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29 M Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Jan 17, 2007
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Well what can I say so far this site has deeply offended me on a real deep level. I like or am flattered to be likened to Hitler or Stalin from these tests nope. It is all very well when people form negative judgements on me and there are reasons to do so. This hurts but I can take it and move on. What I cannot take is when these judgements are somewhat unjustified or ludicrous. Ok lets see I am Nazi apparently this is ironic been an autistic Jew I have often seeked to exterminate myself, or make myself as miserable as possible. Hence forth why I pursue an agenda of unquestioning unrelenting loyalty and sacrifice to an ideology which encourages selfishness. This is all because I am so logical and that would make complete sense. In case you cannot tell that is complete sarcasm.

Ok why am I so offended because the reason for me been marked as a totalitarian is because I am rigid in my ethical principles and believe in deontological ethical values. It is extraordinary, ironic, if not comically flawed to be labelled such for these reasons.

Ok lets see Nazism started of in 1891 by a unique cult that worshiped Satan. (Note this is a very good start for rigid deontological values (if you cannot tell when am been sarcastic just ask me for details))

Further more Nazism was greatly influenced by, and Hitler himself often referred to the ideal of emotivism Friedrich Nietzsche Hershel and Heidegger been among the names mentioned. in brief for those that do not know the theory of emotivism states that morality does not exist is flawed it is apparently human made ideals and is nothing more then boo hurrah. So in effect there is literally nothing wrong in murder rape extortion or even genocide. This is the influence upon Hitler. Yeah well this is sounding very similar to objective morality?

Although in fairness Nietzsche does not appear to justify or say anything to deserve to be associated with Adolf Hitler. Though there are similarities in places, I am often fascinated how NIETZCHE comes so close to pure genius and then stops short he is literally steps away from proving objective morality to stand against ever Cartesian scepticism. Unfortunately he fails to recognise the link needed and thus like so many others stops short. Instead he appears to argue for the impossibility of truth.

with regard to Hitler so far I appear completely opposite to the guy yet these character traits been the very principles which so directly associate me with him. According to these tests anyway.

There is however one point I very closely associate with Hitler on. This been his idea on unity. unity is the key to ultimate power is the essential nature of life the universe god existence and everything. however making or expecting people to kill countless amounts of people enslave conquer or commit crimes against humanity is hardly the ideal way to expect these people to be unified in any form of unit group or organisation. Hence why, despite all the rhetoric the Nazi's became very corrupt and dis-unified.

some notes to clarify here Unity does not mean people forced to be the same way in ideology in opinions tastes or other such means. The very principle of unity been so strong is because it allows multiple ideas multiple characters or variations to be utilized. Maximum development is reliant on the ideal of benefiting from the maximum ideas or things from the maximum supply. Incorrect ideas or things not suitable for the current organisation team or environment can be rejected, but to deny them consideration or any acknowledgement is to deny oneself awareness of them. to be denied awareness of an idea often means you cannot recognise good ideas or bad ideas in many cases as such this often leads to ineffective inefficient and stagnated progress or growth. in effect then the idea system would be a democratic country of free speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds real totalitarian dosnt it?

Back to Nietzsche so, so close to genius so frustrating in many places in his writings Nietzsche refers to the idea that whilst morality may or may not exist it is perhaps suggestible that human survival is reliant on it. What genius what pure genius unfortunately Nietzsche missed the glorious diamond mind walking right past this off the cliff into the daggers of current philosophy which pollutes and poisons the ideals the strength and the intelligence of modern society.

Morality is essential to human survival, is not merely a reason to suggest that humans commit to there own made morality, it is irrefutable undeniable proof that morality exists objectively and independently of human conception. (note I am ware of the repetitive statement been a grammatical error this had to be done because regrettably not everyone fully understands philosophical language.)

Finally then morality or believe in a deontological system is not totalitarianism or Nazis. The way to which one handles or goes about there ideas view points or beliefs can be dangerous totalitarian or even Nazi like however this does not mean there is anything wrong with having any ideas beliefs or view points it merely means one should be careful as to how one advocates or acts on there ideals.

To further clarify I belief abortion denial of life is always wrong I believe I believe extortion or exploitation is always wrong. i have many more beliefs to which I will not waste further time going into here. what is the case though is that by e having these view points or by me advocating such view points does not make me totalitarian nazi like or such. It is my duty to express and advocate my view point in society and the duty of others whom refute or agree with my view point to do likewise so that society can develop and benefit from the most effective idea.

It would e totalitarian like to force these ways on others a state arguably does this but is not totalitarian because it does so by the consent of the majority hence by considering and respecting peoples view points and via debate concluding the appropriate cause of action for society. It is not totalitarian for me to express advocate or have my view points. Unjustly forcing these on others would be. Arguing advocating and democratically supporting such ideals is not. Having morality or deontological principles is not.

Publicly shaming falsely labelling and intentionally causing or encouraging social rejections of those to which have different view points to oneself is in effect totalitarian or Nazi like. Therefore I argue it to be my contention that those who labelled me as a Nazi or totalitarian due to having deontological ethical values are in fact by doing so behaving as totalitarians or Nazi's. this is further emphasised by the public display of my rating and the option not been available for myself to hide it. I am in effect been punished and publicly shamed for having my principles. Surely such is totalitarian.

I am gifted, motivated, and determined
What I’m doing with my life
i am currently doing a degree in philosophy for some reason no one is ever suprised to hear this and usually responds with a usual gasp of " of course"
I’m really good at
philosophy debates and much other stuff but do i really have to be so cocky here? im sure you will learn more about me in time if you bother.
The first things people usually notice about me
i am extreamly passionate very driven and incredibly expressive and chatty.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
star wars lord of the rings sta trek note i am not into these for been a geek (nothing wrong with geeks though) or sci fi reasons i like these due to the philosophy and intelligence expressed in the philosophy throughout. ask for details on this. if you so seek them.
The six things I could never do without
unity, my ambitions, my brain, friends, achievemnt, goals,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything and anything
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i was once mentally handicapped but have been cured
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  • Guys and girls who like bi guys
  • Ages 21–44
  • Near me
  • Who are single
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for almost any reason except rando abuse all comments are good comments to either refutre debate or discuss or feel flatterd. ideas are the key to devlopment even if they incorrect.