57 Bangor, PA
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My self-summary
Strong, quiet type.I am content being alone, I'm no stranger to it. But,I would like to have a few more happy moments in my life, had too many close friends not get that chance. I've been unmarried for over twenty years now, focused on raising kids by myself and earning a living, in that order. Qualities? Integrity, character, honesty,respectful, independent. But I'm sure they all say bs like that. Farm raised, if you were old enough to crawl, you were old enough to pull weeds while you"re down there. Good ethics, my opinion anyway. Seems all you women just want some stuffed shirt that sits in an office all day making a living by taking advantage of other people so you can spend the rest of your lives sailing around the world on a cruise ship. Is anyone out there NOT living in a fantasy world? Since you all want honesty, here are my downsides. Extreme introvert. Like my alone time. Will disappear into the woods often. Does not mean I am out banging someone else, so jealous types move on. I get lonely, but still not sure how much I want to deal with one woman, never mind two. Have no use for the beach, why would I want to sit in the middle of a giant hot ashtray surrounded by poisonous, polluted water? Gross. Give me a quiet lake or farm pond any day. Hate the city, I break out in a rash just crossing the Delaware River. I know I'm not the type of guy any of you want, don't care, not trying to be. But maybe there is one woman on here as honest as me, not just about their age or body type, but with themselves. Which, let me add this. Don't be afraid to post a full body pic . If you don't, guys will assume you're hiding a body like a christmas tree and won't read any further. We all have a few extra pounds at our ages, it's a matter of how much can we let slide. Some of the most beatiful women I have ever known were always whining they were fat. Let us be the judge. Some guys even like big women, I'm not one of them, but they are out there. BE HONEST ! I am, but then you all probably think I'm just another jerk,anyway.
What I’m doing with my life
Semi-retired, self employed. Kids are all grown up, last one just bought his own house. I have a big old 160+ yo farmhouse with lots of unfinished projects. Preparing to sell it now, just another broken dream. Over twenty years and no one sane wants to share it with me. Damn shame. Had worked my way up in a local utility until a hostile corporate takeover pushed me into an early retirement. Have always climbed and maintained trees professionally, keeps me in shape, but I'm also a bit beaten up. Spent 8 months in a body cast a few years back, doctors say I should be rolling myself around in a wheelchair with one arm by all rights, but my will and determination got me through, if that gives any insights. I need my rest at times, but glad I can enjoy a normal life again, so some patience is required if I need to chill once in a while. Other that that, I'm an awesome, fun guy! But then, on second thought, maybe you'll think I'm a boring old jerk, guess that depends on how boring and uneventful you feel about your own life. One thing women do compliment me on as my way around the kitchen. I like to cook, AND do the dishes, the old fashioned way, I don't fancy dishwashers.
I’m really good at
Fixing Stuff! That's all I seem to do.Enjoying what is left of my life, would be nice to share it with someone sane, or mostly sane anyway. I'm not wrapped too tight myself,some say.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall, quiet, don't know or care where my cell phone is.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Don't like horror movies, reality is scary enough. Movies I'll watch over and over, Hunt for Red October, Pulp Fiction, Savages, Dances with Wolves (bonus points if you were raised by Indians). Shows; Vikings! ,Axe Men, Gold Rush, ICarly, Gypsy Sisters, Gilmore Girls, My 600lb Life. Country music, Bluegrass, older rock, play rap and I'll choke you...
The six things I could never do without
My Boxer, my Dodge,my guns,my peace of mind, my old chevy,my father's watch
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where are them deer hiding? Is there a bass under that log? Look at the size of that tree! Why is it the women that I'm attracted to aren't attracted to me? and vice versa.Not necessarily in that order.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting out by the firepit with my loyal dog ,some 420, and either a bottle of Cabernet, a margarita , or a jar of moonshine.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My life is an open book, but a page or two may have gotten ripped out. I do prefer to pee outside.
You should message me if
You weigh less than me, have hair longer than mine, have breasts larger than mine, and are shorter than me. If you are as loyal as my Boxer, and as cuddly as my cats (are you de-clawed?). If your not on here just looking for your next alimony check. If you want to do something besides play in this cyber-fantasy word ( like ride the Harley, four wheeling in the woods,snowmobile,paddle around in the canoe, relax by a nice fire, dog curled up at your feet), or just want to enjoy a nice meal with a real human.