31 Denton, TX
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My self-summary
Looking for someone decent, sensible, kind, and sincere. Basically looking for whole grain organic non-GMO wheat or rye bread, with sunflower and poppy and sesame seeds.

Would like to chat on Skype/Phone, don't think this text messaging is very effective way of communicating. People are too fake on this site, let's actually talk and have a conversation.

Also, honestly, I'm trans. Most people don't notice, but whatever. I don't draw attention, but I guess its a dating site. If that bothers you I guess we can just stop right here. Haha. I'm attracted to women, so I'm a lesbian, it's like a bad joke but it's not? Turns out 99% of the population can't handle this at all. So yah, whatever! And no, I'm not interested in getting plastic surgery just to help everyone feel better about my gender identity.

Would like to meet a friend. Not expecting to find love on a website, really just want to get a cup of coffee and chat. Who knows, maybe we'd get along. If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to get coffee with strangers, then you don't have the friendly personality I'm looking for. I like meeting new people, and don't understand why everyone is so anti-social. What? You too busy for coffee? Fuggedaboudid.

Don't want any sleazy hookups or dysfunction, people don't seem to have the patience to actually get to know each other. I could use a friend though. Would like to meet someone who likes walking, hiking, getting a cup of coffee and chatting, going to the animal shelter and visiting the kittens. I like people who are both opinionated and calm, that seems to be a really rare combination. Sooo done with drama queens.

I am an INFP: "Focused on making the world a better place... highly intuitive about people... generally thoughtful and considerate, INFPs are good listeners... typically good at solving other people's conflicts, because they intuitively understand people's perspectives and feelings... They are hard on themselves... their standards are likely to be higher than others... Usually talented writers..."
What I’m doing with my life
reading and writing and chess and cats and the treadmill

i make some money from teaching and some more from consulting with a firm in England, volunteer a lot, work with elementary school students, get paid to edit stuff. no, i don't edit this, i'm not getting paid to write this. just started a new job, am analyst for international conglomerate (we produce everything from guns and helicopters to bikes and fabric)! no, i don't own any guns, i work with Dallas SWAT and they bring guns in to impress me (cuz I'm a girl).

i have a PhD so you can call me Dr., but I'd prefer you didn't
I’m really good at
reading and writing and and walking and chess and cats yAy.

also math and massage (wink)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
to much too list twoday, cry about it grammar nazi; seriously, if you are like that, im gonna think you are ocd and rally annoying/judgmental - complaining about words doesn't make you seem smarter, it makes you seem petty and self-centered

my favourite show right now is iZombie, i am impressed with Game of Thrones (the books are very well written), excited for Walking Dead 2: LApocalypse! (update: Walking Dead 2 was boring).

my favourite kind of music is Spanish Flamenco guitar and soft jazz. don't like loud angry music, that popular crap is designed to displace thought. also don't like fake happy music, that is designed to replace emotion. i like actual music, that kind that isn't electronic.
The six things I could never do without
bla bla bla, i don't really have needs, ill just keep trudging on without anything, i would like a nice lady in my life
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the environment, trees and droughty stuff - if you don't care about the birds and the bees and the whales and the oak trees, well to hell with you! so annoyed with all the billions of people running around polluting, living their lives, trying to have a good time, and ruining the entire planet. disgusting ethics and morals abound!

If all your friends are on Facebook, then you don't have any friends at all.
On a typical Friday night I am
wondering where all the nice people went.

I want to meet someone who isn't all, "Let's sex and drugs and crazy fun!" I want to meet someone who is all, "Hey! Sorry I was busy the other day, let me know if you want to play Scrabble at Starbucks, or hit up that Thai restaurant, or just walk around the mall for an hour."
You should message me if
you are a good person. Let's get a cup of coffee. That's basically my litmus test on personality. If you don't meet up for coffee, something is definitely wrong with you. And not liking coffee isn't an excuse, cuz they have celery at Starbucks.

No alcoholics (NONE), no drug addicts, no hedonists., no grammar nazis, no libertarian Ayn Rand nuts, no flakes, no cults, no players, no glued to the cell phone or television or internet all day, no angry jerks. Very dubious about flaky musicians/artistes and lazy people who don't want to get some exercise. Don't like people who care more about celebrities than their own friends and neighbors. Don't want to be around negative judgmental people who get offended easily and turn everything into an irrational emotional argument. Really don't like idjits who try to say I'm negative. No, I'm positive, I just think everyone should strive to be better.

Definitely NOT ok with cat haters. If you don't smile when you see a cat, then something is wrong with your soul.

I like kind, attractive, witty, passionate, intelligent, liberal types.

People who don't say hi are rude.