28 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
Why do I use this box as a confessional? Either this reeks of desperation or wafts the perfume of how authentically vulnerable I can be *picks nose*.

I'm just leaving my profile up for now, and though I'm not closed off to dating completely, I am not actively trying to date right now. I'm not going to send you that first message any time soon though I know you have been waiting with masturbated breath.

I've gotten my fair share of hook-ups in college, and maybe I've lost like 90% of my mojojuice and have low T, but yeah I just don't even want that anymore at all really. I've also never been in a relationship long-term as an adult though I don't think that makes me damaged goods or something, just that maybe I was taking the wrong approach to things and dating in general. So here you are still reading my profile for some reason. What the fuck, go watch inkmasters or something.

Basically the idea here is that I want to work on myself and not let dating be a major distraction in my life. That way later on, I'll be so perfect and great like i've always wanted to be! Of course, you being a great girl who respects my ambitions to change, can take me in as an imperfect transitional thing and not a giant genius steel sex falcon are welcome to message me, but then again, I'm writing that I'm not trying to date right now on a dating website. You've been warned I guess? What am I doing right now?

Other than that, I'm tall and almost interesting. I tell lots of bad jokes and then say something really really cool and funny that redeems me. I'm trying to be an artist which is paradoxically liberating and confining. If it doesn't work in like 5 years I'm just going to say fuck it and make a lot of money in programming or something. No, I'm not a feminist, and identity politics are really intrusive and annoying despite their ostensibly good intentions. Other than that, I hope you are a slightly more adventurous, talkative, and softer person than I am. The right person can crack me like an egg and hang out with my yolk, but don't fry me or.. oh jesus this analogy is awful.
What I’m doing with my life
Interim phase, looking to avoid the corporate lifestyle in favor of something I build for myself , staying true to a personal vision of my future.
I’m really good at
minor gymnastic feats, pretending to be excited online!, sleeping at odd times, walking silently
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall, skinny, my hair is crazy (if it's longer)
That my appearance lags behind my age, "hey mr. 5yr old!"
That I'm sitting on the same chair with my arm around them, eatin popcorn watchin spykids 3d
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

getting back into books since the subway happened to me. currently reading murakami. denial of death, white noise, solar lottery, edward o. wilson, henry miller (aka the better version of bukowski), franny n zooey.


Art: Crumb, Ware, Mughal Painting, Beeple, Jules Julien, marina abromovic, digital appropriation artists, nick liefhebber

Shows: an idiot abroad, nathan for you, millionaire matchmaker, frontline docus, trashy reality tv in general
The six things I could never do without
creative cloud
various strains of berittas
beeeeeeeer duh
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how ridiculous status is, what motivates people to make big choices, choice&fate, my next art proj, what it would be like to be a redneck
On a typical Friday night I am
Out or in, flip a coin.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm running a bet right now with my roommate that whoever masturbates first has to pay the other $10. Update: I lost ;__;
You should message me if
You smarter than me by only a lil bit. You good lookiner than me by only a lil bit. You richer than me by only a lil bit. I like glasses too, but I can only ask for so much.