29 Wyoming, MI
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My self-summary
Likes: cats, science, coffee, deep conversations, swiss, cuddling, programming, empathy, Strictly Platonic Friends, character dramas, sci-fi, people watching, alternative rock, story-rich computer/video games, girls with interests and aspirations more important than finding a man.

Dislikes: bugs, crowds, men, awkward social situations, makeup, high heels, raw tomato, garish tattoos, humid weather, talking on the telephone, mornings.

Likes/Dislikes: Sea creatures, large structures/machinery.

To be clear with my intentions here: I'm looking for a close female friend ("she-friend"? "ladyfriend"?) to talk with and preferably hang out with once we've gotten to know each other well enough that it's not, like, weird to be real people (not Internet people) in the same (real) place at the same (real) time (in other words, once we both have a sufficiently high confidence that the other will not attempt to steal our organs and sell them on the black market).

{And the end goal of all goals is that we end up magically falling in love and living happily ever after with our 3 cats in the burnt out wreck of a cargo freighter... or a peach pit or whatever... I'm not quite sure how this whole happily ever after thing works.}

Part 1 comes first, and likely only Part 1 happens. UNLESS MAGIC! This is important to me because I highly value female friends (of any type/status: strictly platonic, taken, available, lesbian, space alien that looks human but has really scary sex parts), I don't value male friends (of any type/status: stupid, pigheaded, arrogant, backstabbing, space alien that looks human but acts too nice and is secretely plotting our demise), and I only rarely have opportunities to meet new people. I would much rather have a long-term friendship with a girl who I am not quite compatible with than a short-lived ill-fated attempt at a romantic relationship.

Maybe this is naive, but my idea of an ideal relationship is one that grows from a close friendship, not one started by a crush or one stranger asking out another.

Now about me:

- I tend to ramble (as you can clearly see), but it's hard for me to find perfect-enough words to express myself, so I usually hate reading things I wrote.

- I try to be open and honest with girls as much as possible, although I've been told that this makes it seem like I'm coming on too strong/oversharing.

- I like particle physics, psychology, cryptography, philosophy, ancient Greek mythology, Shakespeare, character dramas, and sci-fi.

- I value talking about feelings, the deeper truths of life, and peoples' inner qualities. "Surface talk" is valuable too! So go ahead: tell me about your day. I'll probably be interested.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, working, and not much else. I'm a little "between hobbies" right now--things I used to love spending time on have become a bit too close to what I do for my job (a hazard of getting your dream job, I suppose), so I'm currently looking for new things to enjoy in my free time. Currently I sink myself into computer games with strong storytelling elements (or at least meaningless RPG stats and gear I can obsess over), but it usually feels like a placeholder for something better. Suggestions welcome!
I’m really good at
Well, I have a significantly higher capacity for empathy than the typical guy, which I consider a pretty big component of the whole "who I am".

On the other side of the coin, I believe myself to be a pretty good programmer, especially in the department of refactoring and reducing code written by others.

I'm also rather creative, but not in, like, a useful way. Lots of random absurd ideas pop into my head at the slightest provocation but absurd is the key word there.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shows: (The more recent incarnation of) Battlestar Galactica (the epitome of the kind of deep character drama I'm into--don't even get me started), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrested Development, Lost (I just need to pretend the "smoke monster" and the final season never happened), Falling Skies, Dexter, Archer, True Detective.

Movies: What We Do In The Shadows, Inception, Blade Runner, The Hunger Games series, Full Metal Jacket, Predestination, Memento, John Wick, 12 Monkeys, District 9, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, Silver Linings Playbook, Arthur Christmas, Event Horizon, Resident Evil, Spaceballs.

As for music... well, my tastes are rather eclectic and depend on some sort of mystical phases I go through apparently. But here are some artists whose music I typically enjoy: Apocalyptica, Icon For Hire, Flyleaf, The Offspring, Daughtry, Stone Temple Pilots, System of a Down, Shinedown, One Day as a Lion, Justin Timberlake, Seether, Ludacris, Skillet, Lindsey Stirling, Far Too Loud, Skrillex, Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Metallica, Tyga.
Guilty pleasures: Rage Against The Machine, Britney Spears, Limp Bizkit, Kanye West.

Computer/Video Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead (seasons 1 & 2), Wasteland 2, KOTOR (1 & 2), Minecraft, Jazzpunk, Far Cry 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Borderlands 2, the Assassin's Creed series, Battlefield 4, Alpha Protocol, Deus Ex.

Websites: Hyperbole and a Half, Loading Ready Run, Rock Paper Shotgun, XKCD, Penny Arcade.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The last dramatic TV show episode or movie I saw. I get drawn into the characters in those kinds of things pretty easily and it seems like mulling scenes over is my brain's go-to when I'm brushing my teeth or trying to fall asleep. It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I'll rewrite a scene in my head so that the characters get along better.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working--people clear out of the office pretty fast on Fridays, so it's nice and quiet and I can tap my foot or hum to my music without being inconsiderate. Although by the time it's truly "night" it's even odds whether I'm still truly working on what I intended or I've spiraled off into the rabbit hole known as Wikipedia.
You should message me if
If you're looking for a guy who is a work in progress (is that a cliche yet?) but tries his best to be a straightforward, honest, thoughtful friend.
...and you can at least try not to be mean if/when a TV show makes him cry like a baby.

These are definitely NOT requirements for messaging me, and if you think this is dumb and don't want to say how many bonus points apply to you, I'm perfectly OK with that. I just think these are a fun little way to compare some little details that I cherish.

+10 Bonus Points if you typically don't wear makeup.
+7 Bonus Points if you prefer to wear sneakers or hikers over other types of shoe.
+5 Bonus Points if you wear glasses.
+10 Bonus Points if you have a dry sense of humour.
+6 Bonus Points if you like sci-fi.
+5 Bonus Points if you have 1 cat.
+10 Bonus Points if you have 2 cats.
+12 Bonus Points if you have 3 cats.
+8 Bonus Points if you have 4 cats.
+1 Bonus Point if you have 5 cats.
+9 Bonus Points if you prefer to spend time with people in small groups (less than 6 people) or 1-on-1 rather than mingling with a crowd.
+11 Bonus Points if you would describe yourself as "low-key" or "laid back".
+7 Bonus Points if you would never consider plastic surgery (does not include reconstructive surgery after an accident, or similar procedures).
+15 Bonus Points if you prefer to dress for utility and comfort rather than to attract male attention or show off your body.
+28 Bonus Points if you are a physicist or are studying physics.
+20 Bonus Points if you are a scientist or are majoring in some type of chemistry, geology, biology, psychology, or anthropology.
+18 Bonus Points if you are an engineer or are majoring in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or computer engineering.