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42 F Phoenix, AZ

My Details

Last Online
Jun 23, 2012
White, Other
5′ 4″ (1.63m)
Body Type
Strictly other
Not at all
Agnosticism, and very serious about it
Gemini, and it matters a lot
Art / Music / Writing
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay)

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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
WOW, ten bucks a *month* to upgrade here? wasn't it just, like, five? Yeekers! I'll have to keep shoveling out my poor Inbox--LeSigh. Please be patient?)

Something you should know.
I LOVE geniuses.
You know, genii.
God... it sucks.
Commence, commence.

(januarytwentyseventh: 2012 OMG?)
*Been Randomly Off-Grid For... Months?! Checking messages more, now, though--sorry my box is so easily filled with heavens-know-whatall! :(! Please Keep Trying--I Shall, Tew!*

(octoberfourth [2011])
*Too Sorry--Been Unexpectedly Off-Grid for One Month-Plus--Am Back-Like, Now--YAY(?)--lol*

...If I could have just some of my wishes...
We would not be so cold to allow homelessness...
We would not be so inconsiderate to pollute the air waves with unneeded noise, seriously sickening other creatures...
We would not be so ignorant; we would educate ourselves in everything: meat processing plants, shampoos, what it's like for everyone unfortunate--to be, through no fault of our own, at something else's indefinite mercy.
I wish these things so badly, I sometimes am beside myself.

(Note of No Small Water:
Please, when you write to me, do clue me in as to why you've done so?--if you've felt inspired, intrigued, or were just made to laugh by something I've said, it's better that you tell me so... with no intent or desire to get me pushing, pulling, prying, and generally chasing you about the server for scraps, maybe true, and maybe not.
Do the former, if, for no other reason, because the latter won't happen. "The Goad" always leaves me utterly nonplussed; I daresay I just wander off, in response to it.

The above is, partially, what I mean when I describe myself as old-fashioned--if only at heart.

[Touchy territory? I know... but that is society, at the moment. I've just the chutzpah to say it in such a corporate cowboy town as this... and I would not have done so, either, had it not become An Issue, Here.]

You just might [read: will] brighten my day, when you're up-front about your being glad to see me! Alternatively--or simultaneously--I'd love for you to share something you have perceived, in having read this profile, I would be interested, gladdened, or more, to know... about you.

It gets very uncomfortable for me to continually receive brusque messages that say "call me" or "check out my fb/Y!/something page" with no true information as to how/who/why you are... let alone who you are, to wit, in relation to me.
--Especially when, if I [invariably I do!] take the time to be polite, and ask you the "what's up"s, I am refused, and told only to call or go fly a proverbial and/or actual kite.

I know that it's "in" to behave in an aloof manner and all, but, whether I like it or not, I don't operate in this way. I tend towards being the more generous of heart... and staunchly non-faddish, too.
[As a small aside... ooh-mystery!-people turn me... right off.]

Hence, hence, aaand hence, I've written a lot a lot a lot for you, here, my hopefully-new-friend-types of folks. I think it'd be sweet of you to to give the girl a little something meaningful in return... and I'm afraid I'll only suit you if you are of similar sentiments.
--How ever-else might I find the incentive to give my belov'd phone number away?--I only keep the one that's fully private to me! No; like this profile, it will be meant as my prize to you (not spoken haughtily--I'd be honored to be so purposefully inspired by your own true efforts).

If I'm not deserving, in your opinion, of a fraction of what I've already given you, then... I don't know, why write? Believe it or not, I'm actually here to make soul-friends, whatever form they may take. So, just remember that I don't have any sort of "game" going on, that that is why I shan't play, and... that's a fine start.
[Besides... you wouldn't like me in "game mode" very much. That's something I prefer only to use in business--not love, in any of its forms.
(Sure wish there were more of that going around... I Guarantee You, this is at least partially why we are so "tired of it".)]

So, welcome to the profile of your not-so everyday, fabled-but-actual, literal girl!--yes, I do say what I mean.
[Up 'til now, to my experience, it's seemed to me that girls are the clearer communicators of the sexes.
--Well, don't tell me I'm wrong--prove me wrong! I'd like that.]

I would have it be known that the length and depth of this profile be dedicated to my soon-to-be loved ones, of all definitions. It's the least I can do, as you will mean so much to me when we finally do know each other.

