32 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
I like good beers, good conversation, and fun activities. Fun activities for me usually involve a bike, a snowboard, or cheeky shenanigans.....

I work as a software engineer at a startup (didn't see that one coming did you?) and I like riding bikes and trying all the awesome random things the bay area has to offer!

I'm a fairly extroverted person with a few bouts of introversion to recharge. As a result, I really love making people laugh and being outgoing while at the same time relaxing in my pajamas in front of my fireplace watching Bojack Horseman on Netflix while trying to resist the urge of eating the entire gallon of ice cream.

This pretty much sums up my ideal match
What I’m doing with my life
Living in Duboce Triangle.
Working in SoMa.
Riding my bike everywhere.
Doing Brazilian Jujitsu (I've been doing BJJ and MMA for about 6 years now).
Going to SF Game Night with coworkers and friends.
Flying to Denver and Park City to go snowboarding because Tahoe never gets snow :'(

Edit: It looks like Tahoe is actually getting snow this year! My epic pass is serving me well!
I’m really good at
-Making Banana Bread
-Man Cuddling (aka Brazilian Jujitsu)
-Eating Banana Bread
The first things people usually notice about me
A toss up between my warm smile and my distinct lack of pants.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fun fact. I can't read.....

Old Boy (the original), The Martian, etc...

Good BBQ (would love to find good choices in SF)

I listen to everything *except* country. Funny, seeing as I'm from Nashville (also funny that I love bluegrass). Some examples including but not limited to: Bonobo, Alt-J, Phoenix, Rage Against the Machine, The Dirty Heads, Phantogram, Cold War Kids, Wild Cub, Tom Petty, Cream, Clapton, Alabama Shakes, RJD2, Chromeo, The Roots, Stevie Wonder....yea this can go on forever. Give my Spotify a listen sometime and judge for yourself

Don't watch a whole lot of tv but Archer is one of my favorites.
Also, Bojack Horseman is pretty legit. And Daredevil is pretty awesome. Ok so let's face it, we all have netflix and we all watch it and pretend it's not the same thing as watching TV....
Edit: I'm adding Rick and Morty to the list.....this show just gets me...
The six things I could never do without
-My gym membership that I never use
-My gym membership that I actually use
-Snuggies (Slanket is an acceptable substitute, only because it sounds like Skank)
-A sense of humor
-My Bike(s). I'm going to be really sad when someone steals it :'(
-My Bike Lock(s). See above....
-The spare money I have set aside for when my bike(s) do(es) get stolen so I can get (a) new bike(s) :'(
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How much I miss Nashville.
How much I don't miss Nashville.

How to Bonsai a Japanese Maple

How to convince my roommates to let me get a pet hedgehog. Although this isn't really a good idea in reality since technically I was the one watching my friend's pet chinchilla when it made it's way into the apartment walls. I like to think it found other chinchillas living inside and went on to live a long happy life....

Where can I find the spiciest thai food?

Why are flip flops not called flip flips? They never alternate the sound they make. It's always the same *flip* *flip* *flip* *flip* sound.
On a typical Friday night I am
Exercising my liver.

Exploring SF (unless it's the Tenderloin). I'm looking for new and interesting ideas outside my comfort zone (unless it's in the Tenderloin), so if you have any, feel free to let me know :D

Sometimes going to Oakland. Oakland is pretty awesome it turns out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I type lol, I don't always laugh out loud

I allowed myself to be talked into watching Spring Breakers.....and I loved it.

I love watching youtube videos where I can learn something really random and geeky. Case in point

I'm topp-y/domm-y/ggg/whatever
You should message me if
You like my hat.

You hate my hat.

You agree with me that hotdogs should be classified as a sandwich.

You're openminded.

If you want to play shuffleboard. I've found a few good bars in the city with it and am always down for a beer and a game.

Ok all jokes and cheeky stuff aside, lets highlight some really important things about myself:

1) I don't want children. Knowing this up front is really important when it come to long-term dating.

2) I'm pretty open minded/kink friendly. If you're not up for this, chances are that our chemistry won't be there sexually.

3) I'm mostly monogamish (note, not poly).

I know that these 3 things will ultimately limit my overall appeal, but I don't really want to be wasting people's time when it comes to long term potential.