63 Baltimore, MD
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My self-summary
I’m a good listener, and I like to listen. I make my living as a craftsman in the classical music business and play part-time (30+ years now). I have a sense of mission to help people make music, and a strong appreciation of craftsmanship in general. I’m able to look at most things from a lot of different viewpoints - which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse!

I feel incredibly fortunate in a lot of ways. A supportive and loving family at a few levels and generations, including three grown kids, 2 grandsons here in town. I enjoy being around people. I love being able to walk my dog most mornings in the park nearby.

I try to recognize the joys of the moment. I practice yoga regularly, and have come to appreciate yoga’s richness. I love the arts, especially music, especially when it’s beautifully communicative. Laughing and light-heartedness are both important, but I can sometimes take myself too seriously. I try to be open and honest, and I treasure the same in relationships. I like learning new things.

Relationships require nurturing and careful, loving attention. They can be joyful at the most profound level.
What I’m doing with my life
Things I like to do: kayaking (got one in my basement), sailing, hiking, outdoors generally, concerts. museums, day trips to interesting places. Work in my little vegetable garden. I like architecture and find it fascinating to learn how buildings relate to local history. I enjoy the NY Times.
I’m really good at
Analyzing things; fixing things, little and sometimes big when it makes sense to do it myself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: 1491, A Clearing in the Distance, The Heart of Yoga, Mayflower, Year of Wonders, Kite Runner - they all come to mind from a number of years now.
Movies? Some that I remember and have stayed w/me over longer than a day or so: The Matrix, The King's Speech, Wall E, King of Hearts. Some chick flicks... Can't handle gory ones. Foreign ones interest me because they are different than the usual Hollywood stuff.
Music - I love Bach, and enjoy a wide range of "classical" music. I also find I connect w/folk music, especially female singers, some jazz (not the frenetic type), some pop if it's well done, country except when I soon get tired of the same subject (love, lost love, etc).
Food? I like most foods if they are prepared well. I lean in the direction of avoiding meat, but I'm not a vegetarian. I enjoy good wines and beers.