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76 M Helena, MT

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Jan 31, 2009
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My self-summary
What is there to say about a seventy year old man that will spark an interest in the opposite sex. My body is not what it used to be. My health is less then I wish it were. My financial situation is such that I must work to supplement my retirement income. I am of average height (5’ 11”), a little over weight, and not as fast on my feet as I used to be. So, the only way I know to entice your interest is to present an example of my thought process.

Sitting here, thinking about my life, I draw certain conclusions from my experience. The first of which is that I have spent the majority of my time, up until now, alone. The second thought that jumps to mind is that my life, baring brief moments of contentment, is less then fulfilling. Third, and most important is that I can do something to remedy my situation.

I know I am not alone in my isolation. Many, if not most, people are isolated in one sense or another, and become more so every day. Our society is structured in such a way that encourages isolation. With its emphasis on material possessions and outward appearance, our society drives a wedge between people, separating them from the essential requirements needed for community. When you cut away the fluff and stuff, there are five basic requirements needed to live.

Air fit to breath tops the list of the five essentials. With out air, life is only possible for as long as you can hold your breath. Next comes water untainted by poison. Then food to nourish the body. Shelter from the elements, and loving companionship, complete the list of five essentials. Every thing else is secondary, and tends to get in the way of fulfillment.

Our need to fulfill the vision of social acceptance created by those with less then societies best interest is at the heart of our problems. As we look hard at the choices we make, and make choices in the direction of a wholesome existence, the imagined necessities begin to fade away. For every item you do not require, and do not buy, the weight carried becomes lighter.

Eery beginning has an end. Measured against the fabric of universe, we remember only a fragment — a strand — of the tapestry. The past always behind us, the future yet to be. Without the experience of past, the future is left to chance. Chances are, left to chance, the future looks bleak. Yet there is, from time to time, a glimpse of a healthier way to manage our personal, and social lives. We need not be caught in a web spun by chance.

There are alternate universes existing in the mind of the beholder. At the beginning of every adventure — in this case, life — faith is a necessary ingredient. For an event to take place — transpire — three stages of thought occupy the mind. Though it may be difficult to discern the point of departure from one stage to another, there is faith at the beginning, doubt in the middle, and wisdom at the end.

Faith stands in for knowledge, a belief for what you hope is true. There is a vast difference between what you think is true and what is in fact true. Faith, hope, belief, are three interchangeable word symbols representing a can do consciousness. There’s no reason to make the effort if you don’t believe the goal is achievable. Blind faith is the state of mind where you know a goal is reachable even in the face of experience and knowledge to the contrary.

Doubt is the result of incomplete knowledge. At the beginning of all journeys there is no way to know the outcome. This is true for physical, mental, and spiritual journeys. You may believe, hope, or have faith, that a destination of your desire is achievable, but all the planing, study, prayer, or effort will not prevent the unexpected from happening. When the unexpected happens, and its effect is adverse to your perceived plans, doubt takes root in your mind.

Once you begin to question the course of your actions, you falter. At some point during a journey, doubt will raise its head. You question the wisdom of your past and current choices. This is good, faith propelled you in the direction you are going — it got you moving. Now it seems everything imaginable stands as an obstacle between were you are and where you wish to go. Do you submit to your doubts and stagnate? Do you push ahead in spit of inner turmoil? Do you turn back, trying to recapture a familiar time? Without doubt, you may miss the turn and fly off into extinction.

Life is a laboratory testing personal and social theories constructed in the effort to make existence more palatable. Physical pain is a warning that something is wrong with the body. Mental, or emotional pain, is a warning that our thought process is faulty. Doubt, a warning that some part of our world–view is not making sense. When our world–view is a odds with the realities of who and what we are, we are plagued by feeling of inadequacy, inconsistency, indecision, and depression. In short, we feel lost, and at odds with life.

Only a fool starts an adventure without faith of success. Fools are the food of chance. It is not enough to survive; one must hold hope of improvement. Faith that no matter the circumstances you will survive is the point of departure from despair. Despair is the child of neglect. Neglect is born of ignorance. Ignorance is the negation of reality. Reality is perfection.

Seeds of faith are born in the soil of discontent. When life is oh so wonderful, there is little need for thoughts of a better way, or for thought at all. It is when life is less then fulfilling that the mind begins to question the wisdom of business as usual. It takes discomfort to ignite the flame starting the imagination of possibilities if only … this is where it begins, first the questions, then a glimpse of the answer, then the belief that the vision is possible. Life will follow any dream leading away from the tedium of a torturous life.

Faith is nothing more the the belief that some future time holds a better life. Faith is nothing more then the belief that if you just keep going you will make it — paradise is just around the corner — there is an end to the disquiet you feel. The disquiet is some small voice within that keeps crying out that something is not right. In our effort to not rock the boat — jeopardize our imagined security — we ignore the voice of warning, silencing awareness.

I am genorious, good natured, and humorious
What I’m doing with my life
First and foremost I am enjoying my life to the fullest of my ability. There are those that perhaps consider my approach to life selfish as I do nothing not in my own best interest. I am currently holding down a forty hour―week temporary position while also starting a photography business.

Cooking is a favorite pastime when there are others to cook for (especially Chinese style). I read a lot, anything I get my hands on, when there is time. A few favorite books: every thing by Ayn Rand, though I am liberal in my thoughts, Daniel Quinn, self help etc, etc.

Sports as spectator activities hold little interest; I always thought that was something you got together on weekends with friends at the park to do. All those that enjoy, good on ya. Road trips are a favorite activity when time and money permit. I could go on and on, but then we would not have unexplored avenues to travel together in person.
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