33 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
They say 'money can't buy you happiness'. That's grade school thinking, because it depends on what makes you happy. So... for example if material things such as jewellery or vanity items make you happy then sure. Money can buy you happiness. If drugs, sex and alcohol make you happy, then yes again, money can buy plenty of that.
It's harder for money to buy you thing such as loyalty, and perhaps a family, and there are plenty of people who would be happy with these things. Similar to this; dream, drive and ambition cannot really be purchased on an open market place, nor can a sense of purpose or meaningful work be bought, and a sense of accomplishment can be inexpensive, and there are many people who are happy having these things. Generosity, kindness, and other altruistics can also lead to happiness, and in this case often a shared happiness among many individuals.
Now don't get me wrong, you will be probably be unhappy if you can't afford to pay your phone bill (unless you like having bad credit), and there is definite positive correlation to long term happiness and income earned. Can money buy you love? Although similar to this, its another discussion, and for me it's not the absolute 'no' idealist are always toting, its more complex than that I believe.

Anyways looking for someone to compliment my life, not complicate it. I spend a lot of my free time at the gym, Ideally looking for someone who also enjoys an active lifestyle... smart, can't forget smart, and funny is good too :).
A pretty face, a beautiful mind and a noble heart.

More about me in the 'interest' section.

That's all I can think of for now :). Good luck everyone.

"It could go terribly wrong, but f*ck it." Anon

P.S. If you're old enough to be my mother, come on... quit playing. lol

What I’m doing with my life
Living it :P
I’m really good at
investing (sometimes lol!),
being a hopeless romantic, lmao
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm generally polite and courteous, and generally reserved. However i can be quite sarcastic, and the more sarcastic you get the more sarcastic i get lol. I guess it's all about who you are around.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
favorite movies: fight club, lord of the rings probably a whole lot more
favorite shows: chapelle show, game of thrones, south park, simpsons, many 90s early 2000s sitcoms
music: hip hop, pop, soft rock
food: anything no high calorie fast food in general
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the future
a potential partner
whats right and whats wrong
On a typical Friday night I am
at the gym
out in town entertaining myself and others
You should message me if
If you think I'm attractive... :P