31 Livonia, MI
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My self-summary
In a nutshell I'm a generally cheerful, morally sound guy with a bit of a rebellious streak and a few additional quirks. You can always count on me for a laugh or an ear to listen, and i'm as loyal as a puppy dog minus the paper training....though I can't make promises about not digging up your back yard.... You can also count on me to be pretty blunt/honest with things.....
What I’m doing with my life
Getting back to "normal" and plotting the next adventure. I just got back in early august from 2 amazing months traveling across the northwestern part of North America. Now I'm back to work, healing up (long story) and enjoying each day while preparing for the next.
I’m really good at
being there for the people that I care about-I have some awesome people in my life, and I'm always open for more (hint hint)
The first things people usually notice about me
Some sort of combination of the silly grin that's usually adorning my face and my generally cheerful (sometimes annoyingly so..yes I can be THAT person at times) demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I definitely enjoy a good book, but I haven't read one in a while-maybe you have suggestions ?

As for movies and TV-I don't watch/see much of either, but I'm pretty adaptable though my tendencies would lean toward comedies or history/documentaries of some sort- I love to laugh and I love to learn

Music is a big part of who I am though-I'm a big supporter of the local music scene and love going to concerts, big or small (though nothing beats an intimate show at a small venue). I've got an appreciation for all types of music, especially if someone really put their heart and soul into it. However that being said, I'm a punk rocker at heart and love all forms of that genre-everything from bands like minor threat and the descendents, to bands like Less than Jake.

Food-I'm a total picky eater but I love pizza and eat....probably too much of it-though I refuse to accept that eating too much pizza is even possible :-P
The six things I could never do without
In no particular order:My close friends and family (pretty much one and the same and the most important "thing" I could list by far) , pizza, , Punk Rock in general, freedom ("murica f**K yeah" ) was that 6 ? does it matter? .
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Daydreaming about my next adventure, and working to make it a reality
On a typical Friday night I am
50/50 shot I'm either rocking out with friends at a concert, or staying in preparing for weekend shenanigans/road trips, which sometimes start on friday (wednesday is the new saturday- isn't that what all the kids these days say?)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to rock a comb-over straight out of the 80s-but I rocked it well into the 90s and early 2000s...oh well, my dad had a perm at one time.. so bad hair choices run in the family.. don't judge! ;-)
You should message me if
You're looking for a good guy, you want to share some laughs, you know a really good pizza place, you want to talk music, you want to tee-pee my house (do kids these days even do that anymore?) or some combination thereof or something I left out. Seriously though, you should message me, my mom picks my clothes out every morning and says I'm the most handsome guy she knows.. haha Ok, that last two I'm totally joking about, but if you like what you read you should totally message me or make some sort of not so subtle hint you're interested so I can message you. Definitely message me if you know a really good pizza place