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My self-summary

Thank you for stopping by.

People find me a good listener: honest, open, and intelligent. I work for balance and growth in my life between my mind, heart, soul, body, et al. Balance between work, re-creation, & learning. I'm looking for one woman who also values and uses these parts of herself. Who is also willing to do her part, the effort, of building & maintaining a relationship. (Have you heard the joke that in a successful one, both partners feel they are doing over 55% of the work? ; - )

I enjoy good meanders, where the place, company, & what unfolds helps choose the path:

- from a stream to a mountain,

- from Newbury Street to Madison Avenue.

- from a barrier beach to a forest,

- from Portland (either coast ;-) to London (pick one ;-).

I love people and other forms of nature, as well as science, architecture and the fine arts -- both at home and when I travel. It's a rare week I don't poke my soul into a museum, gallery, attend a lecture, or see a play. I find high places, sunsets, roses/irises (mine and others), the NY Times (NY, Europe, & Asian editions), the Charlie Rose Show, the outdoors, good books, PBS, and people inspiring.

I bicycle, walk, gentle yoga, and meditate for my body and soul.

I'm car-free by choice. Beside bicycling & walking, I use public transit.

I'm looking for good companionship and hopefully more friends on the way to finding a woman who is my soulmate and best friend to share our lives.

I have no children, but enjoy my neicphews, their parents, and grandparents (including the in-laws ;-).

Home is on a SSW facing hillside in Somerville, MA, with gardens, views, and great light.

I'm retired from doing computer system design. That was mixed in with the activism of the software freedom movement.

I seek a woman with whom I can weave a rich tapestry of glances, thoughts, experiences, words, touches, memories, and all we and life has to offer each other.

The quality of who we each are and of our interaction is key. I wish us to be both fascinated and fascinating, adding zest to our lives even when we aren't together.

I am intriguing, diverse, cool (yet warm), & fascinating ; - )
The first things people usually notice about me
If we ever meet, you can tell me!
(What did you notice from my profile? ; - } )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy adventures that mix frIends, strangers, intelligence, complexity, simplicity, subtlety, elegance, diversity, sophistication, ... . At times, unpredictable.


Books I like include: http://www.art.net/~tower/reading.html. I am widely read in science fiction, though have not read much of it in recent decades. I read extensively in science, technology, history, ethics/morals/religion/sociology/philosophy/psychology/yoga (perhaps names for the same thing??), architecture/planning, home repairs, right livelihood, etc.


Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Walt Whitman, e. e. cummings, Piet Hein, Sark, et al.


I prefer live theatre to the silver screen, including The Danger Ensemble.

I usually find student and community theatre more spontaneous, innovative, and genuine than professional. I have enjoyed the recent blossoming of immersive theatre, which breaks Brecht's fourth wall, including Sleep No More, The Graveyard Book, Speakeasy Dollhouse, et al.

I also enjoy the community service of ushering at local venues.

Though I prefer live theatre, favorite movies include To Kill A Mockingbird, the versions of Walt Disney's Fantasia. Intrigued by Cloud Atlas. Most films by Kim Novak, Katherine Hepburn, & Sidney Poitier.


i prefer live music (not recorded) and performance, often together, including singer/songwriter, cabaret, jazz, musical theatre, opera, and classical.


Musicians I like include: Amanda Palmer & Brian Vigilone both solo & in The Dresden Dolls [and Amanda with her newest band The Grand Theft Orchestra], Singer Mali & her instrumentalists in Jaggery as well as her ORG shows, Crystal Bright & her band Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, Holly, M@Niss & their band HUMANWINE, Valerie Thompson & Vessela Stoyanova both solo & in Goli, Linda Viens & Emily Grogan both solo & in their band Angeline, Kim Boekbinder & Zoe Boekbinder both solo & as Vermilion Lies, Zoe Keating, Jason Webley, Sxip Shirey both solo and in the Luminescent Orchestrii, Walter Sickert & his vaudevillians in the Army of Broken Toys, the Beatles, the Doors, et al.


I eat low-glycemic vegan (for health & ethical reasons). Within that choice, I love just about everything, that is well prepared and tasty. I lean to fresh, natural and organic sources. I prefer subtlety and complexity in spicing rather than bland or wild fire in the mouth. I seek out gourmet quality vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, though I'll eat at any decent one. I also enjoy sharing sensual nutrition creation (a.k.a. cooking ; - ).

Particular favourites include: gazpacho, winter and summer soups, subtle complex stews, salads, smoothies, asparagus, broccoli, portebello mushrooms, dark chocolate, and hummus.


Books, wind chimes, tools, family heirlooms, comfy chairs, rainbow makers, wood crafts, bicycles, spaces that delight and help, the well designed, ...

Objects d'Art:

Fine arts, painting, ceramics, sculpture, architecture, landscaping, ...
The six things I could never do without
The obvious: gravity, air, water, warmth, sleep, food, health
{influenced by Maslov's hierarchy of needs. ; - }

The sublime: sunsets/sunrises/double rainbows/falling stars/aurorae/eclispes/light in all it glories, beaches, movement/walks/yoga/bicycling, theatre/books/arts, roses/irises/flowers, mystery.

Note that people are not "things".
I can't do without them,
especially family & friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What you'll be like ...
Climate change

The human condition

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
On a typical Friday night I am
not typical. & why only "Friday"? ; - }

But as OK Cupid asked, a sampling:

- seeing a play
- experiencing cabaret
- headed off for the weekend

mapping out:
- yard sales to go to
- what is next in my garden, or inside my home
- a quiet evening at home
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
-- then it wouldn't be private...

and i would have to keep re-answering,
until nothing was private anymore!!!

; - }

(partly inspired by the computer science technique of recursion)

Taking a different tack:
sharing private things
the level of trust gained over time, with shared experiences & responsibles
go hand-in-hand.
So if you like to know more about the private me,
message me and get to know me.
You should message me if
You are open to honesty, and
value compassion and intellect...

I'm open to dating carnivores,
sport-car owners,
and people who groom in ways I don't.
Who respect me for the choices I make for myself.

You're rewarded a Green star for reading this far.
A Silver star if you look over some of my tests and Q&A.
And a Gold star if you message me!
(The Platinum star reward program details are available on request after you gotten to know me ; - )

If you want to know more about me first.
I have comments on many of my answers to OK Cupid's questions.
Or just click The Two of Us near the top of this page, if you want to see all my answers.
{If you see Y’all Got Issues,
- perhaps we're about to prove 'opposites attract".
; - }

Happy browsing!