37 重庆, China
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My self-summary
Important: I'm leaving for China in April for 3 months. This isn't meant to keep you from contacting me, just to let you know: Any communication from April - June will be long distance..unless you are also in China, in which case we can work that out as the situation presents itself.

How I view online dating sites (Read this before going much further, it might save you time and effort):

I hate pseudo-communication and I much prefer actual communication to typing things into a keyboard for another to read from their screen. We keep interacting with our own screens and keyboards instead of each other. So, these are my thoughts on online dating, as it works in my brain, using the bar scene as an example:

Bar scene:
You see someone across the room and end up checking the person out, or they see you and check you out. They (or you) walk over and say "Hi, can I buy you a drink?" You (or they) say “yes” or “no” and you talk for a bit while sharing a drink with the stranger, still in the comfort and safety of the group of friends. Your friends see that you’re doing ok talking with the stranger and leave you to continue talking, within the context of whatever you feel comfortable discussing. Judging the safety of the situation from afar, they decide to leave you to it longer. Eventually you have to leave with your friends or decide to continue talking with this person. If you leave with your friends, either you exchange numbers or you don’t. If you stay, you likely exchange numbers and get a cab home, or whatever feels comfortable...

Online: You see a profile and read it. They (or you) send a message that says, "I read your profile and ______" You converse via brief electronic pseudo-communication for several days. The two of you meet in person. You have no sharing a drink to keep you going during this process, the pleasures derived are only in reading about people as they choose to type about themselves.

In real life, your friends serve as a filter or crutch, to prevent the weirdos from being too weird, keep things safe & sane, etc… They leave you to it, if they feel it is appropriate, and you go on your merry way with life based on your decisions. If you keep the filter too long, you rely on it and never feel comfortable talking to that person again.

In online dating, the internet serves as this filter or crutch. You have to decide to continue without or to keep it in place. If it stays in place I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t want to continue talking after this time.


I don't apologize for the length of my profile, I understand that it means many people won't read it but, really, it leads to better interactions earlier in communication.

I'm a very active person, so if you are the kind of person who doesn't like that, then I likely won't work in your lifestyle.

I like to try new things, I even repeat the old things that were of particular interest.

I prefer not to watch TV, I don't even own one. Instead, I read and listen to music. I write novels, short stories, poems, plays, movie scripts, graphic novels, lesson plans and such. I have also been known to invent things, both realistic and fanciful.

I am creative and constructive.

I like sleep just fine, but I prefer wakefulness. Unless this is caused by insomnia. Or the sleep is accompanied by another.

I'm a minimalist.

I'm easy going, laid back, and fun to be around.

I am conversational, creative, and thought-provoking

I drink applesauce from the bottle.

I think. A lot.
What I’m doing with my life
Self improvement.
I create words.
I often answer in phrases instead of complete sentences. With punctuation.
After moving around for just about my entire life (I've had about 20 different addresses in 8 years) I've decided to go back to college for another degree (education, if you're curious) and will be in the Ypsi/Arbor area for the next few years. After this, I have many options available to me. I will probably be leaving Michigan to find a job due to the nature of the current economy.
I’m really good at
Fixing things and fixing situations. (I'm kinda like the mob, except I'm friendly and I don't kill, pimp, deal or extort.)

Expressing myself and my opinions. Also, I excel at playing the devil's advocate.

I'm wonderfully capable of going off on tangents, but I never stray too far from the topic at hand, and can usually bring it all full circle before anyone notices I've strayed too far from point A. Case in point: most of the voice mail messages I leave.

I'm really good with economics and financing.

I'm a good listener (I know, who on here isn't, right?) There's a difference, though, between hearing, listening and just waiting to talk.

Making things look easy...and also at over thinking things.

Playing games - board games, card games, word games...I avoid mental and emotional games, no room in my life for that.

I like using games as educational tools.

Pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisy, even in myself.

Offering alternatives instead of complaining.

Not needing to get the last word in.

