27 Portland, OR
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My self-summary
Hi there. I'm Justin. About me.....I am originally from texas but i'm up here as a young professional getting the job done! Unfortunately, that full time work schedule doesn't afford me many opportunities to get out and about to meet people. Especially since I work graveyard shifts. So yea, meeting people isn't the easiest thing to do =/ that being said, i'm looking for both platonic and non-platonic relationships.

Anyway, within moments of talking to me, you'll probably realize two things about me: i'm brutally, yet respectfully, honest (you'll learn to appreciate it, i promise!), and i'm probably the calmest person you've ever met in your life. Also, i'm quite the critical and over analyzing thinker....both a blessing and a curse.

Additionally, I personally define myself as a shy, introverted person. But I don’t think I portray those characteristics. I absolutely love to talk, listen, and get to know any and everyone on a deeper level. Just understand that it sucks my batteries dry and I need a solid chunk of time to recharge.

I'm a significantly huge fan of live music. I feel like I'm always checking out some band. Join me for a show!
What I’m doing with my life
Professionally: trying to make the world a better place. I suspect that any job I ever hold will be one where i'm directly effecting positive change. My current job does just that, but i've got a ton of ambition. I just gotta determine where to devote that ambition.

Personally: I've recently promised myself that i would intently work on becoming a better, more well rounded person. This includes me FREQUENTLY going outside of my comfort zone. I've come to realize that I need to check more things off of my to-do list. By all means, however, do not read that as me being some adrenaline junkie/risk taker type. nnnnnoooootttttt at all lol
I’m really good at
finding amazing concerts
persuading and confusing people
cooking the best meals you've ever had in your LIFE
listening to individuals spill their hearts
playing around with nutrition. its nerdy & ultra specific, but i love it etc etc etc drinking beer/wine etc etc etc
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically, I assume? Probably the fact that I shave my head. I guess the shininess of a bald head draws the eye?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books-- typically things related to: nutrition, marxism, zombies, vampires, horror, twisty books that make you think

Movies: I'm really bad at watching movies. they just don't cut it for me. i rather tv shows. in any case, wristcutters, the devils rejects, red state.......and anything else that really makes you think.

Shows: A LOT of @midnight...like a lot. I also really love Chicago PD (but generally dislike crime shows). brooklyn 9-9, broad city, the mindy project.....lets be real, i love my sitcoms

Music: I'm pretty all over the place. the only places that im not at musically is country and classical. I don't hate though. you do you and imma do me. as broad as i am, i do tend to frequent the genres of ska rocksteady, industrial, 3rd coast rap (particularly chopped and screwed--afterall, i am from texas haha), punk, and downtempo

Food: i'm kinda all over the place with food. I'm a HUGE fan of indian food and tacos. In fact, other than a few cajun specialties, i need no other foods! =P
The six things I could never do without
Obviously other than the essentials....
1) concerts
2) deep, philosphical discussions
3) Crossfit
4) Silence
5) beer...and i hate that this is true (not because i'm ashamed of drinking, but because i HATED beer in Texas). Oregon has made me quite the beer drinker
6) A listening ear
I spend a lot of time thinking about
deep, philosophical and sociological things that a lot of people find pointless. but get me rolling in a conversation about it and i promise you that you'll have a ball =P

how people can be so sure of the unknown

whats the next concert that i'll go to

exactly what space is like

what makes people tick....and what makes them tock

uhh...really, everything. i spend a lot of time thinking about everything -_-
On a typical Friday night I am
hhhmmmm..... at the gym, or drinking, or watching netflix, or going with the flow!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hhhmmm....i read every profile on here from the bottom up. i dunno why. i guess it might paint a different but still accurate picture of an individual.....

on a "more private" note, i love Mandy Moore's self title album and 98 degrees' "98 degrees and rising" album more than I should -_-
You should message me if
if you frequently wear flowers in your hair

if you like ridiculously bad/corny jokes

if you wanna go check out some live music

if you want to build forts with furniture and blankets then wage war with paper airplanes

if you frequently wear a pair of red shoes

if you're awesome/suspect me to be awesome

if you want to and think we could have a wonderful conversation =)

Hit me up!!