22 Thibodaux, LA
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My self-summary
INFP/ISFP most often if Meyers Briggs matters to you.

I'm probably polyamorous, and I am currently practicing.

My primary/Nesting mate's name is Chris [Hydrashion here]. I have one other boyfriend at present.

I'm pansexual, but have a strong emotional preference for women, despite the relationships I am currently part of.

I have a 9 month old kitty named Alyx; she is my baby and I love her to death.

I'm definitely a massive cuddle bug, and prefer different positions based on the context of the relationship & height differences.

I'm embarrassingly excited about Steven universe and Garnet in particular and her backstory and ugh.. her story is just so sweet.

I really prefer that people actually read my profile before messaging me.. makes a lot of things simpler.

I'm wrapping up undergrad with my degree in Psychology come May. I'll have a minor in Art.

I like being green and conscious of the world around me.

I like cool windy days when its not too bright outside and when you close your eyes its like the universe is blessing you.

I fell out with Christianity several years ago.

I like the concept of souls moreso in the "we are souls, we inhabit bodies, we must nourish ourselves with peace and love" type of hippie nonsense.
I'd have probably been a full on flower child in that day and age.

I like the idea of living on a commune at some point in my life.. communal living sounds worthwhile to me.

If I could, I would probably always wear white flowing/oversized dress like garments and flowers, but really I'm too much of a super lethargic, highly anxious barely-adult to do much more than shrug on jeans and whatever shirt I find.

I'm trying to regain the motivation of drawing for my own pleasure and often, the same goes for reading and gaming.

Longstanding, though greatly improved depression has robbed me of my zeal for most things... but if I have anything to say about it, it won't be forever!

I have a major pet peeve for misuse of your and you're as well as there, they're and their.. that aside, I like, goofy laid back conversation... as well as substantial soul-searching, meaningful conversation.

I prefer that early messages avoid flattery with regards to physical appearance... I may be decent at the selfie game, but trust me, if you think I look like that more than 20 minutes on any given week, you are mistaken.

I'm quite skilled in replication as far as my art goes. Like any artist, however, I have a long way to come, and I may never be fully satisfied with my work. I do, however, tend to reach outcomes I am comfortable with after an extended period. To see my work, visit: Kaiarichan.deviantart.com
I haven't really drawn for pleasure in several years however.

I read Constantly throughout middle and High school.. mostly fantasy fiction, with a tendency towards totalitarian futuristic societies. But I haven't read for pleasure aside from an isolated instances or two in the 4 or so years since which makes me very sad to write.
I also used to write, act, sing, and game often, all of which I also have problems being motivated into doing now... but I am making progress toward recovery!
I also used to watch a number of English Drama and Thriller series, and have a Massive plethora of anime and manga in my past.

I still want to travel.. I really want to experience as fully as I can many many places before I die.
I am also in the very slow process of learning both the French and Japanese languages, though due to my upbringing I'm led to believe I'm much closer to understanding French.

I do not believe in a deity, but like to imagine that we are consciousness with bodies rather than the other way around, with that consciousness traveling to wheresoever it should desire in this expansive universe when we pass from this form. I like to imagine this anyway.

I'm Extremely liberal and am not afraid of political activism. These things are very important to me and I will defend them to the best of my ability.

I am pro-choice

Many closely-held friends of mine, fall into the trans* spectrum, as such, if you have a problem with trans* people, being who they are, you have a problem with me.

I spend a large degree of my available time with a woman who holds a vinyl collection bigger than I've come across anywhere else, and along with it, a phenomenal taste in music, movies, and tea. She's enlightened me to many things. She's also my best friend. I love her fiercely.

In short: I have many past-passions and idealistic fantasies. My close friends friends mean the world to me, and as a 2nd semester senior, there isn't much time I have to lend to dating... So I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm not looking for someone who will want to be with me 24/7. I AM an introvert.. and on occasion, I needs substantial time alone, but I also greatly enjoys the extended company of those I hold in high esteem.

By the way, My name's Danielle.. Nice to know you read this far :)
What I’m doing with my life
Currently in college, aiming for a position in god even knows what with this psychology degree. Ideally, I think I would still like to make comics.. whether webcomics or otherwise.

I recently got into MtG... I'm running a Green & white deck to start me off. :)
I’m really good at
Putting shit I desperately need to do off until the last minute, Completing what I needed to do in a sleep-deprived panic while neglecting other responsibilites... uh.. Empathizing, and personal anecdote-sharing, eliciting purrs from kitties, napping.. I could nap for like 10 years. technically doing art? but definitely not by said time because god knows how much i dont even finish if you dont harass me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
These categories are just too broad frankly.
Beyond that, I don't like picking favorites. I appreciate things for what they are based on my experience. I can tell you what I like and Don't like, in That respect, I can say which things I like More than others.. but I hate Ranking things that arent necessarily comperable.

That said, the only TV shows im really watching right now are Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Doctor Who. Shows I like that I havent seen in a long time/wont be able to see for a long time include Rick and Morty, China IL, In the Flesh, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, & Sense8

As far as recent musical tastes... I've been listening to a lot of Garbage, Gorrilas, No Doubt, The Breeders, Radiohead, Of Montreal, Mezzanine, and Simon and Garfunkel
Old musical tastes I can mostly still enjoy but find problematic include Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, 30 seconds to mars, and probably a ton of other shit im forgetting.

Good Food: japanese food, lebanese food, cajun food, mexican food, homemade food, fresh food, & cheese
The six things I could never do without
Love (I include companionate love in this. My best friends mean the world to me and without them, I would be in a very different place today)
Time for relaxation (sleep, reading, tea, watching shows I like... I am easily tired.)
An internet connection
New Experiences
Food/water/ a place to rest my head at night (necessities obviously. let's be real here.)
Creative time (time for art, writing, composing, freethinking, etc.... I want that to be part of my daily reality again).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I will am capable of doing anything with my life or degree that will bring me purpose.
Graduation & the planned move to Seattle the fall thereafter.
My mental positions on my friends and family and whether or not they are fair and justified considering all evidence.
How lucky I am to have met the people I have, who have shaped me in the ways they did.
Whether or not I'm truly a good enough person, and what exactly constitues a Good person.
What may exist in the universe, including what greater meaning there may be.
And defining my own personal position on things as the moment stands
On a typical Friday night I am
Delivering Pizzas
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
An interest in BDSM (particularly of bondage.) is a Major perk for me, in terms of sought-out romance, but only after its clear to me that we connect on many levels beyond that.
The only time a conversation that references to this will even receive a response, is if/after I've made clear my interest through other topics we've held chemistry with.

I'm actively working past inhibitions in being more forward sexually which developed as a result of partners with little/no interest or that reacted in a very negative fashion to advances. If you can take the lead, that'll help things go smoothly, but be prepared to talk often about how you and I feel in relation to everything. If something bothers me, I will vocalize it, and I hope you will do the same.
You should message me if
our match percentage is 80 or above,
you think we would make good friends, or more,
you like the idea of a Miyazaki marathon with tea and snacks,
you aren't pretentious,
you love cats
you're a Bernie Sanders supporter,
LGBTQ issues are near and dear to your heart,

you like cuddling*
you have your own place (mine, more often than not, isn't safe)*
you're cool with being nothing more than friendly around family*

*Because I am not "Out" as Polyamourous, Or as anything other than strait. My family really does not need to know.

That being said, I wont do shit for you if you try to blackmail me. They already don't like me because of political and ideological differences. I don't give That much of a shit. Don't press your luck.