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37 M San Francisco, CA

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Today – 8:47am
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
Body Type
Strictly vegan
Other, and laughing about it
Virgo, and it’s fun to think about
Dropped out of space camp
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Doesn’t have kids
Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
hi love! QUICKMATCHers my username is lorenwhat

some quix & caveats:
my "age" is 1 Loren » but this body has been around that star 37 times & still loox/ feels/ functions like 22. I'm far more creative than most people You'll ever meet » but haven't much to show for it. my sense of humor is on 97.blank% of the time » but serious when appropriate. I'm intensely spiritual » by my own definitions. I used to be painfully shy » I still have mental habits of a shy person (examples: I'm often more silent than silence & sometimes wonder if questions I want to ask are intrusive). I'm youthful & playful, this body I'm in is nearly fatless, unusually/ naturally quite strong, agile/ lithe, limber and has crazy balance

nowdays I grow microgreens & wheatgrass with friends on a farm and sell em at farmers' markets around the Bay Area. this era of my life ends with august. I will be moving from Kelseyville back to San Francisco

I spend tiiiiiiiiime thinking about solving homelessness

I recognize that our physical & emotional & mental & astral etc bodies are all temporary expressions & vessels, our present names are temporary titles. the forms of relationship we create/ attract & experience depend on who/ what we perceive ourSelves to Be ~ I identify with the big picture of ALL reality as I progressively perceive it AND what I consider to be "soul"

You should know:
it's unlikely that I'll message You regardless of how attracted I am. I know about the zombies who fill your inbox with mind-numbery which puts You into ignore_mode which causes You to mindlessly treat my message like the rest. why should I waste effort composing meaningful prose when You're just going to treat it as though I said nothing more than "hey"?

and really, love, I can't emphasize these two points enough:::

What I’m doing with my life
~ volving ~ appreciating ~ exploring empathy ~ enhancing hemispheric connectivity ~ I contact ~ LEARNING about taking care of myself on all levels, responsibility, independence, interdependence ~
I’m really good at
making sense, making fun…
superpowers include but not limited to:
amazing name memory,
bafflingly good at finding lost items,
ridiculous ability to never lose things,
plaaaying (juggling, acrotumbling, stilting, making costumes You've never seen or heard the likes of before & & &)
virgonizing & elfabetizing, snarcasm, intelligentle obspective chromatose explomotion sonic blooms, articulatitude, universatility, new conjugations, spoonerisms & portmanteaus
The first things people usually notice about me
You can just go ahead and tell yourself

but in person probably that I'm wearing all or mostly green, possibly my elvenness, maybe the thunder beneath the mantle of silence, or my playfulness seeking conduits, my unconditional love if You're the type to notice

I prefer that You know that I accept You unconditionally, that I don't judge You like You judge yourself, that I hold You as truly equal

I prefer that You understand that, in order for me to be as present, open, honest, expressive & uninhibited as I'd like to be with You, I need to feel unconditionally accepted, not judged, treated equally. I need encouragement (to express, work on my art, follow through with my creative impulses) and I really need more playmates/ crafty createmates. these are all experiences my life has been painfully lacking
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
B%X: Illusions, Siddhartha, The Prophet, The Alchemist, Testimony of Light, E.T. 101 (it's funny), Rumi, ALL astral projection boox, ACIM, some fun stuff like Geek Love, Dune, Gaiman's Sandman

MOVIES: Princess Bride, The Fall, Hook, 5th Element, What Dreams May Come, Waking Life, I Heart Huckabees, Holy Mountain, Cyrano de Bergerac, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Santa Sangre, Death to Smoochy, Idiocracy, You and Me and Everyone We Know, Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing, Ip Man & other intelligent martial art flicks
!.. Terry Gilliam, Guillermo del Toro, Hayao Miyazaki, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Peter Jackson, David Lynch, Jim Henson, Christopher Guest's mockumentaries ..!

MUSIC: my favorite genre is !pretty! closely followed by !uniquely!creative! & !cleverly!truthy!: Ekova, TomWaits, Beatles, Delerium, Bjork, DeadCanDance, TMBG, DannyElfman, ReggieWatts …I LOVE cello

F%DS: for 13 years (since jan 2001) I've been a vegequarian: a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish, but::: CHANGE! as of mid-May 2014 I dropped fish, caffeine, sugar, dairy & ALL grains. there may be occasional exceptions but this new level of cleanliness is long overdue!

