34 Elmhurst, NY
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My self-summary

As much as I want to be, I have a feeling this won't be brief. It's been quite some time since updating my profile, and coming across some well-written profiles, along with a heightened level of maturity, I've decided it's about that time. Here goes:

First, and foremost, I hope that by taking the time out to introduce myself, I can filter out the majority of women that I'm sure aren't for me.

If you haven't already noticed, my name is Larry (ask me why). I'm 34 years old. Single (not married, ladies). I live alone in Elmhurst, NY. I drive (my own car lol). I can pick up and leave as I please (I prefer a woman that can do the same). My parents are Dominican. Mami is from Barahona, and Dad is from Santiago. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I served in the US Navy from 99-03. Since then, I've found that my calling is in sales. "Money is not everything, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the must have it scale." And I have this chip on my shoulder that doesn't allow me to settle for anywhere near an average income. I find that "the biggest killer of human potential is comfort-zone". And so I don't allow myself to get comfortable. Naturally, I'm attracted to ambitious women. So sexy! I love a woman who's family-oriented. And if she's not as fortunate as I am, in regards to family, one who wants to be family-oriented. I'm very much a homebody and so I like homebody things. Movies, family, games, conversation, conversation, conversation- LOVE a woman who converses well! If you're someone who will text all day, but speechless when conversing, please save me the time now. LOOOOOOOOOVE FOOD!!! ESPECIALLY SEAFOOD!!! I'm supposed to be fat, but I really don't gain weight. But even if I did, I'd work it off. Ladies, I'm not a fan of obesity. I like meat, but not obesity. I love thick, but not obesity. I don't mind a little jiggle. But not obesity. If you're overweight, it's probably fine. If you're obese, don't bother. If you're uncomfortable in a bathing suit because of your size, you're probably not my type. I don't care about love handles and tiger stripes. Most men I know don't. I really don't know why some of you think otherwise. Since we're getting into preference, I tend to be most attracted to Latinas. Nothing against any other women at all. Maybe the one for me isn't Latina, but more than likely she is. It's not only a physical thing. It's a cultural thing. If you're unstable in any way, I'm not for you. I honestly feel I deserve better. I'm very attentive and, to be honest, I'm a baby when it comes to attention. Lol. I love the company of the woman I'm into. It's the easiest way to know if I'm really into you- the amount of my available time you're given. I don't cheat. I'm extremely faithful. I'm not secretive. I don't hide my phone. I don't keep my dating profile up if I'm taken. Lol. "There's nothing common about common sense." With that being said, I'm going to share my definition of cheating, and I welcome anyone to explain to me how the following definition is wrong.

Cheating- doing something that you would NOT do if your partner was CLEARLY AWARE of what you are doing.

Thankfully, to my knowledge, I've always been fortunate, and I'd like to keep it that way. How? By being faithful, attentive, selective, and committing when it feels natural. There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in someone, you stick around when it's convenient. When you're committed, you hold hands and fight through obstacles together, whether it's convenient or not.

Let's get away from this a bit. I'm naturally a real sarcastic guy. As a matter of fact, I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and Sarcasm. I'm very opinionated and debate confidently. I'm intelligent. I speak using logic and facts, not emotions. In other words, I speak like I'm always right. It doesn't mean I'm always right. It means I speak confidently. This trait of mine is often confused with being controlling. And so, I try to find a happy medium so that I can mesh well with others. Lol.

It's important to share with you that I'm very straightforward. I don't play games. If I'm with you, I'm hoping to be with you for the long run. Although I'm a clown, I'm actually very serious about life and relationships. I'm always thinking about marriage and having children. With that being said, you MUST be open to having children. That's not an option for me. I definitely want children. Speaking of children, I understand that being attentive is more difficult when you have children, but it's not impossible. One of my best friends has two children and she's attentive. My sister met the man who became her best friend and husband after having two children of her own. So it's tough, but not impossible. Ultimately, I like my attention, and if for whatever reason I don't feel my attentiveness is reciprocated, it discourages me from seeing you seriously.

Gym life! Let's discuss this a bit. I'm off and on myself, but I'm always fit. My passion has always been basketball, and I can still ball. If you ever wanted to see my true colors on full display, come watch me play ball. You'll see all my pros and cons in one session. Lol. It really matters to me that my partner is somewhat fit. I don't need a gym-freak, just someone who cares about her appearance and takes action on it. I'm not a go workout kind of guy. I'm a LETS workout kind of guy. My success with P90X and the fact that I don't gain weight is what keeps me from working out habitually. I get significant results in just a few weeks. So I'm pretty much an on and off switch with that. I'm thin, 170lbs. But I'm 5'11" and athletic. I'm not the bearded, very muscular, tatted up man that seem to get a lot of attention nowadays. I'm the funny, affectionate, passionate, caring, respectful, well-groomed, sharp, suited-up professional that works hard and wants to relax with the one girl he has the mental, physical, and emotional capacity for. Lol

I enjoy dancing very much. For the most part, I can only dance merengue, salsa, and bachata. Anything else is more me participating rather than shining. Lol. I'd say the liquor has a direct impact on how much I think I shine. But I'm no wallflower. Let's drink, laugh, and sweat. I say this but don't recall the last time I was in a club. I'll hit up a lounge from time to time. That's about it. I'm more of a restaurant kind of guy. And if you're one of those women that can cook and enjoys watching her man eat her food, I love you already. You make the world a better place.

I didn't create a rough draft and touch it up. I simply wrote this up between calls and text messages. I may have been all over the place here, but it's genuine and it's me.

Oh wait! If you were born with a penis, please do not write to me. I don't care what you do. Just keep it away from here. Thank you, kindly.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

It's about that time for me to be with the woman who becomes my best friend. I want to start my family. It's what I crave the most. Respect is absolutely paramount to me, so it starts there. Let's chat, let's talk, let's meet up.
What I’m doing with my life
I pretty much just focus on work. After work, I'm down for anything. I'm not much of a sleeper, but I'm very much a homebody.
I’m really good at
Lol. I'm very good in sales. So I'm a good listener and conversationalist. Basketball is my passion and I'm still pretty good on the court. My competiveness makes me good at a lot of things really.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not much of a reader. Although I'd like to change that. I like Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. I love reading philosophical stuff. Love quotes. I'm full of them myself. Seafood is, by far, my favorite kind of food, but I eat everything. As far as shows, I watch Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Empire, and the NBA channel. Music-wise, I mostly listen to hip-hop and r&b, but I enjoy all kinds of music with the exception of heavy metal and some country. Movies? Forget it. Too many to name.
The six things I could never do without
I'll try not to give this too much thought. iPhone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Having my own family and making more money.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm a homebody. Lol
You should message me if
you believe that respect is absolutely paramount and you're sincere. Regardless of what you and I amount to be, I believe respect and sincerity should never be compromised.