I don't want us to miss each other; surely, you can recognize me only in my clarity and honesty, and only miss me in my "game".
[As will your future loved-ones recognize, or miss, you.]

So... yeah, this "note"'s gone far too long, an' I gotsta wrap it up.
Don't be afraid to express yourselves. Rather, be afraid to behave in ways that will obscure you to the very people you seek to attract into your lives!
[We are all here; we would all hate that.]

Thank you for the read... really. -smiles-)

Hello, whirld!
--I have a Christmas (YULE--or Chanukah Bush, preez) tree in my bedroom. At all times.

(Wow. I just noticed that, when I 'Cupid-search people who talk about The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the lowest matching answering profile is 94%. That's a thinker.)

Currentest Note Evar (Until The Ones Above--ha!):
Yes, yes. Such a random, long profile! Well, I have written it over maybe three years' time. So, please do forgive any repeating-ness.

Upon me-thinkin's just now-abouts, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a paradox. I'm all the way through Liberal, a bit past Progressive, gone clear into bordering on Green.
YET, I am old-fashioned at heart.
Too, I am a very logical, skeptical girl, who has at once "admitted" to being "atheist" (because I cannot picture an entity-god, per se), and long been an Astrologer. Don't ask me why these two things are so widely considered mutually exclusive--how aggravating (for someone like me)!
What's a girl to do...?
Keeeep looking for that John to my Yoko, mm? Well, I have kept busy, in the meantime, and so continue.

Back to my regularly scheduled profile.
(End February 2011 Edit Here.)

Although this introduction is perhaps especially, epically (oh man, I love how those two words are almost spelled the same) long, tis a bit of a conglomeration-cum-time-capsule of Me.
--I keep it checked for quality & freshness, an' all recent-like (whale, people don't change that much, ay wot?)! I daresay: This jernt's the only site like it worth my typin's. Glee!

Thanks be to Redtheda, for making me aware of this apt, priceless quote:
"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who....burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles."
~ Jack Kerouac

I think I would like to find my best friend, creative partner, and family, ideally. I guess that's the same for most people--tho, it may not be quite the same story for most people on this site! Sigh.
I'm not a "dating" fan; I really just want to spend time with people I get, who get me, too. If that's this huge "meant to be" thing, I imagine we'll just end up spending the rest of our time together.
And this--the above--my friends, is why so much is written, here. I want you to be able to get me, and then to see if I get you, too.

(So, as of right now, I'm opening up this profile to "everyone, everywhere". My brain and spirit are feeling hungry. And "pen pal" isn't quite so lame as it sounds, thinks I.
It's a special way to communicate, in writin'.
Love, etc.,
March 1st.)

*Ah, so! If you see I've edited your profile, I'm probably kind of saying "Hello!"... 'cept, not. Or, well, I'm insanely OCD about grammar (grandpa's alright, what with the leg, you know), so... =).

If I could raise birds--or, even better, rescue them--oh. Joy!

If I could hear from more people with good, awesome, or great minds--more joy.
(I guess those are rare... by definition. Sigh.)
--Even better, a great mind that has not led its owner to militant, scoff-a-holic Atheism (seeing as I do not appreciate fads in any form)...
(Ho boy... do I ever know just how to knock down my options.)

And if I had a sigh-dreamy love-like comment to share with all'y'alls (that actually had nothing to do with me being from the deep Springersouth, cos I'm not?):
In truth, sometimes, I'm all like,
"If only there were a Greg to my Dharma..."
But then I get all self-disgustical about comparing my would-be dream life to something, what, ON TELEVISION? Oh dear me, dearmedearme, they HAVE gotten into our brains too, too deeply.
(I like her hair, tho--oh, never mind!)

Well, if I had one,
I'd like my 'Greg' to like to think about "new-agey" (sic) things, like Karma, too... or whatever else that (really cool) show was about.
I'd dream: I want him to show me tantra and... well, we could sit outside and watch what the planets and seasons do... talk about why and how and when the daylight grows and shrinks, and stuff... sigh; <3.
...AND, we'd have a cockatiel!...
(a much rarer cocktail).
Okay, onward (and way upward).
*I wonder why Firefox always picks up "cockatiel" as a typo--travesty of helpfulness. -grumble-
--By the way, I am up for giving Astrology lessons! and also editing, on the side. I wouldn't mind doing some for anyone interested 'round here--I could proofread and/or tweak your profile, after all (since I love to do that anyways, lol).