RadioLab & Moth!! …and a random dissortment of podcasts which discuss astral experience, lucidreamery & entrepreneurialism

I HATE television (sports included); You do NOT understand how it controls your thought paths & patterns, cleverly keeps You regarding certain things certain ways and successfully distracts You from focusing on what is truly important and what is t r u e

SAME goes for NPR; it's not unbiased like we'd all like to believe. NPR is just as controlled and propaganda-ridden as those other channels we don't attend for same reason. the purpose of NPR is to control the less-controllable. if You're intelligent enough to knowhat to listen for, You can detect detrimental societal programming in it every day. EVERYthing that supports cops, military, gov, drug control, the FDA/ medical/ pharmaceutical industry ("don't hesitate; vaccinate!"), ANYthing that emphasizes inequality (LatinoUSA) and is giddy over repeating bad news (plane crash, car company sued+recall, kids drowned) is PROPAGANDA

EPISODIX: I'll appreciate things like Firefly (+Serenity), Game of Thrones or Mighty Boosh in non-commercial formats. I *intend to* absorb Louis CK & Adventure Time when time's time
The six things I could never do without
c, h, a, n, g, e

...the only constant

I spend a lot of time thinking about
lucidity, how to get to the astral from lucidreams, what to focus on when I reach the vibrational state, what I'll do when I get there

entrepreneurialism & homelessness

how to simply explain simple things which people have been convinced are complex

why isn't feminism called Equalism?

which vowel to use when forming a portmanteau
structerminology or
On a typical Friday night I am
preparing for the work weekend. friday is monday
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a bifurcated ureter

I'm 2 feet 44 inches tall

never had a one night stand
shortest relationship lasted a few months, longest was 10+ years. I guess I'm the long-term monogamous sort. hmm

goddess is another word for broken;
it pretends gender where there is none. it emphasizes separation

affection is not love

affectation is not beauty (see "fake" below)

I did 4th grade twice, got amazing grades 2nd time so they tested me for advanced ed, I passed and went on to 5th & 6th grades with smarter kids where I got rotten grades cause I never did my homework

2nd of 4 (older middle)

my class was the last to go through junior high; now it's middle school for the rest of Yas. both names are bullsh anyway

shoulder freckles

.at age
0« I was »physically born into this ocean of experience
12« tumbles around our sun I woke up »mentally; realizing my individuality and autonomy
.around completion of solar circumnavigation number
24« I had what would commonly be called a »spiritual awakening where I began to know for certain that what we experience as the physical universe is like a sunday comic in comparison to …the allness…
.this pattern brings us to
36« where I took a bath in perfection, and I'm still in awe (unfortunately it's a "Ya had ta be there" thing)

I quit being an old soul a while back, wasn't as grand as it sounded

I presently live on a meadow across from a vipassana center and just took their ten-day course July 9-20. meditation is a new character in my life
…I'm being evicted and am moving back to SF within the next month

I have a little kitteh tattoo of Peekaboo from Rose is Rose

fakeness is extremely repulsive. makeup, perfume & high heels are disgusting
…unless You're performing, or it's a costume party or event or You're the type to be full-on costumed up for the craic of it, then I'm in admiration…

anti marriage
pro honesty communication clarity integrity balance intelligence growth fluidity presence evolution » there's no need to pretend to commit to anything other than the PRINCIPLES You are ALREADY committed to

neither innie nor outtie

I can't/ won't grow a mustache or beard; it's too sparse. considering electrolysis

my username: Loren is what the ma & the pa call me -and- I was in a hippie circus for a wee while 10+ years ago and they all called me What!

yup I goed and turnt "willing to admit" into "stuff-like thingy stuffs". ain't it crazy
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 24–44
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
if truth is the absolute most important thing to You

...if You're aware that earth isn't home,
that "human" is a temporary shape,
that shape is a temporary experience,
that gender has very little significance,
if You're playful creative perspicacious,
if You can help me have & remember lucid astral experiences (or like to talk dreams)

if mom & dad say no, come ask me