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31 M Atlanta, GA

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Jul 22
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
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Scorpio, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from high school
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Loyal,Kind Hearted ,Positive,Good Looking maricia_bennett instagram me!!!!! Before I start let me explain something I am God fearing and family orientated and I was raised a certain way. A man is a man he leads his family he makes the decisions in his family to guarantee his family success.So that's my mentality When I give out my number If you have received my number it's because I am interested in having a adult conversation with you to see if we click. It ain't because I plan on stalking you, harassing you or chasing behind you.If I give you a compliment why does that offend you if you don't want a man to compliment your a?s then why take those types of pics that compliment your a?s and bend all over in the pics for a guy to say damn!!! Really to me your shape and your pretty face is the icing on the cake but what we men wanna know is how does your brain work. We want a smart woman not a needy person that can't complete any goals on her own. I personally can't do anything with a person like that. I personally need more then a shoulder trophy and I dont' be on POF all day waiting on you to respond to a text converstation that's just slowed down dumb sh?t Plus it's a lot of people posing as other people I want to hear you voice to make sure you are not a man. Yes This type of bullsh?t happens alot on here. This profile may seem harsh but I must keep it real. I'm sorry if I offend anyone in the process but I am so for real about this!!! Cause I just keep attracting the wrong woman so let me start off right stating my preferences I don't date ugly woman! "ugly inside and out!!', no fat woman!! yep I got preferences don't you??, no retarted woman, no gold diggers, no prositutes, no suga babies, no escorts, no alcoholics, no weed head 420 friendly woman that can't afford to buy your own weed, woman that just love going out but ain't got no money. I repeat you like to go out but you always broke!!! I don't like your type especially!!! I'm not going to pay your bills ,your rent ,your car note, your light bill, or take all your children out to eat. You must be crazy!!!! We ain't gonna discuss my money and how I spend it cause your gonna get hung up on.. I take care of those that deserve it not those that think they should get special things just because.. I don't live in that world so don't tell me anything about it unless you want to get cussed out quick!!! I don't like liers!!! Woman you all are some serious bullsh?ters. You want to start a relationship when you know you ain't really single. You want a guy to chase behind you while you chasing your ex or your baby daddy or another woman be for real my time is valuable. When I see you on that bullsh?t I will move on without a notice!!!! Loyalty this is something that's hard to find out here today!!! You want to be a player just like that man or that woman that played you but you on here like you looking for a husband. You not true to yourself that's why you been married ten times. You been hurt before so have I but you carry all that bullsh?t to the next relationship. You too damn careful!! and you ain't no virgin so why the hell do you want a guy to treat you like one. And I mean it in this way.Why ask a man to wait while you still sleeping with your ex ,your baby daddy or another woman. Then when do decide to let a new man in you can't keep your stuff right. Your pu__y aint tight and sometimes it ain't even clean cause you got too much traffic!!!! You think i'mma wait just to find out your p??y aint hittin on sh_t anyway!! LOL and I'm not burning my premium gas to come to your house and watch TV all night. I ain't burning my gas just to sit around you till you get sleepy or to put you and your kids in my car and drive all over Atlanta just to get you out the house!!! You must be out your MF mind!!! before you wanna send me a message please do your home work and look I know this is just a web site and you may not be that serious about a meet and greet but on the real if i can't see who i'm talking to then keep it moving. You all like to text alot I see You too scared to meet and greet you really need to get off this site cause you good for nothing too. I have my own vehicle and my own house and I can be anywhere around Atlanta within 35-45 minutes So you have no excuses unless you just bullsh?ttin. Another thing my name is Maricia Bennett do your people back ground check before you wanna meet and greet cause that scary sh?t is stupid to me.I'm looking for a real friend, a lover, a companion and eventually a wife and Let me add some more sh?t Don't be comin at me about what a real man does?? A real man don't pay hoes!!! You women are just straight out asking for money for sex B?itch If It quack like a duck walk like a duck then it's a duck so I guess if you talking like a hoe and walking like a hoe and looking like a hoe then you must be a hoe on some hoe sh?t and I don't trick so if that offends you just get on backpage and cut out all these games.
Last But Not Least If You Don't plan on sleeping with me then why the f?ck are you calling me every hour on the hour?? I don't play games like that so go back to baby daddy or your girlfriend
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