32 Kirkland, WA
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My self-summary
I'm very new to this! I started this profile on 6/14/2013 so forgive the short starting description. I promise to add more to it as I go, so definitely check back to find out more :)

I love my city for it's weather and what it has to offer us. Our crisp weather is perfect for when it's time to hit the coffee shop and catch up on a book or feed your social media frenzy!

10 Random Facts about me ;)
1: I love Country music, but like listening to all kinds of music.
2: I'm fluent in at least 2 languages.
3: My 6 year old son also knows at least 2 languages.
4: I want to own a shark tank some day.
5: I've been a drummer for most of my life and had the pleasure to record with a few bands.
6: By 16 I had owned 3 cars.
7: I happen to believe chemistry is more important than looks.
8: I hate cooking for myself, but I LOVE to cook for others.
9: I make this BEST steak you have ever had... Yes, I would put it up against dad's or grandpa's recipe any day of the week.
10: I am smarter than a 5th grader. (If you know and like this show... you and I need to get together)

My biggest problem with online sites, is that you don't at least respond back and say, "thank you"
What I’m doing with my life
I currently manage an aggresive defense lawyer office. I also concentrate towards my poker career and ongoing fitness training. I love going out to happy hours whether right after work, or a late night happy hour with some beers and shots to help us wrap the night away. I love and am addicted to going to see movies, comedy shows but also love staying in and relaxing.
I’m really good at
Being competitive and having a great time. Even if I don't win or come close to winning, I want to have fun, laugh and make others laugh no matter how goofy things get. I frequently have my friends over for poker games or just having a few beers and catching up on what's going on.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I'm very easy going and love to engage in just about any conversation you can toss my way. I love to state my opinion, but even more I love to hear new opnions even if I don't understand or even agree with them. Just knowing how other people think and process the same information is facinating to me. So being very observant is a huge trait of mine.