Something I love:
"Tune us the sitar neither low nor high and we will dance away the hearts of men."
Buddha...? (We're supposed to ask those we meet that, I think, though I have yet to try it... I fear I would get knocked upside the head, or something.)

I also love
to cook for my mate and watch him, or perhaps, on a rare decade, her, eat.
I don't know; the rain outside, and the cold, made me think and type that. I really do... it fills my chest with something warm and safe; Home. I'd hate to spend a whole day during which I didn't cook at least a little something... it could be eggs, or just some sort of salad (if you help me cut the stuff), you know.
--How unsightly in an evolved, progressive girl, hm? Well, that's fine... it's important to know the "woman within". For evolution. I'll just go back to polishing my cast-iron skillet, now, if you don't want any...? =)


I am
an Astrologer,
a fan fiction advocate,
and a scatter-brained, scary-smart, passionate--err, human (or so they say... who the hell are these "they" people... arg)... being.
Yeah! I'm a Human, Being.
--Though, for all my humanness...
In comfortable company,
I sometimes refer to myself as a dove
or a parakeet or
a cockatiel
—more solemnly, a Phoenix.

Or a chicken.

I love birds too much. (So, if you're a bird... hollaaa.)

I cried
about seventeen-twelve times, last presidential inauguration day.
(Edit: And I have cried a bit more, since.
--It was John Pilger's fault!)
Guess I'm "Progressive", if that means, like, we should get a bit real, and eat food that was meant to be people food, which has been around for about fifty pillion years...?
(Eep--we gotta go back to make progress, at this point--!)

I'm an odd little nut
--that's a HEALTH nut, You.
Though, yes, I still roll my own [it's a craft] ciga--hey, don't you judge me! You smoke tons less that way, for a fraction of the cost...
and yes, it does become a mindful little thing to meditate out with your hands. I admit, I love it, in its newer-to-me moderation.

I am most certainly NOT a gym-rat;
NOT gonna eat those "power-bars", not at this juncture (name that vague, useless reference?);
NO 'energy drinks' (feh!);
I'm NOT into artificial sugars (or fake anythings--what the hell? there's plenty of actual food choices--for which, we should be mindfully grateful!);
NOT faddish; and,
None too often reliant upon the realer, simpler sugars ('cept fruits! mm, apples [only cos nectarine & plum season is GONE--LeWail!?].

I'm not what "Health Nut" seems to mean, in conventional... 'wisdom', at all:
-taps cigarette ash- Nyeh!
--It's so weird to me, anyway.
I mean, if you don't have your health, they RIGHTLY say, then you have nothing.
I don't get why watching what one physically consumes depicts a body as any sort of nut! It's just another way to pursue harmony with our precious, delicate lives, and the Earth, who is part of us (well, we-Her).

...Anyways, what I AM doing that is health-nutty is,
I'm simultaneously (LeGaspe!) exploring natural hygiene, and,
Continually-after-decades skewing towards a nicely paleolithic diet.
--Having had such a sensitive health situation for so long, I truly believe--and am coming to slowly verify, through first-hand experience--that, really, we should only be eating, and using for/upon our bodies, things that Mother Nature so long ago intended, and still intends, for Birdkind.
(Basically--'least for me, to-date: "Low-Carb", No processed foods, no mineral oils, no chemical soaps--nope, no stuff like that, to the best powers of this lil' budget o'mine... and, and, and. Well, I forget the rest...)

For me,
--about cosmos, boys, girls, and birds alike--
on into the wee-est hours of the night and day
is a fantastic thing... for me
to poop on.
NO, no, I love it! I do, like, so zealously much!
--but let's just not get so abstractified that we, v. specifically you-and-I, forget why we are even sitting together, okay? Chances are damnably good that, if I AM sitting and twittering with my otherbird in such all-nightish fashions, I'd need some kisses, too (from, again, him-specifically... ergh!).

Hm. What else?
My foot hurts.
(Edit: Still hurts!)

Kway, on to teh kleeshay.
(Edit: Check out my 'net meme-ness; I am, simply, so damned cool.)
I'm a survivor (really. really);
an Idealist, even--ENFP--
I have somehow managed to keep my eye
on the pie in the sky.
(Edit: The view is a weensy bit obscured from time to time, nu?)
Well, I'm cheerful.
--Despite it.

