... jerk! j/k on that last part

-I'm more of an introvert... which doesn't mean that I can't have fun damn it!

Pet peeves; complaints; bitches; gripes; dislikes...

-...conceited/ disdainful/ irritable/ overly moody/ selfish people... Some girl (or guy if I was gay like that) could be the hottest girl ("") in the world, and yet the most ugly. ...Pompous temper tantrums are sooo annoying too. :)

-...alcohol abuse... too many people drink way too often just for a good time. I may have some fruity alcohol drink once in a blue moon with a friend though... but that would be kind of rare.

-...drugs ("Drugs are bad, mkuy, so don't do drugs, 'cause that'd be bad, mkuy, 'cause drugs are bad" -Mr. Mackey)

-...too much sarcasm (except for mine though; I have a free pass...)

-...APATHY ...what is it w/ some of the younger people these days?? "OH, hey look," says jared, "that mother just willingly paid that doctor to kill her baby." Typical American replys, "Ehh, whatever, it's her choice, I guess." "yeah, okay, you're an idiot... grow a spine, jerk," says I.

-...attractive girls that think all guys are dogs... or an attractive girl/woman/whatever that just assumes a guy is paying attention to her just because of how she looks. There are some ugly people out there, and all she can think about is how rough she personally has it... that's messed...

-...fake people... like showy churchies that make a scene with their "Hallelujahs! and Amens!" sitchur ass down befoh I cap yo ass [I do not support gun violence].

-...anything slower than a dual-core processor


-...the United States of America (sure, I understand that the U.S. isn't the only country with some seriously effed up morals saturating it... but I for now, I live here, so for now, I enjoy picking on America)

-...people/girls that say: "ummmm, okay???" Yeah, you know what, I think your most likely dumb; grow up, you're not a woman, you're a bratty little girl with an attitude... *cheers*

I am sincere, *loving, and fairly ambitious
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
-studying, thinking incessantly, and writing.

-I discontinued my experience with college insofar as I do not feel it will be a major factor in helping me pursue my educational and career goals. I intend for much of my income to be from published works.

-I'm currently in between jobs :[, and I'm enrolled at MCC :].

-I'm designing my own very fuel efficient (at least that's the goal) gas turbine engine to put in a car that will use about $500 or less on gas per year.

-I would looove to write my very own "waaay better than ALL the rest" algebra book sometime in the younger half of my life. Yessss! It's gonna be sooo flippin' awesome... ... and I'm already putting together some material, though it's going to take a long time because I have other things I do. ...heeeeey, I'm not a dork.

-I plan to write aleast one other book... on... sssstuff... heheheh
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
-expository writing on interesting subjects

-I used to be somewhat decent at CAD (Computer Aided Drafting), though difficulties I ran into were (1.) the more advanced programs (like Pro Engineer, VX CAD, or Alibre Design) don't offer training at any universities near me, and (2.) my vision and interests have shifted to writing.

-observing people sometimes, understanding common human interaction problems (at least I take it upon myself to try), and listening to you and being there for you; I don't mind helping those who want my help or in some rare cases those who desperately need help despite being in denial

-CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) ... someday I'll learn to associate mathmatical models and formulas with complex CAD geometry, hopefully (I'm certainly not a math genius as of now, hah)

-mentally conceptualizing ideas to overcome engineering complications... and then some

-observing people (because people can be interesting sometimes... it's also a good way to learn how to avoid unecessary conflict w/ people, or just in understanding them better)

-listening to you and being there for you; I don't mind (usually, unless you're yelling at me, or if you're too aggitated, OR if you've been helped again and again but you're not doing much to help yourself... 'cause that gets old)

-understanding common human interaction problems (at least I take it upon myself to try)
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
-I can be reserved.

-I'm semi-tall, I'd say (you'll notice that if you're 5' or something)

-My pictures make me look a bit more bashful than I am, even a little troubled, hahah; but, I don't feel a strong pull to putting up new pictures (I have all my limbs, and I think I still look the same. :P). Oh, and, I feel awkward smiling for photos taken by myself.

-I can be reserved. (I'm somewhat of a homebody, though getting out is nice)

-I'm 5'11" (you'll notice that if you're 5' or something)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Books or Authors:

I'm pretty picky about the books I read and even more picky about the ones that I find enlightening. I'm not much of a fiction reader.


-Italian food; especially pepperoni/black olive pizza!

-Taco Bell (which I like to call Taco Smell >X)

-Panda Express

-tell me what else is good, idk


I like a lot of music, but especially music that sounds like "a perfect circle," or "Dead Poetic," "deftones," or "Depeche Mode," or "Foo Fighters," or "Incubus," or "Sevendust," or "The Starting Line," or "Thrice," or "tool."


-I don't have favorites really, and I'm not a chronic reader... but "Exporting America" by CNN Reporter and world reknowned journalist Lou Dobbs is a good read. READ IT!! NOW!!


