28 Hollywood, FL
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My self-summary
*Just moved here to Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood so I still need to go through all of this and update everything. It was a long sail down and I'm still acclimating.

First off, I feel I should explain my profile name since I wasn't really paying attention apparently when I made this account:

Lower Matecumbe is where the schooner I worked on was based out of down in the keys. Made this account when I was headed down there from my home town of Rome and didn't realize it looked so damn suggestive when I made it. Anyway, now the only way I can change it is if I pay money and we all know that's not happening so there you go. So glad my name on here makes me look like some sexual deviant. Oh well, is what it is.

*Just deleted half my profile btw so a lot is under construction as of now since I haven't really updated it in about a year or so. What can I say, I'm a man about town and busy as hell doing major refits on my boat and working full time. No worries though, I'll update it all as the week progresses. More to come.
What I’m doing with my life
After making the decision to not go back to the Keys for the summer to teach schooner sailing to kids, I took a week to clear my head and ended up on Jekyll somehow. I've now been living on the island for a year now…yeah, some week that was...

Anyway, now I sail as often as possible. Just got my captains license and do yacht delivery as a side gig. When I'm not doing that I'm on the island chilling in my hammock on the beach, having a beer or two with friends, or just working on my boat over at the JIC. Usually though that last one takes up a lot of my time as I am prepping the boat for a long sail down south here in the near future. Live on it full time, work full time, and work on it as much as I humanly can. I'd say in any given day I get about 3-4 hours of sleep, but it's a labour of love. The boat I live on was abandoned for four years before I found her so, in a sense, she's a rescue and my ticket to anywhere in the world.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my green eyes, smile, curls, or my beard if I'm sporting one.

Also my ability to empathize with people and listen, my lack of an accent, and that I like smiling and making others smile.
The six things I could never do without
-My boat
-my piano (really any musical instrument, I can play several)
-fountain pens
-vinyl records
-a good marlins spike

Family comes first before all of these "things" but I took the question a little more literally.