36 New York, NY
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My self-summary
I am NYC for life, but appreciate it best when I leave town and chill somewhere else for a bit. Its like a really warm hug when I first see her streets from the airplane window.

I am into long winding convos about everything and nothing at all. I dig sports, pretty much all of them, but I never choose watching them over living.

I dig chess scrabble and trivia.

The stats OKC has compiled on me are hit and miss. I think I am very romantic. Not in a "dozen roses" kind of way. In a completely opposite of roses way, but I really do think about moments, symbols, setting scenes, and giving her little surprises to let her know I am totally there. I think I am pure, if pure means genuine, or having integrity. On my allegedly poor manners: admittedly, I may be a little rough around the edges, but I thought manners were about having respect for people, making them feel at ease, and showing them that you appreciate their company.

Oh, and I'm a Colombian immigrant so I can't be president.
What I’m doing with my life
I am an attorney and just went solo and loving it. I'm also on the executive board of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors. I've volunteered in some political campaigns the past few years. I also have guest lectured the past few years on Women and the Law: seeking redress for sexual assault and sexual harassment.
I’m really good at
Telling stories, Lending an ear, Witty banter, Finding common ground, relating to lots of different kinds of people, run on sentences, charmingly mediocre grammar, and also arguing. Its my job. I don't do it for fun, I fight fair and don't suffer those who can't.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my smile. I have a warm smile. Then again I am often heard before I am seen, I have a distinctive laugh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a)I like non-fiction (history, Philosophy) but I am
getting into fiction.

LAST 3 This Year

1. Past Evolution (a book about the risks of monkying with genetics, jury is still out for me) 2. A Huge collection of Short Stories (There is a devastating short by Susan Minot in here, called Lust). 3. Memorias de Mis Putas Tristes (memories of my sad whores, Garcia Marquez at his best)

(b)I like Indie Flicks but I watch some Hollywood movies when my brain needs a break.

Last 3 I saw but not necessarily for the first time just the last
three I saw at all.(Chronological order)

1. Ridiculous 6 - (I liked it, though my bar is really low with Sandler) 2. The Living Wake (totally absurd, I was tickled) 3. Chi-Raq (Spike commits every single error people hate him for in this movie....AND I LOVED IT)

I like older music better than the newer. I know that was a cop-out. Well if I had to pick a genre my fave is Soul, because you can actually hear the pain/joy/true emotion in it. For similar reasons I like blues and flamenco, but I grew up listening to rock and hip hop. I really dig sad/wistful.

Currently Playing- Dear Valentine - Guster

Last 3 shows

1. Saron Crenshaw(At Terra Blues all the time) 2. Duo Beso(they have regular nites all around town) 3. CaribeFunk(In Colombia usually)

(d)Italian, Indian, Sushi, Korean, Chinese,
Latin fusion/Nuevo Latino, German, Thai, Buffalo Wings, Fallafel, Soul/Comfort Food
The six things I could never do without
NYC, My asshole friends and my fam, my amazing ability to think quick on my feet, my even more amazing ability to put my foot in my mouth, My gallows humor, my ability to count, my ability to follow instructions...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random stuff, figuring out how things work, giving myself fake press conferences. Wondering why girls are into guys with beards now. Making people laugh.
On a typical Friday night I am
same thing I do every night, try to take over the world.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ok....I can admit it now. I've known for a really long time, but just pretended. But I can't live the lie anymore. I've never seen Footloose.
You should message me if
-You dont have to be nice but you must be kind,
-You think anything can be funny with the right delivery,
-You listen to music in languages other than Enlgish
-You don't mind inconsistent punctuation;
-You can help me learn french, I think the people who do subtitles phone it in, and I want to watch french cinema without relying on them.
-You wanna ride bike.
-You hug like its the height of human experience.
-this is your idea of the perfect couple: http://www.funnyordie.com/slideshows/10c2567570/couple-s-annual-christmas-card-becomes-a-12-year-exercise-in-comedic-heightening?_cc=__d___&_ccid=3yw6xu.nxpr3z