I have many qualities and am choosing not to list them all. You are free to consider this an opportunity to doubt me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm invisible, but only in crowds.

Actually, they notice my height first, no matter who it is. I'm tall enough to be impressive in my own right or to be used as a handy comparison to someone taller than I.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
First, let me state that I am not defined by the media in my life. What I am trying to do, on a personal level, is initiate a change from entertainment as "something watched" to entertainment as "something done." It's like this: in the end of it, our culture spends a lot of time sitting and watching things happen (or "happen", if it's scripted) and I'm not capable to do that very well; I prefer interactive entertainments. This type of question, to list these favorites of mine as though I cannot be defined by other qualities, is not a good way to describe me.

I don't own a television, nor do I wish to own one. I haven't a favorite show and I'm not dying to see what formulaic, scripted drama will occur in next week's episode. That being said, I pass no judgement on those who enjoy television as entertainment; I simply choose other forms of entertainment.

I read: poetry, short stories, fictional novels, psychology, education theory, history (not historical fiction), and sociological books. I've been known to memorize poems.
I've been known to read books others have recommended. I'm also known not to like authors who I'm told I will really enjoy.

I like most all forms of music. I could list artists I like but, the list would be too long. I just like music. I know, everyone on here "likes all kinds of music" but I honestly don't. I avoid music that sounds too similar to other music that I enjoy, or from artists who have nothing to offer me and what I want my life to include. I do enjoy at least one song or a single artist from most genres I've heard. My music collection usually surprises people when/if they get to see it.

I don't watch a lot of movies, but I do enjoy several.

I like to eat. I am known to plan my vacation by the foods I'll be eating while on vacation. I have enjoyed every national cuisine I've sampled, except American...too bland, too many cheese flavored dishes...while I don't enjoy every item on every menu, I have never been unable to find something agreeable to eat.
The six things I could never do without
Since everyone needs air, food, water, sleep, shelter, and safety I'll skip those.
1. conversation
2. situational personal incompetence
3. the arts
4. travel
5. a way to be active
6. learning
And if that makes me a dork, well, doesn't that makes you judgmental?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm always thinking on something, it doesn't always have great meaning or significance, but I'm usually thinking on something or another. I'm just going to add to this list, provide a view of thought patterns.

My place as a sort of connoisseur in a world of consumption and consumerism.

Why the 4th wave was never big enough to eclipse the 3rd.

Global economic sustainability.

If sorting tasks in childhood can serve as a predictor of prejudice.


The way corn, in its many forms, grows and its uniqueness, in that respect, among other plants.

Why is it made more difficult to adopt a dog than it is to have a human child?

Changing your mind, by hitting it with a rock, though I am not unkind. (bonus points if you know the reference without looking it up)

How much different the 20th century would have been without skyscrapers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Where ever I go, there I am.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was once hit with a prosthetic leg (in elementary school). As in, the owner of the leg removed it from his body and swung it like a club against me. He hit me with it again after I told him it would have been easier for him to just leave it connected and kick me. If I recall the story correctly, I deserved it, both times.
You should message me if
You can get me diplomatic immunity for my trip to China.

My being active doesn't cramp your lifestyle. You don't need to be as active as I am, but you cannot regularly stand in the way of my being active. You can also participate in activities, I'm down with that.

You would like to talk with or meet me.

You think you may be a good fit into my life.

You want a further explanation regarding any of the vagaries listed above.

You owe me money.

You have something of mine that you borrowed and need to return.

You like this "messaging" thing.

You want or need to talk about something.

You can hold your end of a conversation.

You know of a good place to get Pho. UPDATE: There is a place that is just opening. It's a bit of a drive from A2 but I'm totally down for the chance to try it, whenever I get the opportunity.

You find me compelling.

You read through this whole thing and think it would be nice to "have something to show for it."

I've shown up in some kind of visitor list or some such thing. (They used to call it 'stalkers' and it was funny but now they don't..but I still do.)