40 Okanagan, British Columbia, CA
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My self-summary
Sat down here to make some sort of actual flow in this eclectic jumble of who I am, and realized, this whole crazy mess of bits and pieces is a pretty good summary on its own. While yes, there is a serious side to life, and I am well aware of the circumstances in which that is needed, I do my best to live life in a care free joyous celebration of living to the fullest extent possible.

Was told by a dear friend that I am utterly Adorkable...feel free to take that however you want.

I'm a nurse. Yes I wear scrubs. No they are not that sexy. A sponge bath in the hospital really isn't as erotic as you are imagining, and trust me... you don't want to make out in the hospital...
I do plan on furthering my education and am looking at bridging over to RN and possibly even Nurse Practitioner. There is a HUGE chance I will be doing this south of the border (more than likely Hawaii)

I'm a mom to three. Yes three. They all have the same Daddy and no they do not need a new one. You won't be meeting them until such point that you need to. My private life and family life will stay apart

~I am an optimist.
~I hate stupid people. (and old people driving...esp. old men in hats! they are the worst)
~ I look for the best in people, and expect it from them
~ I do give money/food/clothing to homeless people and those in need. I think everyone should do their part to make this world better.
~I will dye my hair a different colour when the mood strikes me.I had black hair for half the summer. Were I not to dye it, I would have a white streak thru my bangs...which unless you are a super hero, isn't so awesome ;P
~I love sports. Hockey : Calgary Flames Football: Saskatchewan Roughriders....tho the last nhl strike left a bad taste in my mouth,so I refuse to watch millionaires deface the game anymore.
~I love to get out and dirty.
~ I clean up very nicely and even know which fork to use!
~Speed turns me on...if it can get my heart racing and make me gasp....
~I grill an awesome steak and am a pretty damn fine cook.
~I've tried,but just cannot like beer... (I do like pumpkin ale and this Bavarian Strawberry beer....but the guys said that wasn't really beer)
~While I can't say "this" is what I want....I will know what "this" is when I find it. I have very good faith that the universe will align and all that when the time,place and person are right.
~Accents will have me drooling and staring off into space as I imagine all sorts of things I won't be putting on here.
~I have a huge weakness for those cute geeky/nerdy types.
~I'm more comfortable outdoors exploring than in a city. A prefect night would be out dancing and enjoying the nightlife(be it dinner party/movie/what have you)followed by counting stars till dawn.(preferably on the beach)

Oh yes,and as I have been told this could be a deal breaker, no matter how awesome a girl who's cute, loves sports,cars,video games and can cook is.... I will confess it now,
I hate bacon.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to take over the world,contemplating the cosmos, or most likely in a hospital thinking of world domination, the cosmos,or how many shifts it will take to get back to Hawaii.

When I am not doing that,I am one of three places, at the gym/outdoors ,playing chauffeur to the kids or playing games online(mostly Mmo but depends on the game). Yes, I am one of those fabled gamer girls...

I do love to travel...and try to get out of the country at least once a year to someplace warm. This year it's Hawaii i...and maybe Vegas tho after my last trip to Kauai, I think I'll just head back there was awesome!

My Bucket list:
1. Learn to surf
2. Travel more and immerse myself in the culture of the places I visit
3. Climb a mountain for the hell of climbing a mountain
4. Find someone worth dancing in the middle of a rainstorm with
5. Do one thing (at least) every year that scares me
6. Experience life in a way that when I am older people will say "Damn I want to live like she did."
7. Make people realize there is more to life than stuff and the collection of stuff.
8.Make it back to Hanalei and sing Puff the Magic Dragon ( I keep forgetting to)
9. To visit certain people once my life goals are met, see the looks on their faces, smile sweetly and walk away.
I’m really good at
-washing my hands. In fact, I got top marks for in in nursing school even.
-making a bed. I thank the nasty RN that taught me back when I was a candystriper, but I can make a bed that would even have a Drill Sargent shed a tear.
-messing up a bed(feel free to read that in any way you care to)
-dancing around in my chair while I listen to music and play games on my computer.
-that mom know, that one that the person getting it just knows they are in for a whole heap of trouble
-killing dragons
-having dirty old men hit on me *shudders*
-not saying no(unless of course it involves dirty old men hitting on me)
- believing people. For better or worse, I do (and yes this usually bites me in the butt)
The first things people usually notice about me
My's just one of those things...then my boobs...sometimes in reverse order, but you know.. (should note during my trip to Hawaii it was told to me that I have been told I have a nice smile as it is more polite than saying I have a great rack)
After that,it would be my sense of humor...tho my gaming buddies say I'm supposed to say I have "that" voice....granted I think most are just amazed a girl is talking and playing games with them...but a compliment is a compliment.
My utter lack of coordination. I have walked into walls and doors before. Every trip to the bar has led to some sort of bruise on my body (thankfully I go like 3 times a year)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
book: too many to pick just one, sorry
movie: star wars is up there pretty high,damn...this is hard
shows: I don't really watch tv much...does Discovery channel count?
music: most anything but opera and fiddle music
food: apples...yes I know strange answer,but how do you pick one type of food when there are so many to experience?
The six things I could never do without
these are random and subject to change

1. Unlimited texting to the US, my bff lives in Hawaii and I think it topped 8000 messages last year (my daughter named him that...not sure if I'm too old for a bff..but it was funny)
2. Fuzzy jammies
3. Hair elastic
4. My kids..tho they are all teens this year, so I may revise this one ;)
5. My beat up pink cowboy hat that has traveled everywhere with me
6. That bff of mine.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
~That song that I heard on the radio and can't find out what the name of it was!
~Hawaii, this dumb friend of mine and things that would likely get me fired and or thrown in jail.
~Why most of the guys I find here that have me thinking how nice they would be waking up to are in the US! That and why are the quiver matches I get 50+ and or bisexual?
~Lately I will admit I have been thinking about how to tell if people mean what they say. Starting to think I would want some sort of bullshit detector as my super power. Would make life SO much easier if you knew someone was feeding you a line. Tho... Flight would be a pretty awesome super power too... and likely render most all of this moot....hmm maybe a blend of the two... lies charge the flight ability....that could work.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either playing with medical equipment and patients or playing video games. Hopefully slaying dragons...night shifts suck and I have yet to find someone worth not taking a night shift for.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate...HATE pb & j sandwiches

I have been known to substitute a full body pic of me with that of my brother dressed in drag for his ruby teams best dressed night.
You should message me if
you got thru all this and are shaking your head and smiling ;P
you have an awesome geeky pick up line.
you DO NOT have a damn pic of yourself at the gym. Seriously the gym is to go work your ass off at, not fecking take a selfie so everyone can see you at the gym. (yes, those stupid selfies piss me off almost as much as U and R)
you want to go to coffee, have a drink, take me dancing. let me drive your sports car, spoil me rotten...
your kiss can make my knees weak

if you know the song containing these lyrics ....
"Well, you dawned on me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
Now I'm trying to get back"

Please don't bother to message me if the following apply:
~"Yes I'd love to see you again" means I won't ever return your calls or talk to you again. If you tell me it was great and you want to see me, I will believe you. Silly me for thinking that you would be honest.
~If you can't be upfront about what you are wanting. I am a big girl, I can handle being told that you just want to hook up with me. Trust me, I would respect you more than the ones who the above line
~If U and R are used continually in your messages. You're a big boy, you can use grown up words like you and are.
~ If you cannot hold a conversation without swearing every few seconds.
~ If you are self entitled, think the world owes you something.