31 Outremont, Quebec, CA
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My self-summary
I am an art photographer, writer and student.
I have a pup named Harvey who I rescued from a shelter a couple years ago. I travel a lot and I love road trips. Active seeker of higher vibrations. Equally left and right brained Maiden King. Probably as available as a beach-less Island.
What I’m doing with my life
Usually being physically active, creative, studying, or in bed reading.

I study Photography and Art History in Montreal.

I work hard to keep my values.
J'apprends le français mais j'ai besoin de practiquer plus.

I am a Watcher.
I’m really good at
photography, sculpture, baseball, entertaining, roadtrips, balance, travelling, taste, art, swimming, reading, running, writing, cooking, paying attention, being alone, meditation, having a dog, macguyvering, squinting.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am currently reading Hauntings. My favorite book of all time is a toss-up between Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and The Neverending Story.
I maintain a voracious appetite for reading and accruing knowledge, nothing beats consciousness.

MUSIC: In a particularly non-particular order:
Joy Division, Brian Eno, Goblin, Talking Heads, Rachmaninov, OMD, Eurythmics, Under The Skin Soundtrack, David Bowie, Dead Kennedys, Green Jellÿ, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, The Misfits, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Com Truise, Washed Out, Frank Ocean, NICK CAVE, Bon Iver, Wagner, Kate Bush, Beach Boys, Beach House, Chopin, Weezer, Cold Cave, The Doors, Brusque Twins, Purity Ring, Solar Year, Kanye, DaPinkNoise, Twin Sister, Blondes, Miracle Fortress, Motorhead, Jane's Addiction, Home Alone Soundtrack, The Knife, KENDRICK LAMAR, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective, Prince Paul, Kool Keith, Bat for Lashes, Cat Power, A Tribe called Quest, and the Batman Forever Soundtrack.

I like films that invite me into another realm of existence, films that break the narrow view of my world, films that bring humour into socially constrictive circumstances. I also enjoy going to overrated blockbusters in the theatre right before they are about to be turned-over and being obnoxious a la mystery-science theatre with whomever is in the theatre with me.
To clarify my specific prefered genres: Docu-Drama, POV Horror, Dark Comedy, Lust Thrillers, and Illuminati Ignorance-Inducing Commercial Advertising films.

Miso Gravy, Indian, hot pot, soup dumplings, dragon's breath, banh Mi, Mongolian, taro bubble tea, homemade green smoothies, mango pickle, wine gums, lemon water, smoked tempeh... eating foreign foods in foreign places.
The six things I could never do without point-and-shoot camera
7.breaking the rules
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Evolution. Idiosyncrasies. Social networking. Minimizing effort. Effortless Abundance. Hibernation. Revolution. Connection.
The third side of the coin. My last past life. Finding my perfect mirror.
You should message me if
you are inspired.

You understand that if you are under 25 I may have trouble taking you seriously.

you like my dog.

You've always known there was more to Life than what you can touch.

I'm always interested in new photography subjects.