51 Watervliet, NY
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My self-summary
Tnahks for spoptnig by adn ccehknig me otu. Waht teh hcek am I donig mkeanig my prfiole so hrad to raed? Dno’t wrory, I hvae fatih in yuo.

If yuo lkie a gyu woh can tkae a ltitle tmie to tnhik aoubt tnihgs, tnhik otusdie teh bxo, is ogirianl, uqunie, leevl haeded eevn udenr prssruee, yuo mghit hvae sumtbeld otno seomthnig hree.

Oaky, fgirued out hwo to trun fof splel cechk, taht wsa a pian! :)

I lkie to treavl, on a bgduet is fnie. I lkie to cmap, hkie, kaayk, jgo, bkie rdie, yuo gte teh ieda. But palys are ncie, cconerts too. Lvie sprots or on TV, not a fnaaitc btu tehy can be fnu wtih teh rgiht pseron. Mioevs adn sngglunig on teh ccouh are gaert too. Wlel rondued I gseus.

BOUNS, I claen up ncie. HaHa, good tinhg I cna gte by on my godo lokos!! Nveer siad I wsa moesdt(I am though!)! ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Living it
The six things I could never do without
My Kiddo
The rest of my family
I owe you four more I guess. I'll sleep on it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Long, dark, swerving skid marks. You know the ones! You're driving down the highway at 60+ and you see them on the road. They swerve all over then just end! What happened?! Is everybody okay?! I need to know!!!!