I'm "outspoken"
'til I get surprisedly emotional,
and then, I 'get autistic'
(no conceivable offense; just the mot juste for it).
I am sentimental and gentle (unless something I regard as 'my baby' is in danger!—I see it as a Venus and Mars in Cancer phenomenon).

Favorite "Friends" character, \although I largely sneer at what our television has become:
(Chandler is great, but I wish I were Phoebe, exceptin', she's not real.)

Everything means something, to me;
I love to talk about those everythings with someone superclose.
I want to feel many more things than I have, before I die.

I adore great grammar. I know, it's weird.
Well, that's all I got on that head, move along;
I am not the droid you are looking for (if you are, in fact, droid-scroungin').
*Okay, just don't take that personally or as some sort of judgment, please! I am a Perceiver, rather than a Judge (though I do make a good judge--I figure that's because I spend so much care perceiving).

Lah de dah deet dee, yet some more of Me:
Whimsical, but core-practical and -frugal;
my body might like to visit a few of the places I have imagined, after all.
I'm ready to walk into a few of these doors I've worked so hard at finding and cracking open--know what I mean, Jellybeans?

I would love my mate to be my best friend (for real--the driving & screeching bad one-hit wonders bits and all), but also to maintain a wonderful admiration for each other.
--It is TOO possible--

I am some interesting mixes, I think.
Irreverent and respectful,
humble and bright,
creative, good-natured,
powerful and pliant.
I am a lover of people and laughter as well as of home and domesticity.
What can I say; I'm a Gemini with a Taurus Moon!
(Edit: Yeah, I'm still a Gemini.)

The catch(es)? We all have 'em, and interestingly to me, these can turn out to be the very ties that bind.
I'm strong-willed,
keenly sensitive,
distractible (it is TOO a word, Firefox!!)
(from chores, not from my loved ones!),
an internalizer (is too a word) of stressors (is also-too a word),
and can usually be found to be at odds with time constraints. Again: What can I say? 'm a Gemini with a Taurus Moon!
(Edit: And still a Taurus Moon, too!)

I can be right up-front
and I can be shy;
I have been known to take great risks for people and causes that I love.
Life, for those who've deeply known me, has not been dull.
I love utter silliness--I take it seriously!

I am reactive, resourceful, and reinventing.

Look, there's a Bonus: If you've actually read this far, I heretofore bestow upon thine verily owne self a vidlink of ME!, birdself, and I. It's a new one, like, from today (March 3rd, 2011).
Bahaw haw hawr. . . .
Newest one is today (now, anyways)--April 7!:
(Double Bonus FTW.)
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
Exiting the cusp of having managed, as sole owner, a giant-butt online fan fiction archive that was originally meant to be a "hobby-site"; now, it can see about 1,000,000 unique visitors a month. Pressure much?! I am, and was, proud & honored to serve such a bastion of Freedom Of Expression. Non-censorship's my bag.

Planning to become more professional with my Astrology now-er, don'tchaknow--it's a huge talent, passion, and my everyday intuition companion. Would love to do something with my music, too, don'tcha...oh, I already said "don'tchanknow". Sigh.

I'll probably end up pet-sitting, though--birdies! (The bond between a birdy-'owner' and her bird is so powerful... our hearts seem to flock together with our smallest friends, never to part.)

But anyways, I sculpt too, and am presently about spelunkin' up all sorts of sculpty tools and substances (wouldn't it be the awersomest thing if I could do it freegan-like & find bunches of free sawdust and mix my own wood paste and sculpt with that OMG?--!).

As always, I am keeping my mind open to whichever dreams may come for a little lady who loves to sing, write, and astrologize. (Uuuu, What Dreams May Come!, what a great movie... erh, wrong section. Down with The Man... man.)

Being indenturedly servanted to a five inch tall, dusty, and loud thing that doesn't even have hands. Ah—!! That's why he needs a servant! Haha, you learn something new every day... (Edit: I was talking about my cockatiel. I make no sense.)
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
Great with words, and with birds... and apparently with rhyming, lol. I adore making people laugh, and I'm good at it, too! My mind is quite random (naturally -- Call it ADHD!—but don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who yells "ARTICHOKE!" and thinks herself clever).

(Edit: I rhymed in the cab, the other day... unintentional and embarrassing. "I'm at the corner of 48th and Warner"—then laughter—then, "I've given these directions a million times, and never even knew that it rhymes!" Le... Sigh.)

