36 Irving, TX
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My self-summary
I'm awfully shy. It's really hard for me to feel comfortable around new people. Once I get over that, though, I'm talkative and giggly and cuddlesome. To quote an email from a friend, "You have all the qualities I believe men are looking for-- you're intelligent, well-educated, hella attractive (you may freely use that endorsement from me in any online personal ad), funny, employed, and you like sex."

I do not refer to myself as polyamorous. I haven't had very positive experiences with folks who do. You are encouraged to change that. I am simply in an open marriage.

Oh, and I think maybe I have a thing for werewolves because I have a big crush on Oz from Buffy (Oz, not Seth Green) and Remus Lupin. Though I think I wouldn't like them so much if I met one in real life. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would cry.

Despite the Horrifying Stereotype Test, I am not a Christian Bitch. I am not generally ignorant, definitely not jingoistic, and I'm non-violent. Oh, and not Christian or any other religion. And I don't think I've been a bitch since, say, high school, but I suppose I could be wrong.

I am painfully shy, inquisitive, and quick to laughter. I'm also a combination of Telly Monster and that guy who bangs his head on the piano when he messes up. But, you know, female.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm fumbling, stumbling, and sometimes grumbling through life. I guess I'm lucky in that I don't often feel as if I'm bumbling. I have an aptitude for math and live in Texas, so I work guessed it, the oil industry.
I’m really good at
procrastinating, eating cookies, making shy people feel comfortable, and asking questions.

I'm really bad at dissembling, keeping up with the real world, and shooting pool.
The first things people usually notice about me
My raven-like hair and self-deprecating sense of humor. There is also a fairly high likelihood they are noticing I'm Indian. I'm not, but that doesn't stop people from noticing it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I LURV DICTIONARIES!!! Other than that, I eat up books by Salman Rushdie. My favorites are The Satanic Verses, The Moor's Last Sigh, and The Ground Beneath Her Feet. I liked 100 Years of Solitude a lot because, like Rushdie, Garcia Marquez creates a world teeming with wonder and possibilities. Hmmm...I am nerdy enough to really like Charles Dickens, especially A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations (no, I haven't seen the movie). When I'm tired, I prefer reading children's literature. My favorites there are The Prydain Chronicles, Ferdinand, and A Wrinkle in Time (and many other L'Engle books). Fitz from Robin Hobbs's Farseer Trilogy is my boyfriend. So is Tavi from Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. My third literary boyfriend is Rodia from Crime and Punishment. I'm trying to read the Wheel of Time, but I keep getting stuck in the middle and having to start over a couple of years later. Last time I made it through book 7.

My favorite tv includes Buffy, Firefly, Farscape, Grimm, the Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, Arrow, SHIELD. In the vein of superhero type shows, I tried to watch Gotham, but it was too violent and gory for me. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to gore.

I surely do like food a lot. No thanks to pigs, bell peppers, Korean food that tastes fishy, or cinnamon or raisins in my meat (though they are quite nice in bread). More please to eggplant, things involving cream, brie, mango, or honey. Really, just give me any fat, sugar, or dairy, and I will be happy. Fat and happy.
The six things I could never do without
Sleep, Diet Dr. Pepper, books, long showers, cuddling, more cuddling
I spend a lot of time thinking about
human relationships. I don't just mean with a significant other. I mean how I relate to coworkers, friends, family, strangers, people in between--just how I relate with-around-in-on-next to people. I think our interactions with others have more to do with defining us than who we are in isolation. Unfortunately, my shyness can be so overwhelming that I tend to isolate. Come on! Drag me out of my hiding place!
On a typical Friday night I am
reading some fantasy novel, quality checking audiobooks for a non-profit org, or out on a date with my husband, gmaestro, or sleeping. i love the sleeping.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a little afraid of most things with skellingtons. And a lot of things without. Really, I'm a fraidy-cat.

I don't shave very much. Or very often.

I have a crush on my coworker. Then I found out he crossdresses. I saw him as a her and my heart started racing. So sexy. I say this in this section not because it is embarrassing (it isn't in the slightest), but because it is private. There is a difference.
You should message me if
you have words to say. Your words are most especially welcome if you happen to have left-of-center leanings. A girl could always use some friends. Girl friends, guy friends. Peeps to hang out with.

Oooh, if you're a super-dorky rocket scientist who writes poetry or makes ceramics or plays the guitar or follows some other artistic pursuit in your spare time, you simply have to write me. Both sides of your brain are sizzling and sending sparks to mine.

You know how Tucker's brother pronounces "Vampyr."

You don't mind that I'm in an open marriage.

You sometimes go to lunch at the food court in the Plaza of the Americas in the Arts District and eat alone at those white tables.