41 Chandler, AZ
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My self-summary
Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm Jeff!! I just turned another year older on Oct 16 - Live in Chandler. I'm originally from Detroit, I have been in AZ for 15 years now - I am an Sr. Financial Systems Analyst for a traffic safety company. I love my career and the company I work for even though I find myself working a bit more that I should. This years New Year Resolution #1-Work less and play more which has been working out pretty good, the only drawback to that is not having someone to spend all my newly found free time with. I am into things like snowboarding, off roading, camping, hiking, sight seeing, taking the road less traveled, being touristy, traveling, going out and having fun and SO much more! I am very versital when it comes to music; I listen to a lot of punk and ska music, I also love old skool R&B and hip-hop, jazz, big band, classical, rock, 80's/90's 'hair' bands, some metal - I am very open when it comes to music. I might be a little rough around the edges at times, but I clean up real nice and am very well mannered. I still live everyday of my life with the Midwest morals and values my parents instilled in me growing up. The golden rule applies in every aspect of my life every single day. I am an Glass Half Full kinda person even when it seems like my glass may be empty - I always look on the brighter side of things because it could always be worse. I guess I'd say I'm an old school romantic kinda guy, I truly enjoy the little things in a relationship - I'm a door opener, chair puller-outter, unexpected kiss giver, hand holder, compliement giver. I'm the kind of guy you can take home to mom and dad yet still have a blast with when hanging out with friends. I'm goofy, sarcastic and can definately take it as much as i can can dish it.

Its starting to be that time of year again - time for some off-roading, hiking and camping action!
Doors off: Check!
Roof off: Check!
Camping gear: Check!
Camera: Check!
Co-pilot/navigator/someone special...DOH!! I knew I was missing something super important!

Now accepting applications!

My friends and I try to get out on the trails - either off roading or hiking (or both) every chance we get.

Let's let the adventures begin!!

I realize all this makes it sound like I'm am constantly on the go and while I do like to be active, I sure do know how to slow it down and relax. I love lazy days! I'd say I'm a pretty darn good cook and I love the days where I have time to go all out and whip up something amazing. I also love laying out by the pool on the hammock, enjoying some wine by a fire, or chillin out on the couch with a great movie and someone to cuddle with. I don't watch a lot of TV shows but I like all kinds of movies. I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy.

What am I looking for?? I guess the same thing that everyone else is: A best friend, someone to share the good (and bad) times with, someone who appreciates the little things like holding hands, random kisses, big-long hugs and never wanting to let go, spending time doing anything and everything and nothing together - I want someone who is ready to experience this life to fullest with someone special - the usual stuff, right? But being single I don't really get a chance to get out there and do alot of the things I enjoy - thats where you come in :)

FYI: I consider myself an equal opportunity dater - Race, age, height, weight are not issues with me :)

My current motto:

If you're not gonna laugh with me, at least hopefully you're laughing AT me :)
What I’m doing with my life
Living everyday as if it were my last! Trying to have as much fun as possible before I get too old to have so much fun! Wondering if I will ever meet the woman of my dreams.
I’m really good at
Stuff & things. Being a good friend, living life to the fullest, finance, snowboarding, off roading, cooking, making people feel appreciated, making the best out if the worst
The first things people usually notice about me
I am told often its my eyes. While they are usually a deep blue color, they change constantly... anywhere from emerald green to hazel and all shades of blue
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I don't read alot of books, but those I do are either related to my career, real life adventures, and house improvements.
Movies: I'm a Romantic Comedy kinda guy. I love a good action flick too.
Food: Honestly, I'll eat just about anything. I love sushi! The only food I'm not a big fan of is cottage cheese - theres something not right about it, like chewing milk (and I love milk)
The six things I could never do without
My amazing Family, Good Friends, Good health, good times, romance & Cecil (the 4Runner)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The next stage in my life - whatever that will be
Spending time with a special someone doing things we both enjoy
Planning the next fun and exciting adventure
On a typical Friday night I am
Geeze - there isn't too many things about me that are "typical" Friday nite could be anything from going to the movies, off roading/camping, swimming, sitting out by the firepit, game night with close friends, cooking up something delicious then movies on the couch, or (the only real typical thing) doing nothing at all :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm, I'm not sure about this one. My life is an open book. I have nothing to hide plus I feel like everything comes out in time so there is no need in trying to keep anything from someone.
You should message me if
If you see anything in my profile that interests you, I'd love to hear about it