People feel safe with me; I'm open, a good communicator, a good listener, and loyal (it takes a lot for me to spill someone else's secrets). I'm good at landing on my feet. (Edit: Especially the sore one.)

I'm an artist of sorts—I draw a bit, sculpt a bit, and I studied Vocal Performance in college. Now and again, I try my hand at writing. I love to paint random objects around the house—old boxes or baskets sometimes, or maybe some pine cones or rocks I've hunted up.

I am a talented Public Relations type--networking, publicity, etc. Goes nicely with the Editor-ness of birdself, I think--but I would think that. Hmf.

I'm extremely good at taking the necessary "steps back" to fully assess difficult or unexpected situations, and adapting the best strategy with which to neutralize them (sometimes I'm quick with it, and sometimes (Edit: Not rarely) I'm slower, but I am a quite decent problem-solver either way). Especially with people.

I'm also good at hating to do dishes, forgetting to eat 'til my blood sugar plummets, and tennis (it's only the tennis part that I lied about -- I swear! -- but I haven't played in 20 years, so... Mother of All that is Holy and True, 20 years?!). (Edit: What the hell was this?!)
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
My friendly try-to-make-you-laugh aura. If it's a good day, my smile! If I've seen better times, my sense of humor—which can be subtle, corny, dry, or (rarely) crass (for shock value, heehee)--might turn dark-to-black, but it's still there and in good fun (it's how I express anger, most of the time).

I'll stop to smell any roses I notice (and I notice). If one calls to me instead, I am even more willing... cause that's really weird. (Edit: Well, I think that one was pretty funny... snort.)

(And, if I pull one of those flowers off the bush to put it in my hair, I feel bad. I try to take ones that've already fallen. I look adorable that way, but I'm no murderer!) (Edit: RAAAH!.. no, nothing, I dunno, proceed.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Books...hmmm. Wuthering Heights—ah, the drama of eternal romantic love! Stranger in a Strange Land—oh, the possibilities, the poignancy.
Stephen King has a piece of my heart, too, though strangely, I can't watch a horror film. Ohgod no. (What, he's funny! and his ideas are pretty sharp.)
I do miss my Heinlein stuffs; in (and not in) their absence, I will read lots of Astrology books--or Wikipedia, dependin'--for hours on end. (Zero exaggeration there!)

Movies? Hmmm... not a huge buff.
I'm a good sport, so I'll list some things I have loved--although, for this segment, I had to dig really deep, because I don't watch television, etc.

But, you can catch me getting sucked in to all kinds of strange, foreign and/or "indie" films, now and then—as long as they're not startling, gory things.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is, just, wow.
Indiana Jones And The Anything At All (yay Harrison!)? I was a gigantosaur fan as a kid, so I'm likely there... (if there aren't any rally kind of things to do, or cooking or chirping or or or. no, I'm not a sea lion).
Which brings me to documentaries--
The Corporation and Super Size Me were excessively useful.
John Pilger; Harold Pinter.
PBS; Democracy Now.
I'll watch just about any musical--except, I thought Oklahoma was really painful, for some reason.
Things like
Fiddler On The Roof are more my fascination,
or maybe Les Miserables
or The Phantom Of The Opera.
Loved The King and I--
LOVE rock operas! Tommy, Jesus Christ Superstar--
even REPO! The Genetic Opera was interesting, if derivative of about three other easily recognizable librettos.
(Like all cockatiels/doves/phoenixes, my ear is keen.)
Defo adoring The Rocky Horror Picture Show, too.
(Oh shyte, I said "derivative"... I'm not a snob, I swear I'm not! that was the only thing that ever made me think that...)
(I was in the Star Wars fan club when I was eleven... shhh.)

Music... here's an annoying way of putting it: anything that's "good". I suppose I'm partial to Classic Rock, Oldies, and Show Tunes. At least, these are the first types of radio stations I'll gravitate towards. Seventies music, now, a lot of that never fails to make me cry or very happy—reminds me of "a simpler time" in my life, maybe (I was like, six).

They get their own line.
Oh, how I love them--oh, John Lennon... sigh.

There is much I love in the way of music, from classical to folk; I was a Vocal Performance major in college, and I was very passionate about it. (I still am, but I ended up with a 'sarcoid' on my vocal cord, so I've lost over an octave!)