-Italian food rocks the house, people... you best reckuhnize! ...or you best be steppin', foo

-pepperoni/black olive pizza!

-taco hell (#6)

-orange chicken/chow mein from Panda Express (I think I'm getting burnt out on this one though)


/A/ Alanis Morisette, Alice In Chains, The Almost, a perfect circle, Audioslave, Augustana, Avril Lavigne, ...

/B/ The Beetles, Black Eyed Peas, Bleed The Dream, Blindside, Blink-182, ...

/C/ Chevelle, Coheed & Cambria, Coldplay, The Cranberries, The Cure ...

/D/ Dead Poetic, Death Cab for Cutie, deftones, Depeche Mode, Don Henley, ...

/E/ EMBODYMENT, Evanescence, ...

/F/ Foo Fighters, THE FORMAT, The Fray, ...

/G/ goo goo dolls, Green Day, ...

/H/ Howie Day, ...

/I/ Incubus, ...

/J/ Jimmy Eat World, The Juliana Theory, ...

/K/ The Killers, KoRn, ...

/L/ Lenny Kravitz, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Living Sacrifice, ...

/M/ Marilyn Manson, Michelle Branch, MUSE (the singer dude sounds like Radiohead's singer dude), ...

/N/ Nelly Furtado, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, ...

/O/ Oasis, ...

/P/ Pearl Jam, Pixies, The Police, The Postal Service, ...

/Q/ Queens of The Stone Age, ...

/R/ Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, ...

/S/ Seether, Sevendust, The Shins, Slipknot, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden, Sparta (Wiretap Scars), Staind, The Starting Line, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, Switchfoot, System of A Down, ...

/T/ Tears for Fears, 311, Thrice, Thursday, Tom Petty, tool, ...

/U/ The Used, U2, ...

/V/ Vertical Horizon, The Verve, The Vines, ...

/W/ Weezer, The Who, ...

/X/ ...

/Y/ Yellowcard, ...

/Z/ Zao, ...
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.

-good friends to chat with


-thinking about many things


-my Lord


-non-bitchy women (way cool)


-Water (water's pretty sexy)

-God **(I'm said to be a Christian/Protestant, but I'm not so sure that I like being associated with 'Christians', as sooo many said Christians have made a mockery out of God w/ their unbelievabley promiscuous lifestyles... and we've got ourselves some Pat Robertson! ...ugghh, it's just debauchery. If you want to call me a Christian, fine, but it means little to me... it's just another name. {But I do confess the name of JESUS, and I trust Him as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him... that's just how it is.})


I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Maybe I shouldn't burden you here with all the many things that revolve around in my mind.

Right now...

-My profile's too long

-every month, 1,000s of high paying american jobs (whether that be current jobs or newly created jobs) are being shipped to foreign cheaper labor markets on the account of outsourcing,

-math (well, I'm taking a break from this one right now... but, she will be back),

-I would like to have (be blessed with) a girlfriend, someday not too far away, to love... and I think it would be nice if I had a non-promiscuous proclaimed Jesus freak of an Asian girlfriend (yea, that whole Asian thing probably gets me in trouble, I see how it is...) around my age with relatively traditional views (i.e. not so indie) to love and share my time with. I'm attracted to some Asian girls, what can I say (and not just for the obvious reason either, people... geese... give me a genuinely hard time and I'll dub you a racist... I think), but si, everybody's different, I'm highly aware of that,

-gas turbine engines & energy efficiency/conservation & kinetics in general, maaaybe (very fascinating btw!! have no idea... or dooo yooou??),

-I'm hungry [I'd like a chicken baja chalupa (i.e. yo quiero taco hell) ... Jack In The Smack is good too, but worse on the arteries... no es bueno, homeboy. Cholesterol + large Calcium deposits = 'Hardening of the arteries' due to plaque build-up (the cure: oral or intraveinous chelation, NOT bypass surgery)],

-it's getting late, I need to be going to bed, G
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
I'm not sure; usually alone, maybe, or maybe with friends. My few close friends get busy :( But I am content to spend time by myself. they have other friends, too, and enjoy time alone to think.

Usually alone :[ (actually, I don't really care that much)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Some personal things that I'm yet willing to share with you:

-I have come to understand about myself that I would like to be blessed with a wife who is one that lives a modest life as a Christian woman, is a virgin, and is East Asian whom I will cherish and share my life with. I'm real deep. =p
*(I also want her to be mutually grateful to partake in this particular mixed race relationship.)

-It is be so much more enjoyable to cherish a humble person than a proud person. Friendship with an arrogant person is sour, but friendship with a humble person is fulfilling.

