34 Shawbury, UK
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My self-summary
Hi all,

Thanks for taking a look at my profile, suppose I had better put something here to keep you mildly intrigued. I'm a normal(ish) 30 year old guy who is interested in meeting normal to normal(ish) girls and just see where it takes us, whether it's just a few drinks, something more serious or anything inbetween. Nothing ventured nothing gained and it's always fun to meet and get to know new people is what I think.

A few things I like:
Films - BIG film fan with varied taste (favourites include Shawshank Redemption, Matrix, Pans Labyrinth, Predator, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Gran Torino, Green Mile, Gladiator, Bourne Trilogy, Zombieland, Aliens, Let the Right One In, Disney/Pixar to name a few).
Martial Arts - Watching and learning, dabbled in a number of styles, used to teach yoshikan aikido
Theme Parks - Have yet to do Alton Towers though
Animals - Tigers, big cats and snakes are amazing. I've held tarantulas but don't like spiders with long spindley legs
Gym and exercise
Sports - Squash, badminton, skiing, climbing, mountain biking. Will give anything a go.
Eating out - Nandos, Wagamamas, Frankie and Benny's,
Days out and trying new things
Travelling - Been to Florida, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, France, Egypt, Cyprus, Crete and want to go to many more places.

A few things I don't like:
Beer and coffee
Poor manners
The Big Bang Theory (the canned laughter played after every sentence is SO annoying)
Early mornings

I've rambled on enough now, if you want to know more just drop me a message.

The first things people usually notice about me
That i don't look my age? Maybe. You tell me.