Food? My health is as such that I must abstain from sugars and starches (edit below...); I eat like a caveperson! Leaves and dead animals, see-voo-play (but you know, with my personality-type, it makes me think I'd be a veggie if I weren't limited—the soul of a hippie have I)!

I DID go Vegan, in fact, but became really ill from't--that's just my makeup. I am very into eating only things that are recognizable as food, and the same with what I put ON my body. Unrefined organic coconut oil?! YES! Cruelty-free... oh god yes please?

I think this whole thing is called "natural hygiene"... but I'm not too sure, yet. Anyone know...?

I love to shop at Whole Foods (or other organic/health-conscious stores) and buy strange things, like pickled brussels sprouts or hearts of palm. Oh, and for some reason, I adore mushrooms... incongruously.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Hmmm. I'm sure there are more than six, but at the same time, people all over this world (including those of us in America or other Western "civilizations") manage with a lot less. I can (and have), too. But here's what I think belongs here, at least, at this point in my life:

Smelling like warm, dusty little parrot-kisses (in my dreams),
My cockatiel (Edit: I love you, my Kumo.);
Organic, unrefined coconut oil;
Grapeseed oil;
A pillow between my knees and a fan to cool me at night;
My sense of humor;
Being unable to count to six;
Believing that there's a reason for everything; and,
Expressing, sharing, and communicating with someone on a close, personal level.

(Awww... Kum-ba-yah, my lord...)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
I seethe; I do not compute our wastefulness, greed, or might-as-well-be blindness to it.


Spiritualism; what tests these are. I spend a bit too much time analyzing "what happened?!" in my past—I do know, in my spirit, that largely, it doesn't matter, though my heart might worry me with it: "It is what it is, and perhaps we are not meant to know, just yet, in this purposefully human incarnation." (I don't know who said that, or an approximation of it, or even if it was me, but it's a mantra I silently speak... I'd say most days.)

I like to think of how I might decorate my bedroom (if I ever get around to it). Or, ummm... new ways to cook old standards.

I think about how much I miss my parents, and how strange it is that some emotional wounds do not heal. I think we only learn to exist on higher and higher planes of understanding, sometimes maybe just barely keeping ahead of the wave. Spiritual evolution... good, but ouch! (Edit: Don't get me wrong; I KNOW it is exhausting. I thought I'd add this in case I seemed... ha, "too happy" about it all. %#^&$!, sometimes, yannoe?)

I think about fear -- specifically, not being afraid of things, and how to do it, or if anyone really does. But then I (mentally) bellow, "THERE IS NO BRAVERY WITHOUT FEAR!" (Edit: LOL. I still need that one) and suddenly I'm an unsung heroine instead of a wussygirl. (Edit Again: "Suddenly"?! ALWAYS... >.>; ).
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
If I'm up for treating myself, I might cover myself in pure, unrefined and organic coconut oil, and soak my feet. (Edit: Oh my stars; that sounds so... ver' ver' nice! My feet feel soooo dry, </3. . . .)

This isn't to say I'd rather not be somewhere else. (Edit: Like Atlantis, for which I am on the lookout -- the desert's quite a clever perch for that! Wouldn't you agree, if I were correct?)

Yeah... I'd love to go for a slow, meandering walk, or a nice long drive--maybe, we'd go and sit on a mountain and check out the stars!

I love to hang out outside when it's cool, dark, rainy, or any and all, and talk the bright Autumn day, or cool Summer night, away. On the other hand, I can chit-chat and "grok" life just as easily in the living-room, with a good friend and a cup of (healthful! -- with only organic whole milk & cream, organic cocoa powder, stevia, and a daub of unrefined & organic coconut oil! oh, decadence...) cocoa, too.

Physically, I may be (considered -- I'm not too sure! I just like to talk with my otherbirds) a homebody, but spiritually, I'm free as a bird. I am emotionally rich -- I can travel quite far in any given seat -- and, also, mentally hungry and agile. I like to be entertaining; I love to be entertained -- I can purely say that I am never bored.

Most importantly, on a typical Friday night, I am not even sure that it is Friday, so all of the above could have been about a Tuesday, for all I know -- Oh yeah! And people that incessantly use "FAIK" or "FWIW" just bug the doggy-poo right outta me! On Fridays, I mean... (good save! no? no... pfooo)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
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[Alright, folkarinos--everybody out of the pool.
"If I told you than (sic) it wouldn't be private!" is not an answer to this prompt.