-I'll only marry a virgin (and a Christian). I've really contemplated the issue a year or so ago, and now I can't imagine I'll ever relent from it. Among other reasons, the thought of another man having penetrated my wife-to-be, regardless of the time relative to my having met her, is really quite unbearable. (Nevertheless, I appreciate interesting conversation with those who do not fit my must-haves. Offend yourselves not with my comments, please.)

-The most scholarly of knowledge will never replace the need for agape. If I had to chose between the capacity for profound philosophical pursuits and a life of love, I would immediately give up the former. Agape (and phileo) love is infinitely more valuable than a quick wit.

-I think okcupid can be kinda neat, or, as my friend says, "wicked gnarly sauce."

-I genuinely believe that agnosticism is a lazy antiphilosophy. I don't buy the excuses. If self-professed agnostics did some dedicated research and critical thinking thereabout, I believe they would come to a conclusion of yea or nay.

-I hold that the evolutionary hypotheses (1.) that all living things have descended from a common ancestor or some few ancestors and (2.) that the hypothesized common ancestor did in fact descend from inorganic chemicals to be terribly unconvincing from a scientific and philosophic perspective. Evolution in a restricted sense is, of course, a fact; those two hypotheses, however, are far from the realm of fact. Actually, I think one must be awfully gullible to believe such nonsense with full allegiance, as many do. Though, it is technically a possibility as neither science nor philosophy rules out such universal evolution.

(You can ask me other questions or ask me to clarify what I have already written. Despite my being generally reserved, I have gotten accustomed to answering typically uncomfortable questions.)

-Unmarried virgins are sexy. I take a no-nonsense approach in terms of sex. To get a point across, bluntly and objectively speaking, I'd much rather my future wife not have had a million & one other men pleasure themselves to her, condom or no condom... something about knowing that another man has gotten freaky with my future wife just doesn't sit well with me personally (what can I say??). I mean think about it, sex being the most intimate thing you could possibly experience with another human being, if you've already had sex and aren't married, what could you possibly experience with your future husband that some other man hasn't already had first dibbs on... seriously. Ohhhhhh! Snap. If someone thinks about sex like that, and is at least a little smart, not being a virgin doesn't sound so hot anymore... but most people scare away from the thought... Pshh. As well, I plan to give the same kind of respect to my future wife by being abstinant for until I marry her. This limits my choices, I'm aware, but it's all well worth it. Sexual mistakes of any sort are possible to happen though, but the good news is that what you learn from these mistakes is key to where your heart lies. And where your heart is, is truly the most important matter in the end.

-The most scholarly of knowledge will never save our souls.

-The show Niptuck is niptastic; it nipps my nipper right in its nip; it's the nippiest nip that evered nipped, lol! (see here, I haven't really watched that show, nor did the previous sentence make any sense whatsoever, but I just envisioned this beaut of a sentence, so I stated it for your ultimate viewing pleasure)

-I think okcupid can be kinda neat, but I admit... that feel kinda lame, too, for using this site (when I should be out conquering the world with my super powers!)

-If I could be any chemical element, it would be either beryllium or titanium... both are HCP, and they're both awesome.

-I'm plan to be the author of at least one book, besides that math book I told you about earlier
I’m looking for
  • Straight girls only
  • Ages 18–21
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends
You should message me if
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Well, actually, I'd probably rather you not be the first to message me; though if I message you first, I welcome the reciprocation. I believe I would prefer to be the one who initiates a conversation. Lol. Sorry about that.

I am really only here for fun and enjoyable pen pals; though, I've not excluded the possibility that I would find my potential spouse from online, which is why I have given information of myself as if that were my hope; but, in any case, let us mutually refrain from assuming so readily that the other is interested in pursuing romance with the other or in meeting offline.

And about the IM feature: I feel somewhat uncomfortable with instant messaging, unless it involves only those friends whom I have known offline. Although, if you do IM me, it would be a huge favor to me (:-]) if you had a specific topic in mind that you wanted to chat with me about (that is, if you were goal-oriented in your approach); otherwise, I might not know what I am supposed to say, considering that the conversation was sprung on me in real time all of a sudden. :P

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it.

... actually, I'd probably rather you not be the first to message me, pleeease... it makes me feel womanly (well, idk, I just don't want to feel some obligation to keep a conversation going... and then be called a bitch for not being interested anymore [or ever Hahahah!])... Sorry about that; consider it a flaw of mine. I'm just a bit of an introvert that is rather picky with who I choose to enjoy a casual chat with. It's not me, it's you... I mean, it not you, it's me... yea. I would say that there might be some exceptions, but, the non-exceptions might think I was speaking of them, lol (ramble ramble...).

[If I send you a message and you don't like me... don't respond, and that'll be that... unless you're really pretty, 'cause then I might send one more just to pester you, then I'll leave. And I might take awhile to answer your message, just 'cause... but then again I might not.]

**Thanks for reading! ...jerk, j/k j/k, I appreciate it.