22 Del Mar, CA
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My self-summary
The best way to summarize a person is to talk to them for long periods of time and just get out as much of their story as you can out of them. Once you get as much as you can out only then can you analyze the parts that you remember and finally you have a summary of that person.

Also I am not my age. I've been told by many I am too young for this or what not. But I've had plans for my life since I was eight and those have obviously changed quite a bit but I've never really felt my age. One of the problems of having an old soul as my mom has called it.

I love to talk to myself. No I'm not crazy it is just often nice to reason out loud.
I have a broad variety of interests. I love staying active whether that means going on hikes or waking up early to squeeze in a spin class before work or even just walking around the block in the evenings. I used to dance a few years back - I did all types of social dances: West Coast Swing, Cha Cha Chat, Rumba, Samba, Nightclub-2- Step, as well as artistically grooving to the music. I love to read classic literature, any sci fi reads concerning possible futuristic dystopias, an occasional romance novel which serves as my comedic relief, and poetry from both the greats and blossoming writers. I have a queue of about 200 movies on netflix with the whole range of cinematography represented there- although I have a interest in quite a few popular movies the ones that really inspire me the most are either the low budget movies made about topics I can easily relate to or the sundance films. But my queue has documentaries, chick flicks, action, drama pretty much the whole range of things.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am finishing at UCSD getting my Bachelor's degree in Human Biology and Political Science.

I want to use my knowledge of politics to really help the world and combine that with my prowess for biology. I dream of either working as a pediatrician or perhaps my loftier goal is to work at the W.H.O. where I can take that doctor's degree and put it to good use for the whole world.
I’m really good at
Talking... give me any topic I can talk about it I can make conversations go smoothly even though it doesn't seem they will I can trick you into talking about what I want to talk about.
I'm fantastic at being myself - an indescribable ball of ever changing matter.
The first things people usually notice about me
I hope that they notice my spunky personality and my love for life.
Also often people notice my bright smile and alluring eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food is always just straight up favorite. I like to try new cuisine and explore. I kind of like to do that with most things.

My music tastes could be best summarized with these words: ratchet, edm-ey, indie pop, top 40, modern classy country.
My top artists right now are AlunaGeorge, Calvin Harris, New Politics, Odesza, Fleetwood Mac.
The six things I could never do without
My jewelery that keep me close to the family that isn't near by

My tea... Yes I'm a tea snob. I like my tea straight! And I have a variety of teas that I will always drink. If you think Lipton is good tea you need my help.

My family/friends. I am very much a people person and I hold all my friends and family in high regard. My friends matter a lot in my life and have my back every step of the way. I have gone through a lot this past year and although I have lost a few friends most of them have stuck by me through thick and thin and I am going to do the same. My family is especially important to me; I live at home but without them but I can't imagine parting with them for much to long although we have our regular disagreements. My mom is pretty much an awesome goddess best friend and all around amazing person. I have a really big heart so I am always open to more friends and an expanding family.

Happiness- I am a generally joyful person so without happiness no matter how small it maybe I just can't survive. Even in the toughest times its the little wonders that get you through. The rain that makes the rainbow or gives the flowers the ability to grow. The wind that can push you back but also challenge you to move forward.

The sixth thing is learning. I am forever lustful for knowledge. Curious by all around me.
On a typical Friday night I am
I might be at home curled up with my tea a good book and or netflix.
I might be hanging out with my sisters doing all sorts of girly stuff.
I might be kicking back with my best friend gossiping and half doing homework.
I might be sitting in the lab trying to make my experiments work especially perfecting my Western technique!
I might be calling my parents talking to them because I miss then bunches.
I might be having a glass of wine and cleaning.
Or I might just be finding my next craft to do, new interest to explore, or next language to master
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've learned how to cook meat but I still have a ferritin and iron deficiency. This was mostly out of necessity because when the doctor says no carb (I live more on the spectrum of very low carb) you don't end up with a lot of options. Sometimes genetics really screws you over - thanks ancestors because of you I can't enjoy bread regularly =.=
You should message me if
You want to .....
-get to know me
-grab a very capitalist coffee/tea with me at a Starbucks and argue whether capitalism is good or bad
-enjoy a delightfully intense, thoughtful, semi philosophical conversation on almost anything ranging from the metaphysics of cupcakes to what is the meaning of life? (let me tell you....42:P)

you can be....
-accepting and understanding of many different perspectives in life
-understanding that meeting up with me doesn't guarantee you a romantic relationship with me but can lead to friendship (and rarely so that treasured relationship_
-open to trying new things
-thoughtful and respectful to my views and opinions as they are strong and are vital to my character

I'm looking to get to know genuine people potentially interested in dating me.