It asks, "What is the MOST private thing you are willing to admit?"

That means, "I have a driver's license" is acceptable.
That means, "I have two eyes" is acceptable.
That means, "Well I'm not into saying really personal things online, so... I really, really like dogs!" is acceptable.

Treating the question itself as asking for something actually private to you is not necessary:
It Doesn't!
(And that pat reply was only funny the first thousand times i--okay it wasn't, but I try to keep positive? -fail-)
/pet-peeve momentito]

That, although I'm not too sure what I'm doing here, I find myself somewhat addicted to this website -- academically, to be sure, but watching the souls type by is somehow profound to me as well. I haven't figured out how to put that into words quite yet, but I'll try.

It's got something to do with seeing all the people who are only now separate from each other, but will soon be close, and musing about what things may come of that. Children, betrayal; children and betrayal?—every profile a harbinger of life-changing events in dumbfounding numbers and of infinitely varied effects, all on one tidy little cluster of web servers. (Edit: Still true, in theory, when I have a moment to consider it.)

It can be kind of like watching an imminent collision, but not being able to discern if it will be two speeding trains or two immaculate forces that will meet... to, either way, create that entirely new Universe. My fascination is only exacerbated by knowing that a) I will never know what it was that I half-saw, and b) that either way, I cannot affect its outcome.

Humm... yeah, and something to do with witnessing and time and not knowing whether to grab some confetti, a fire-extinguisher, or a bowl of popcorn.

And all (like I said) to be found within a teeny-tiny speck of the material Universe—imagined, even; a part of cyberspace.

A galaxy in a teacup! -sip-... =).

I angst; what to say here, of the things that dwell in the soul's shadow, that does not sound like garbled mania? And, how to relate to a stranger?... because a true connection, no matter its form or duration, is what so many of us seek? How are you and I the same, since we each are, somehow...?

And, most importantly, how can I have the longest-ever, "The most private thing I'm willing to admit here" section (that doesn't say something like "ASDF:LKJHASDF:LJKH" or include my Social Security number)...?!

Well. I guess we all use the restroom, so we all already know each other's secrets. Or the shapes of them, anyway.
I’m looking for
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  • Ages 18–99
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
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Hey, you know, you should message me, really!, if you find me interesting in some way. The whole rest of this "Message Me IF!" is no more than a laundry-list of the characteristics I've found that I've meshed with in the people in my past.

See, but, I don't know you—yet. You know, you might be my best friend. Teach me what else there is; I'm a student of life, and, let's face it, we could all do with some more things to love.

You are, though—I hope!—open-minded (in the non-euphemistic sense), somewhat liberal (Edit: Progressive gets extra me-points, which are, o'coss, redeemable for squat), genuine, loyal, passionate (about something, and yes, I should hope, about your one-and-only), intelligent, funny (in your own way), and, you are someone who enjoys taking the time to explore a complex—but very good-naturedwoman-child. I hope you know that, while women and men are surely "equal" (who'da thunk elsewise...?), we are v., V. different. I'd like to talk about the ways that can go--yes, with you!

I've noticed that nothing worth having, and no one worth knowing, has been a complete walk in the park. If someone or something is 'too good to be true', things are not as they seem—nearly without exception.
(Luckily, I am not too good to be true!—Take that as you will.)
(Edit: SURE I am, wtf?!)

You should message me if you are totally digging someone like me, and you would want to reciprocate any of the gifts you would like me to give to you (hopefully more expensively...heehee).

Absolutely no sex partners.
No people looking for sex partners, either—egh—just, ew? I'm sew not gonna touch anything that's got drool in it and makes funny stomach-sounds unless an earth-shattering attraction, based! on! knowing! each! other!, demands it.

Ah, anyway, and in sum-uppance: I think I'd really enjoy hearing from you if you could follow, or at least enjoy, my thoughts, here. (Edit: If you don't mind that I am not always so peppy! But hey... I am when things are okay, you know. That's how I want to be.)

Oh—Oh! Of course, I'd love to talk to fellow Astrologers, too! (I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I'm an intermediate 'strologist... but I have always excelled where I was a bit behind my immediate peers, which I now am.)

=) !

P. S. ~ Look, I made up a new bird drawing!: (\(^v^)/)... awrrr... <3.