41 Oakland, CA
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My self-summary
if you really want to rock the funky beats
rock the beats
rock the beats beats
the funky beats
if you really want to rock the funky
beats beats beats
the funky beats beats funky beats
rock the funky beats
beats beats
the funky beats
What I’m doing with my life

That there is an old video of me playing a circuit bent easy button i made. I used to build them for fun and profit. Well, mostly fun. I only sold three of them :D
I’m really good at
Making you laugh.
Also.. Cooking. Making fun of stuff in an amusing way. Observing things. Driving. Camping. Adventuring. Talking. Listening. Finding thrift stores. Going to antique malls. Making stuff. Fixing broken things. Breaking things I was trying to fix. Playing pinball. Sitting on the couch listening to music. Taking pictures. Jumping in puddles. Creating a sense of drama. Enunciating. Petting the kitties.
The first things people usually notice about me
Might have been me making a joke. Or they noticed my shoes. Or possibly my tshirt. Ive got this one with a squirrel that people seem to like a lot.
Also people have told me I look like Dave Ghrol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
doin it in order, followin them rules..

books! yeah i get books. i like to read 'urban fantasy' stuff sometimes, see: jim butcher and the dresdin books. also a big fan of post apocalypse genre stuff, or big weird books like house of leaves. some comics and graphic novels can sneak in there from time to time, too. honestly most of my reading is on the lighter side of things.
oh, and terry pratchet. duh. oh! and snow crash. OH and Ernest Cline! Ready Player One is a killer book, and armada was great too!!

shows! oh, my shows. various things. i watch some popular geeky shit, not gonna lie. i enjoy adventure time. and rick and morty. possibly while on the pot.
but i do limit my tv time to quality, not quantity. tv (commercials) rots the brain ya know. but im afraid walking dead and fear the walking dead will be putting a dent in that.

my tunes.. go ask spotify, spotify seems to know me better than i do sometimes. but i dearly love boards of canada at the moment. if you know them that should give you an idea.

gimmie the food. oh hey whats that you got there that looks good oh can i have a bite just a little no what why not fine can i have a recipe oh well can you get it from her id really like to oh ok ya i have to get back to work too yeah ok talk to you later
The six things I could never do without
mehhhhhhhh. never? i dont think im really THAT attached to anything.. would i miss the stuff? of course. but i dunno what i could truly never do without..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
man, just how the hell did things get so fucked up.. it worries me :(
also: why are some people jerks?
On a typical Friday night I am
wondering whats on fox! something ribald, no doubt..
also i work saturday so often i dont do too much.

but hay lets just write them out as i remember to do it, shall we?

1/18/16 - this is painfully out of date. last friday i saw blockhead play a set in oakland though!
8/14/15 - made molecular cooking whatever mac n cheese and mixed berry cobbler for work potluck going away party
8/21 - dinner at moms house.
8/28 - pizza beer and vintage cartoons (on film!) at oddball cinema
9/11 - drank scotch and watched v for vendetta
9/18 - watched the first mad max at paramount oakland!!!!!!!!!!!
9/25- made another damn berry cobbler for another freaking work bbq and drank scotch but its cool i like both those things
8/2 - tired! long day at work. watched Prometheus and drank a scotch and slept :D
10/9 - birthday! And battles at the Fillmore!!!
10/16 - worked a booth at a vintage fashion and antique show.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
when i was a kid i had a casio g-shock watch. it was this big, chunky plastic thing with a lcd watch embedded within. it was shock proof! it could dive to 200 meters! it could tell time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, and Gstaad! that thing was awesome, and i loved it.
So anyway, i was always hitting it on stuff and tossing it around. Shockproof, ya know. One day i was out with some friends, and i was bragging about my watch. I decided to toss it off the top of the bleachers down onto the pavement, you know, to show how awesome it is. It was pretty high, like about 3 stories.
And yes, when i went to get it it was broken.
That was the last casio g-shock watch i ever had :(

true story.

and ive seen mad max 5 times now in the theater. i really like it.
You should message me if
you want me to cook for you.
or know a joke.
or got my watch reference in my watch story.
or want to smoke a joint on the beach at night.
or need an adventure partner.
or you want to play pachinko cause it, like, totally mostly works now. i mean it will advance the balls, and they go all plinky plinky just fine. but see theres this series of drops that go into the back and they do things and for some reason some of those things arent happening in the RIGHT WAY or whatever so it jams up and then i have to get the pointy thing to poke the balls with and then shake it around and push the one lever that drops the previously jammed balls that ive just dislodged.

or if you know how to fix jamming pachinko machines.
or want to watch me unjam a pachinko machine.
or want to watch me swear at a jammed pachinko machine.