27 New York, NY
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My self-summary
Grew up in Louisiana, but New York is the only city where I have ever felt at home. People are constantly asking my why I don't have a
Southern accent. If you want to know, you'll have to trade me your deepest, darkest secrets.

I'm really into being constantly on the move. I spend very little time in my apartment, as the city has so much to offer. I'm interested in just about anything, as long as it is done remotely well.
I’m really good at
making people feel comfortable in any situation
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: currently reading Paprika and I really like it.

TV Shows: Homeland (perhaps my favorite), Silicon Valley, Archer, Vice, and Brink has pleasantly surprised me

Movies: I will list a few... Gladiator, The Big Lebowski, Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Gattaca (top 3), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 12 Monkeys, Inglorious Bastards, American Psycho, and many more that I don't feel like listing.
The six things I could never do without
Air conditioning
Q-tips after a shower
Intimacy, if we are being very honest
On a typical Friday night I am
hopefully doing something I have never done before.
You should message me if
-you have something fun to do. If there is a new restaurant, bar, museum, movie, show, etc you want to check out and none of your friends will go with you, send me a message.

-you love checking out new restaurants. I've been to so many restaurants this past year here, and there are still about 500 more I'd love to try.

-you are familiar with GGG (I don't know why that is so offensive to some people)

-we have a high match percentage. I put a lot of value in that for some reason.