34 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
My life is a bit frenetic, but in all the best ways!
What I’m doing with my life
I go back and forth between getting excited about new things and deciding I need to cut back a little. But it's all good stuff, and I feel incredibly lucky to have a life full of so many things that I love.

I'm a lifelong musician and mainly into "classical" music before about 1750. A bit niche and nerdy, but super beautiful stuff, and I've gotten good enough at it that people hire me to do gigs in the Seattle / Portland / Victoria / Vancouver region.

I traveled a ton this year (Bali, Hawaii, Australia, France, England, Switzerland) and had so many amazing experiences on the road with great people. Seeing old shit (ie. UNESCO World Heritage Sites) is great, but really it's the people that make traveling worth it. I have lots of dear friends in faraway places.

I'm remodeling my bedroom and trying not to go too crazy trying to pick just the right colors or furniture. I'm a real estate nerd and like seeing open houses even when I'm not in the market.

I got SCUBA certified this year and I have this crazy idea of trying to get a pilot's license next year. I ride a motorcycle in the summer when it's warm.

I'm a huge Seahawks fan but have been going through a crisis of conscience lately because of how violent it is. Did any of you seen the hit on Ricardo Lockette this year where he was unconscious for like five minutes? That is messed up, and I haven't been watching games since then. But I've been learning that football is *really* hard to quit!

Above all, my life is filled with my awesome and amazing friends (and their adorable children). Sometimes I imagine living somewhere else, but the idea of leaving all my friends tends to put the kibosh on that!
I’m really good at
Being friendly and endearing people to me. I'm a midwesterner and friendliness comes with the territory.

Listening, empathy, and communication. When stuff happens, I always want to talk about it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Good Will Hunting
Almost Famous
Bourne trilogy
Star Trek (the reboot)
500 Days of Summer
Forrest Gump

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pharrell Wiliams
Michael Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Daft Punk

Thomas Tallis
JS Bach
GF Handel
William Cornysh

The Office (I love this show to pieces)
South Park
The Wire
Mad Men
Silicon Valley
Law & Order

Sushi (and sake is the best alcohol)

University Libraries
The Suzzallo Reading Room (aka Hogwarts)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a cancer survivor. Lance Armstrong was my hero until it turned out he was a big douchebag.
You should message me if
You want to share in some excitement.