30 Philadelphia, PA
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My self-summary
Though I consider myself kinda critical and cynical, I am genuinely grateful and excited to be alive and explore life. I am always up for new experiences that will enhance and broaden my perspective. I like to surround myself with people that are (at least slightly) aware and critical of themselves and others - that's really important to me! I think of myself as committed to social justice, though unfortunately often annoyed by those who describe themselves as such. Tricky!

I'm from the country originally and often fantasize about living in the middle of nowhere again. At the same time, I love Philly - the people, the vibe, etc. and am entirely happy being here for the time being and possibly longer, who the hell knows...

While I really appreciate how privileged I've been in that I've had the opportunity to go to college, I believe that all people have valid experiences and pools of knowledge, regardless of whether or not they're "educated" by conventional standards. I've always been wary of those who place too much importance on credentials. The most inspiring interactions that I've had are generally outside of academia...

Generally, I'd rather spend time outdoors than in - whether it's going for a walk, hula hooping or just chillin' on a porch with friends. When I am inside, I'm generally cooking, consuming, reading, relaxing, napping, and all those pretty unoriginal yet necessary activities.
What I’m doing with my life
While I'm a strong believer that our jobs (or lack there of) don't define us whatsoever, I'm recently employed and working in a setting that really excites me, so I'll answer this question with that.

I'm working as a domestic violence counselor at a non-profit. I spend my days working at the individual level while figuring out how to integrate tackling the social forces (patriarchy, sexism, racism, power and control, etc.) that create and reinforce violence. It's incredibly challenging work and I come home exhausted and wondering how I can grow and perhaps help the next person a little bit more...

I also make and sell hula hoops, and teach classes informally. This is my greatest passion. I'm always trying to come up with ways to integrate hula hooping into other facets of my life. I'm determined to combine hooping and social work-- that is my "ideal" career path...
I’m really good at
Lending a hand or ear to those who need it, finding really good deals, typing, driving, wrapping presents and making up silly songs.

For the sake of balance and modesty, here are a few of the several things I'm not so good at and would honestly like to improve: remembering to pack a lunch, running fast, shutting off my brain when I need to (bedtime, etc.), and those crazy magic eye things...
The first things people usually notice about me the winter maybe my scarf? I have a collection. Other times of year, I have no idea, maybe how not quite business casual I appear while I appear to be going to work?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ironically, this is my least favorite section to fill out, but I'll list a few things anyway.

A couple good books that I read recently were The Unbearable Lightness, Notes from No Man's Land, Good Women, cookbooks...

In terms of music, I like a range of artists and genres including folk, reggae, blues, good hip hop, soul, I don't know...anything that moves me or my body I guess. I have to say one of my pet peeves is music snobbery; while I'm always interested to hear of new bands/artists, obscure music references and self-importance around musical tastes is nauseating. I love seeing live music though and want to do more of that. If anyone has any suggestions of how/where I could become involved in some type of community/group singing thing I'd love to know. I'm also slowly learning the guitar which is fun and gives me an excuse to sing as well.

I think one of the most consistently amusing things I see on here (in addition to loving David Foster Wallace - don't we all?) is people's insistence that they don't watch tv! no no! and then proceed to list the 20 shows they watch on netflix and hulu. I have no problem with it, it genuinely just makes me laugh.

Food-wise I'm not picky at all, though generally tend to eat veggies. I definitely don't "identify" as vegetarian just honestly never really developed a taste for meat. I love cooking good meals and going out though and some favorites include Pho, Mexican, Thai, Sushi, anything noodly, ice cream, and good sauces/condiments!
The six things I could never do without
six hula hoops.

i'm just kidding!!

five hula hoops and water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I just went on a multi-month, multi-state cross country trip via train, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I spent my days exploring and my nights couchsurfing (, check it out!). I took the trip after getting my masters and experiencing the devastating loss of my dog. I really had no agenda and had the ability to spend as long as I wanted in any given place. I'm back now-- in the swing of things in Philly, working, chillin and living my life.

Recently I really find myself thinking about how to integrate the two life styles (traveling vs. hunkering down and building community) into a life that makes sense to me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends, either at a bar or my house, at a party perhaps, hopefully dancing, often reading or watching a movie. Gotta make one of these responses the most unoriginal things ever right? Don't wanna stand out TOO much...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I wonder if the random guy giving me eyes is realizing he knows me from somewhere...where? Oh yes, OkCupid!
You should message me if
You wanna play music together!! I'm learning guitar, love to sing, drum, all that good stuff. Especially if you and your friends jam and I can join, or you'd like to join me and my friends...

Additionally, message me if the following apply: you have a cute dog I can hang out with and/or walk, you identify as a feminist, you want to hoop, you're honest, you're a good listener (and talker), you're non-judgmental and you're down for random adventures.

Above all, message me if you're kind and genuinely want the best for others.