33 Baltimore, MD
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My self-summary
Like many people in the city, I am a transplant to Baltimore (one year and counting). I welcome any and all advice on the subject as well as recommendations on restaurants, places to visit, and of course, places to avoid. I’m always up for an O’s game and a beer or maybe you want to explore one of the many neighborhoods. I keep making trips to DC and I feel like I never spend enough time in the city to appreciate everything there is to see and do. I’m happy to spend an afternoon or evening with a local tour guide. I’m originally from southern WV, but thankfully I come with an education and lacking an accent.

I have a great group of friends (scattered around the world) and they keep my life interesting. I also have an awesome family. I hope you have the same. I joke that I come with travel perks because my two closest friends live in Germany and Munich feels like my other home. I can have a suitcase packed in a matter of minutes, where do you want to go?

I spent the past few years traveling as much as possible, exploring, and challenging myself. I adopted a new mantra for life: "Life is short - do what makes you happy with the people you love in the places that are special," and it's made me a better person. I'm far more humble, I appreciate the little things in life, I have a greater acceptance of people, think the smallest gestures of kindness can make the greatest impact, and I feel like all of this has prepared me for whatever is next in life.

I love being introduced to new things and like to take a bit of something from each person in my life. Do you have an interest or hobby you want to share? I'm up for learning, participating, etc.

I cannot shake the desire to climb Kilimanjaro and hike the Appalachian Trail. INTP, without a doubt.
What I’m doing with my life
Running makes me happy. Do you run? Do you want to go for a run, preferably somewhere in the woods? I'm not sure I'll ever quite adapt to road running after trail running in WV. This is my calm, collected, work out the issues in life place. I really miss mountains. I am willing to negotiate, however, so I'm perfectly happy to be outside doing something: hiking, exploring, sitting in the sun telling stories. Always looking for someone to teach me more about climbing - I'm terrible at bouldering but highly enthusiastic!

On any given day:
Serenading the furry entourage or people around me in traffic, having random 30 second dance parties while out running (no shame), learning Nepali without context from my very loud downstairs neighbors, making the same healthy breakfast and dinner every night, making or cleaning up a random mess in my house, making friends with strangers while out and about, slowly becoming versed in Judaism because of my neighborhood, fighting the subliminal pressure from Whole Foods to become vegan.

My background is accounting and I work a normal 8-5 job playing with numbers, paperwork, and customers for a small company in Baltimore.

I'm also birthing a book. Call it what you want, but "writing a book" just doesn't do justice to the commitment and labor involved.
I’m really good at
•Procrastinating about certain things
•Artsy stuff
•I can find a book store in any random town. I have some natural navigation that leads me right to them.
•Buying books - it makes moving awful
•Making tea and leaving empty mugs around my house
•Living out of a suitcase
•Not unpacking those suitcases when I get home
•Wrapping my earbuds in a secure fashion that keeps them becoming an infuriating knot between uses

Reading your profile and not writing to you. I'm shy at first, so you've been warned.
The first things people usually notice about me
•Giant smile
•Huge laugh
•Long legs
•I'm the tall one in pictures with friends.
•I'm the quiet one in most situations.

I've been told I come off as intriguing, a bit mysterious, and curiously challenging (in a positive way). Whatever I'm saying, it probably comes out in a Jon Stewart-ish way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
•House of Cards, OITNB, Shameless, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Wire, Band of Brothers, Justified, Louie

•Serial (I'd like Sarah Koenig to provide a continuous background commentary in my life), an assortment of podcasts, NPR, PRI, Lithium and XMU on XM, and a bunch of other band and musicians that I'm not going to take the time to list. I've viewed some rather extensive lists on other profiles, wow.

•Candide, The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Walk in the Woods, On the Road, A Separate Peace, Slaughterhouse-Five, Prague Winter, L’Étranger, The House of God, Intern Blues, Once a Runner, Into Thin Air, Born to Run, Eat and Run, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, ASOIAF. I have an gargantuan and ever evolving list of books to read. Feel free to tell me some of your favorites to add to my list!

•Dead Poets Society, Field of Dreams, High Fidelity, Everything is Illuminated, This is 40

•Pancit, pho, tiramisu, schweinebraten und knödl, black currant sorbet, Hugo. I'm offering a large reward to the first person who can find me a decent German style döner kebab in the USA.
The six things I could never do without
•My furry, quadruped entourage
•RSVP fine point, black
•Ocean and remote mountain trails
•Ability to take off and travel
•Running shoes
Bonus answer: Cole Haan loafers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This varies on the day and mood...
•Going from accountant to something else that I find more fulfilling, which has yet to be determined.
•What time is it in Germany?
•I'm hungry, is it time to eat?
•Relocating to Europe, specifically Munich or Vienna. I don't know that it would ever happen, but I enjoy my time there and proximity to friends.
•I should go run.
•Where am I going to park?

My affinity for bullet points and the Oxford comma.

An important man once said to me, "Don't ever settle because you're too good for that." I wonder where that ideal match is and when he might show up. My parents and grandparents have been happily married for years. I question whether those old values and dedication still exist. While I desire an extraordinary life, I appreciate the simplicity of an older time.
On a typical Friday night I am
There are a variety of answers, one no better than another: Roaming aimlessly in the grocery store, frowning at a laundry basket, running, out for walk somewhere in the city, catching an O's game, perfecting my napping, enjoying post-work silence with a book, playing "Where do you want to go eat?" with friends...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I recently found out some friends got together and nominated me to be on The Bachelor. I've never watched the show, but get the basic idea. While I'm flattered by their interest, I'm not up for compromising my beliefs to win a semi-scripted reality show. Slightly worried that my friends think my dating life is so terrible that they need to intervene...
You should message me if
You understand the value of dating one person at a time.
You aren't on a mission to find a Harvard educated supermodel who makes astonishing money. I'm a normal woman. I'm okay with this.
You don't require validation from pretentious affairs and endeavors. I'm going to like you for you, not the obscure things you find to distinguish yourself from everyone else.
You can beat me at trivia.
You're that good Catholic boy my dad keeps telling me to find, but I'm really satisfied with just the "good guy" part.
You're educated and established.
You can make me laugh and introduce me to new and interesting things.
I come with a furry entourage and we are a package deal. You are okay with this.
You have a great family.
You are up for any adventure.

There is a new restaurant you want to try and you need a cute, fearless female date who will eat anything.
You want to go run, climb, swim, whitewater raft, explore a new place, or _______ and are in need of a lovely, enthusiastic companion.

If you have kids, smoke, or don't have an active lifestyle, we aren't a good match. Also, if you love Ayn Rand, just... no.