51 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
Summaries are difficult. First off, how do you write a paragraph that accurately describes yourself? Ok hmmm...well here's a start---we'll call it the 'good parts version'. :D

I am. Multi-faceted. Evolving. Nice guy. Creative. Smart. Funny. Romantic. Loyal. Thoughtful. Expressive. VERY. :P Believe in balance. (And striving to achieve that) Hard-working. (Too hard-working actually...need a lil more balance there. Working on it.) Interested in process, not just the result. Goofy sometimes (sometimes, more than just sometimes) :O Spider-phobic. (Long story. A couple actually.) :S ENTJ, for Myers Briggs fans. Altho I think I have 'Introvert' tendencies too. 🙈 Oh, & humble. No, really. 😉

IG: andy91164

Life is good for the most part, but it feels like the right time to find my 'partner in crime'. Not in the 'Bonnie & Clyde' sense, just to be clear. ;)
Just like the idea of exploring this crazy thing called Life w/someone by my side, eventually.

Oh & I'm looking for someone to play 'Zombie Cribbage' with. So bonus points for that. 😉
What I’m doing with my life
Working on my new/biggest tattoo. (Well, I'm not actually doing the work. I just endure the pain. And like it. Apparently.)
Attempting to balance career/ other career/ home (aka Project Central), & raising 3 cats-pretending-to-be-dogs.
Trying to figure out if there is a productive and/or profitable use for cat hair.
Bossing pretty people around. (OK that's just @ work)
Looking for new experiences, & re-testing my reactions to the old experiences.
Exploring this great city/ area. Been here all my life, but still love to call the NW home.
Recently, started biking again. Want to go? :)
Trying to understand it all.
I’m really good at
Problem solving.

Organizing. Better @ other people's things. For myself, it's more of a chaotic organization. Not sure why. :P Work in progress.

Listening. Altho I'm more of an active listener...I ask questions.

Seeing the positive.

Trivia. Anything but sports. Or country music. Or politics. Blah.

Kissing. No I'm not professional or anything. Just sayin. ;)

Sewing. Well I should be, I've been doing it long enough. :O

You tell me.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the person/ situation I guess, but usually:

My smile/laugh.

Tattoos. They're there. And growing. Thoughtfully. Over time. Not like a rash or something.

Facial hair. It's there. What can I say, I'm now a full-on beardo. (Not in a ZZ Top-Hipster-Amish Farmer-kinda-way tho) ;)

My ethnicity. Like...what is it? :P

My...age (I guess?) People think I'm a lot younger. Actually, I think I'm alot younger. :P Immaturity & preservatives in the modern diet, those are my secrets.

You tell me. Or maybe don't. Then I'll be all self conscious like. :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(Not necessarily) In order of importance:

MOVIES: SO many...everything from Baraka to Dark Knight; love directors Hitchcock, Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, Peter Greenaway, Tarsem Singh; very visual, so I like movies w/good costuming (& it's helpful if it's accurate) & interesting lighting. And good writing of course. In any language. And pretty much every time period from silent films to the present.

SHOWS: Lots of documentaries, especially nature & history; Game of Thrones; Downton Abbey; Project Runway (I guess that's a given); Tudors; Boardwalk Empire; Star Trek (almost all of them...yes I'm raising my geek flag); Sex & The City; American Horror Story; not so much on reality TV, unless they're doing something interesting, like Amazing Race. All the Housewives of Fill In The Blank
bug me, so if I do get tricked into watching, I usually end up yelling @ the TV.

MUSIC: Again, a huge range of styles/artists. Pretty much
everything EXCEPT country. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic. Oh and the sound of Dave Matthews voice too. Definitely allergic. Sorry, NW Dave fans. It's ok, I'll suffer in silence. (Mostly.) 😉
Alot of electronic/ambient/old/new/hiphop/dance/ballad/classical.
It's a mashup & they're all mixed together in my mind. Just like my ITunes, on permanent shuffle. :D

FOOD: Yummy food. Not a food snob, but I LOVE to eat (& cook) various yummy things. My last relationship, I realized, we spent an awful lot of time discussing/planning the next meal. And I guess it stuck a little. :D
My new thought is to try to make dishes w/only 5 ingredients. Working on that.
DONTs: scallops...again, allergic. Really. Not so much on seafood in general. Except tuna/maguro sushi, go figure.
DOs: yummy ramen/noodles (I was born this way), lavender ice cream, seared brussel sprouts, MARZIPAN...the list is too long, you'd stop reading. :O

BOOKS: Reading 'Game of Thrones' books right now. Great HBO series too... :D
The six things I could never do without
Never do without? Well, I dont know re that, but here are things that i really enjoy...

My morning cup of coffee.
Internet. Or a connection to the world outside in general.
My cats/family/friends. My 'pack', & in no particular order. :D
Shoes. Both functional & aesthetic. Don't judge now. :P
That's more than 6. Does this mean I'm needy? Or greedy? :O

I will negotiate for more than 6 items. ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Right now.
How things/people/actions fit in the world. Feelings.
Cause & effect.
How to be better/ faster/ harder/ stronger.
What my cats would be saying if they were talking.
Places to explore/ things to experience.

Changes all the time. Ask if you'd like an update. ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
Working. Trying to get the hell outa the office. :O
Designing. It'll be a long nite.
Relaxing. Hopefully something involving yummy food & good conversation.
If I have a bikeride/ hike/ other on Sat AM, lamenting that I have to go to bed so early :O
See other. :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is a trick. If it's private, then I wouldn't write it on here, in the public domain.
I do have funny stories, but that happens when I get to know you.

What is the 1st Rule of Fight Club?

I will say this: Ideally, I'd like to meet someone w/the potential to be a true partner; someone w/whom I could share everything; someone who enriches & strengthens me (& vice versa); someone I could be quiet with...

Until that time, I have Sleep Sheep. And cats. O geez. :O
You should message me if
...you like long random walks w/even more random talks. Sometimes, ice cream is involved.
... you are smart/ funny/ genuine/ thoughtful/ loyal/ passionate/ open/ communicative/ not conservative/ affectionate/ kind/ capable of monogamy; at least 3 of these things resonate... :P
... you're serious enough to not take yourself too seriously. :)
...you like what you read/see/etc.
...you want to...

NOTE: You should NOT message me if...
...you want online chat friends.
...you are a serial dater who lives for the chase/ conquest/ new experience (& that's it)
...you are racist/ ageist/ sexist/ etc-ist. Basically, any form of small- mindedness that becomes an 'ist'.
...you are completely self-focused & view the entire world as an extension of yourself. (Not to be confused w/confidence) :P

If you made it this far, then...just do it already. ;)